• Now that the season is almost over, I feel like I have to get out a little bit of my frustration. I really like 6B and I think the time-jump was the best thing they could've done after A was revealed, but there are a few things that really annoy me..

    1. The new texts are just dumb. They are not formulated as well as Mona's and even Charlotte's texts and the emojis are beyond stupid. 

    2. I get that we need some time to get used to the new lives the girls have now. But I think we have a pretty good picture now and still I feel like the action still hasn't really started? Emily's confrontation with the car last week was more than anticlimactic. I hope the finale will give it a boost so that season 7 will be amazing.

    3. We were promised secrets. It was said that Emily would have one already (she did) and the other three would create them. So I guess Aria's was being with Ezra that night and then writing the book, Spencer's was Caleb. But Hanna? Was it just erasing the video? That's so lame. All in all Hanna is the most boring liar this season, at least in my opinion. In exchange Aria became so interesting! I love her more than ever. Spencer too. 

    4. Mona still isn't included into the group. And the time-jump was the best chance to finally do it. 

    That's all I can think of right now. For me 2 and 3 are the important ones, obviously. 

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    • The major issue I have is the show (in conjunction with the rebranding of ABC Family to Freeform), had a genuine chance to up the ante and deliver a truly kickass, momentous storyline, acknowledging the past but looking to the future. I wanted a darker, edgier and deadlier storyline, one which ultimately did some repairs to the framework of the original A-Story (you can love episode 6x10 all you like, was still a poorly paced illogical mess) and tied things together far more cohesively. I wanted characters to be killed, lives to be broken, and the enemy to be truly out for blood.

      In response to your points:

      1. The new texts are incredibly dumb. Monas were far edgier.

      2. The car confrontation was a huge missed opportunity. I wanted Emily to be struck down and spend an episode or two fighting for her life in hospital. We need to see these girls on the brink of death, not a couple of broken phones and a grazed elbow...

      3.  The severity of their secrets have not really amounted to much this season. Agreed in that Hanna has been reduced to someone incredibly boring, certainly think Aria & Spencer have had the most interesting content.

      4. They don't use the character nearly enough...

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    • ^ You are brutal haha wanting Emily to be struck down and in hospital!

      I actually feel like emojA doesn't use the girls secrects against them like Mona and Cece did... That might just be me..

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    • I feel like emojA isn't threatening enough, he's just there lol. I honestly don't think he really knows anything unlike Mona and CeCe but is just blindly blaming the liars for killing CeCe. EmojA needs to like blow up a car to get the point across or something.

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    • As for emojis... can you imagine the new A using Kimojis? That would be interesting

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    • I agree.  Hanna has always been my favorite and she is a shadow of herself.  I think the Caleb storyline did not work out for her character because she is trying to play it confused and sad and it's coming off boring when she was always the one with the punch.

      I think it would have been much better if this texter up'd the anti like you said and it didn't take the liars doing the same old crap to get them into trouble.  I wish they learned from past experience but this bad guy is worse, richer, stronger.  I really hate that they came back to town and just started doing all the same stuff all over again.

      Yes, this one is not using their stuff against them like they could.  Aria was fake writing a book and her boss didn't know.  Now that could have been leveraged for something.

      It seems like yet again this one is interested in threatening boyfriends like Jordan's egg face, very similar to the texts Hanna used to get about Caleb.

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    • Also... Am I the only one who is annoyed with Ali for asking the liars to help get Charlotte released?

      That's a huge ask! This person held them captive for effs sake!


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    • ^ Yes, it was a big thing to ask, but Ali was convinced that she wasn't dangerous to anyone anymore. The point of psychiatric ward is for the patients to be released when they are rehabilitated, the liars knew that. And Cece was in there for five years, Mona got released after like a few months, and she did some very messed up stuff too, and nobody asked the liars how they felt about that.

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    • @StrictlySpencer you're not the only one that thinks that. But it honestly doesn't suprise me that Ali asked them to do that.

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    • Them literally having the learning curve of a 3 year-old.

      Hanna insisting on wasting time marrying her dad.

      Emily being all around obtuse.

      Spencer letting Caleb walk all over her.

      Sarah's entire existence.

      Ezra's existence.

      Ali being lulled into a false sense of security...again.

      How Spencer & Emily refused to take pics of the pathway they found in Sarah's old hotel room.

      Having another tech savy A.

      The circular running around everyone loves to do by keeping secrets that complicate things that shouldn't be complicated.

      Aria's pointless boyfriend. Also her pointless storyline of having no growth(just like the others really.)

      Mona's cheap amount of screentime.

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    • I feel like this show is turning us into ruthless TV-thrillseekers. This whole season is being quite underwhelming and I agree that there's been many a missed opportunity - and broken bone - here. Most of all, I'm getting tired of boring Hannah who seems to want her fiancé and Caleb too, and I miss Mona's conniving and scheming. She's not to be trusted, but she could be their greatest asset as it has been proven time and again. So why ignore her? Anyway. Episode 19 could not have been more uninteresting, which I hope they left the best of the best for the finale!

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    • FashionHarmony wrote:
      I feel like emojA isn't threatening enough, he's just there lol. I honestly don't think he really knows anything unlike Mona and CeCe but is just blindly blaming the liars for killing CeCe. EmojA needs to like blow up a car to get the point across or something.

      Well it's because this new A isn't really after the girls, they just want to know who killed Charlotte. They send the text to the girls to intially scare them and try and get info from them, other then that they are pretty much empty threats because they probably wouldn't actually do anything with them.

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    • Didn't emojiA set the fire in Lucas'/Hanna's apartment? Because Spencer gets the message with a fire emoji. Or was it Uber A (Revenge Guy) and the message was just to distract them?

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    • I thought it was EmoijA

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    • Emoji A and Uber A are the same peson, people just came up with different names.  The Killer is a different person.

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    • EmojA is the person that's trying to find out who killed Charlotte and Über A is the killer.

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    • Nope. There's many villains this season as we've now confirmed in the finale and  Uber A is AMoji (as they now call it in the series) as they are the one that kidnaps Hanna.  Charlotte's killer is still someone else.

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    • I watched the first like 1-4 seasons on Netflix & was like DYING to get to each episode and I remember being actually freaked out at some points.. Some episodes were so creepy that I would hear the intro song and just get FREAKED out! Haha - I miss THAT PLL! This one is soooooo anticlimactic! I mean, zombie Jessica DiLaurentis/Mary Drake was frightening. But for like a sec. I miss the episodes that were just creepy!!!

      I think I might watch from the beginning again. Like start Season 1 all over & try to live through that. Hey, maybe I'll get some clues along the way that'll help me understand the poo that this season has been!

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    • You do remember that Ali had a concussion right? I know it wasn't death threatening but I highly doubt that Marlene will actually kill ANY of the Liars. I think to her and the staff, Charlotte's death was enough. And honestly, the 6A finale actually did make sense seeing as Charlotte LOOKED like Ali, that should've been a major clue from the start. And I have no idea what Mona did to make the others ice her out like they did...but I'm starting to think it had something to do with Mike. I just can't wait to see what Season 7 has in store for us.

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    • As much as I love PLL, I hope season 7 will be it's last. I mean I will watch this show until it's over even if it turns into crap (in my eyes). I just can not hate this season because I love this show so much and after the Big A reveal, I ran out of theories until this second part started. But I think there are two different A's and then there's Charlotte's killer. 

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    • I was glad season 7 so far has been better then 6b.

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