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This is our gift to the fans.
I. Marlene King about the special.
We Love You to DeAth
Season 5, Episode 12.5
Air date October 21, 2014
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We Love You to DeAth is a fan-appreciation special episode of Season 5. It aired on October 21, 2014.


The town of Rosewood is a perfect setting for things that go bump in the night, and this Halloween ABC Family’s "Pretty Little Liars" will give its devoted fans an inside look at the show with interviews with PLL cast and crew.

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse sit down to answer fans burning questions about the show, while Tyler Blackburn, Ian Harding, Janel Parrish, Keegan Allen and "Pretty Little Liars" crew members sit down to give insiders a glimpse at the behind the scenes workings of the show. It wouldn’t be Halloween, or "Pretty Little Liars", if it didn’t include some of "A"’s victims in a "Dearly Departed"-themed segment with interviews from those who met a deadly end, such as Bianca Lawson ("Maya St. Germain"), Ryan Merriman ("Ian Thomas") and Bryce Johnson ("Det. Darren Wilden").

Also "Pretty Little Liars" super fans weigh in on their favorite OMG moments and what the show has meant to them. And everyone has a theory on who they think is "A"!


  • Marlene King confirmed in this episode that Big A will be revealed before Season 7 starts.

Title and Background

  • It clearly refers to the cast and crew appreciative of their loving supporting fans.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • This episode was watched live by 1.30 million viewers.


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