• Man, the finale was not what I expected. lots of great scenes, the actors were amazing, especially Troian. Let me start off by stating the obvious, we didn't have a lot of answers to our questions from past seasons and the motive for Alex was a little weak. I loved the finale and was frustrated with it at the same time.

    I would've loved to see Alex be best friends with Bethany Young. It would've been awesome if Spencer's twin got adopted but put in Radley when she was little because of some incident (maybe a play on the Halloween story Ali told about the twins). Then the twin could've benn the one who pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof. Cece covered for her because they were sisters So they both made a pact and decided to blame it on Bethany. when Bethany got out Alex was the one who hit her with the shovel. She was afraid she would tell about the Marion thing. After she hit her with a shovel she talked to Cece and told her she accidentally hit Ali because she thought it was Bethany and they got in an argument and decided that they had to leave Rosewood and they Put on black hoodies to hide the yellow tops. That's how the hoody started.

    Alex manipulated and took advantage of other people that had mental health problems or were bullied by Alison to get them on the A-Team and had been torturing the girls ever since. She became even more angry when she found out about Charlotte.

    it would've been awesome if Jason was in the finale and then remembered that instead of seeing Melissa and Cece when he was drunk, that it was Alex and Cece.

    When Spencer went to Radley it would've been cool if Eddie Lamb asked Spencer if they met instead of asking Aria. Eddie probably thought Spencer looked like an older Alex.

    It would've been cool if Maya found out about the comic book or found a page at Noels cabin somehow but A.D. killed her. And that's what MAYA KNEW.

    Alex could've been A.D. from the beginning and over all of it because once she found out about Spencer and the life she could've had, she was angry, lonely, and sad, along with her other mental health issues she was in Radley for.

    Patsy Kline songs about being lonely and walking after midnight would've been about Alex because she didn't feel accepted by anyone unless she manipulated someone into joining the A-Team. She thought she could never belong to a group of friends or have family like Spencer so she always hid in the shadows. The Game and her dolls were all she had. So she just kept messing with the liars.

    She could've dated Lucas and when he built the game for her she broke up with him and was only using him for his money and tech savvy.

    I so badly wish that the graphic novel a.k.a. the comic book was made by Bethany and it had pages about how Alex really killed Marion and was Spencer's twin. That would explain why A.D. wanted Aria to steal the comic book so bad.

    It would've been amazing if Wren was crazy (Patsy Kline song) too and was Bethany's brother. And instead of being on Alex's side, he was trying to find the killers. That would be why Alex killed him because he finally found her. That would explain why Melissa was so shady, but why she said she had been protecting Spencer since before it started. She didn't want to tell Spencer that she was adopted and had a crazy twin and was trying to protect her from Mary Drake and Cece. But while her and Wren were dating that's why Melissa looked shady. She was trying to help him find the person who killed Bethany, his sister. Would also explain why he had her drawings and was coloring in that red coat.

    im going to pretend that is what happened lol. Just having fun.

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