Trista Taylor is a huge slut. She tries to hump anything that moves -- guy or girl.
Abby (Emily's cousin) to Emily about Trista

Trista Taylor is a minor character from Iowa who has a brief fling with Emily.

Physical Description

Trista has white-blond hair, wide light blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a heart shaped face. She is tall and has an athletic figure. She reminds Emily a bit of her friend Alison.


Trista lives in Iowa and is around Emily's age. Emily meets the blond girl when her parents force her to stay with her strict relatives in Addams. Both are at a party in a silo and the two get to know each other for a while. Trista is very flirtatious, outgoing, and energetic. She often sneaks out to parties because her parents are very strict. She has a fondness for asking fun questions like "if you were candy, what type would you be?" and her spontaneity is refreshing to Emily. Trista amps up her flirting when Emily confesses that she was sent to Iowa for kissing a girl. Trista drives her new friend home and gets to know more about her. She is very happy she met Emily and she wants to see more of the girl.

A few days after Emily returns to Rosewood, she gets a surprise when Trista shows up at her school. The blonde is completely oblivious to the fact that Emily has a girlfriend named Maya. Trista accompanies Emily to Hanna Marin's homecoming party and the redhead grudgingly admits that she has a girlfriend. Trista takes the news in stride and is amazed by the opulence of the party and its attendants.

The two kiss but Maya angrily interrupts them. They're separated for a while and Emily eventually catches Trista making out with Noel Kahn. She's not too bothered by seeing them hook-up and figures that Trista won't be sticking around her house for the night. She's not seen after that.