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This is it! One of the biggest theories I’ve came up with.

Andy Reaser instragramed a picture, and the tags included #evil #montgomery and #sisters. Could it mean that Alison and Aria are..sisters?

I have a theory to that! Here it is:

  • The book Alison was obsessed with,Lolita, wasn’t only about an English literature professor falling in love with a young girl. In fact, the young girl, Dolores, is his stepdaughter.
  • We don’t know for sure when Byron started seeing Meredith. It could’ve been way before Aria and Alison caught them kissing in the car. Instead of Byron getting Meredith pregnant, another theory is that Byron met Meredith in Hollis, a similar situation that the characters in the book Lolita met, and from there, Byron found out that Meredith had just given birth to her daughter, Alison, and ran went to Rosewood because she had to get away from a nasty past, maybe?
  • Meredith and Byron gained an extreme liking towards each other, but Byron knew that the baby would get in their way. Without Byron knowing, Meredith gave Alison away to the DiLaurentis family. We all know that Jason isn’t a full DiLaurentis kid, so maybe this is a big clue that Alison isn’t either.
  • Byron soon found out that Alison was the kid Meredith gave away, and fell in love with her. (just like in Lolita) Alison then started loving Byron in her own ways too.
  • Alison knew Meredith and Byron were seeing each other, and that is the reason why Alison didn’t seem surprised when she caught them kissing in the car. Instead, she was more interested in seeing how Aria reacted to the situation. Either way, Alison felt jealous of Meredith, wanting Byron all to herself.
  • We know that Meredith and Byron didn’t connect for a while until the Montgomery family came back from Iceland. I think it was because Alison threatened Meredith to stay away from Byron, and when Meredith refused, Alison and Aria framed Meredith by trashing Byron’s office. Of course, Alison couldn’t have told Aria about her plan, so she was the one who planted those earrings in the office, leading to Aria believing that Meredith and Byron is still seeing each other.
  • Meredith was out of Byron’s life, and Byron grew more possessive and strict over Alison, just like the English professor in the book Lolita. Alison, thinking that it wouldn’t go this far, became mad, because she found a new man in her life - Ian. She ran from Byron and didn’t want to have any relationship with him again.
  • In the book Lolita, Dolores (Alison) loved a man who makes films, and in this case, Ian is that man. Additional: Dolores and the man marries and Dolores ends up being pregnant. Was Ali pregnant?

In addition, Meredith could’ve been the one who killed Alison. Think about it. She reconnected with Byron right after they found Alison’s body, when the Montgomery family came back from Iceland. I don’t think she’s A, but she is a potential suspect for Ali’s murder.

Aria, on the other hand, is also a potential suspect. I think she found out about all this, and felt cheated on. In the bar when Aria met Ezra for the first time, I think one of the reasons why Aria thought it was right for her to be in a relationship with someone older than her was because she knew her father did it, so why couldn’t she?

Think about it again. Alison had at least one thing against each of the liars and their secrets -

  1. Emily’s secret was that she likes girls, including Alison. Alison brought it down by making it clear that she does NOT feel the same way.
  2. Spencer’s secret was that she kissed Ian. Alison brought it down by forcing Spencer to tell Melissa.
  3. Hanna’s secret was that she pukes her food out. Alison brought her down by teasing her, but Alison was also the one who showed Hanna how to get rid of the food.
  4. Aria’s secret was not even about her. She wasn’t dating Ezra yet back then, and the only secret she had was about her father and Meredith. Alison didn’t bring it down, except persuading Aria to tell her mother. Its either Aria’s secret comes out later in the show, being the biggest one (A, Ali’s killer), or Alison was just easier on Aria because of the scandal she’s in.

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