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I'm pretending to be someone else.
Alison DiLaurentis as Vivian Darkbloom, in A Kiss Before Lying
Vivian Darkbloom
Real Identity: Alison DiLaurentis & CeCe Drake


Cece-Vivian Darkbloom

General Information




18 (Alison)

26 (CeCe)

Hair Color:

Black (wig)

Eye Color:


Marital Status:



June 6, 1994

1988 (CeCe)




Duncan Albert


Board Shorts
Series Information


Finding out who "A" is

On the run


Hiding identity
Series Information


-Alison DiLaurentis's secret alias (Exposed)
-Was spying on A.
-Main reason for creation



First appearance:

A Kiss Before Lying

Latest appearance:

A Dark Ali

Portrayed By:

Sasha Pieterse, Vanessa Ray

Vivian Darkbloom is the alter ego of Alison DiLaurentis, and later CeCe Drake. Alison used to dress up as Vivian to spy on "A", while CeCe used Vivian to escape from the police to go to France.


After Caleb begins hacking "A's" phone, the girls discover that Alison had created an alter ego, after she was being victimized by "A", too. In a flashback, Alison told Hanna she was tired of being herself so she created a new identity. The Liars later found out Alison needed this identity to spy on "A".


A Kiss Before Lying

Vivian is first introduced when Caleb hacked the video to see her photo license. Hanna then remembers that she once saw Alison with dark hair in a hair salon. She recognized her voice and was surprised to see her with a wig, but Alison told her that it´s just her hobby - pretending to be someone else.


Aria and Spencer discovered that the day Alison disappeared, Vivian stayed in the Lost Woods Resort. Mona later remembered that she saw Alison/Vivian in a shop in Brookhaven spying on someone. She asked Alison who she was spying on, to which Alison told her to play along to the idea that they did not know each other. With Mona's unwavering desire to become another "Queen Bee", she kept Ali's secret, to which she received a card with a phone number in return.

A is for Answers

Ali, the day after she faked her death and was "supposedly" killed continues being Vivian as a disguise. Mona had helped Alison that night, unbeknownst to Alison that Mona was her stalker.

EscApe From New York

Alison gives CeCe Drake her Vivian Darkbloom passport and CeCe dresses up as Vivian and flees to France. She is on the run from the police for murdering Detective Wilden.

A Dark Ali

Alison secretly meets with Cyrus Petrillo in the woods. She is wearing her Vivian Darkbloom wig as a disguise. It's revealed that "A" didn't make Cyrus admit to being her "kidnapper", but actually Alison.

Appearances (5/95)

Season 2 (2/22)

Season 4 (1/24)

Season 5 (2/25)


  • The name "Vivian" comes from Latin, and it means "Alive" or "Lively". Ironically, Alison was revealed to be alive after the Liars believed she was dead for 3 seasons.
  • Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram of "Vladimir Nabokov" who wrote the novel "Lolita".
  • Very few people know Vivian's true identity, some of them are Duncan Albert, the four Liars and Mona Vanderwaal.
  • A picture of her is seen on the Alison board in Ezra's lair.
  • Vivian's trenchcoat is similar to Red Coat's indicating that -A copied the coat's style.
  • Vivian Darkbloom has been Cece's new alias since EscApe From New York in order to escape the police.
  • Her appearances as Vivian only count if shes wearing her black wig. Alison wore Vivian's red coat numerous amount of times, but without her wig. The appearances above are only the ones with her wig.


  • Weird: She's wearing a wig, but she's going to a salon!
  • Mona's flashback
  • Vivian Darkbloom's Fake I.D.
  • Vivian without the black hair (wig)
  • Vivian watching an unknown person.
  • Hanna's Flashback
  • Vivian's Signature at the Lost Woods Resort
  • Vivian with Mona at Lost Woods


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