• We all know that there is going to be a PLL proposal in the next episode, 'Along comes Mary' and subsequent wedding, according to Marlene King. However, none of the 4 liars seem to be in the position in their relationships to get married- Ezria is new and somewhat confused, Spaleb is broken up and Caleb has disappeared, Hanna and Jordan are over before they even began on TV and Emison is just a promise for the future. 

    So. What is one of the honorary liars, a.k.a. Mona, is the one to get married? Jake and Mona were going to make a new start of it last time we saw them together and unlike the others, we have not heard of them splitting up. Who says that this isn't the wedding we are waiting for?

    The trailer only features the main 4 liars after the proposal announcement, however, it would be just like PLL to try and confuse the audience. Wouldn't this be as 'unexpected' as promised? 

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    • Marlene said that it would be one of the liars so I think it is hard tto be Mona and Mike

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    • Besides, Marlene couldn't even get Mike back on the show, not even for his parents' wedding.  I am pretty sure that the "Mike doesn't support us getting back together" is just to cover up the actor not being available.

      "Mina" (Mike/Mona) were very sweet but I have a feeling that Marlene will pretend it never happened and not answer any questions just like she does with a lot of other things.

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    • yep, like during that time period there was Jake who was seemingly run out of town by Ezra  (and if not someone was doing Ezra a favor) but never brought up again. 

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