• hey you all pretty little liars lovers lets talk about the A team you all start and i will finish ok 

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    • Well, I still don`t understand why would someone torture four teenage girls. As "A", Cece told that they were happy because Ali was gone. Yes, that`s pretty good reason if you`re a psycho...and I think Cece is just acts like a psycho. There must be someother reason. And, I really like Cece, she is my favorite. And I really think she is mastermind. And stuff in s06e10 (Game over, Charles) is just a ( I don`t know how to explain this) red herrings. Because a real masterminds always play victims and Cece done it right.


      There is someone Beth, Sara, Melissa and my sweetheart Wren:-)...and there is why :

      Wren - He is suspicious from season 3. His face is soo cute and you must know he is hiding something...or someone. But..he hasn`t a connection with Alison. He has a connection with Cece and the Liars and Mona. And I`m still standing behind my first theory that he is not a doctor, but a patient. Like Cece again.

      Bethany - Like we saw in "Game over, Charles) she is a psycho. And there is a reason why we didn`t see her face nowadays, right? She could be some person who we know from the beginning, maybe someones twin...And there must be a person who  still didn`t interact with Cece.

      Sara Harvey - Ok, be honest. Why is she RED COAT and BLACK VEIL ? Would You torment soeone because of nothing or because you`re bored? She must have a very good reason. Or she is a psycho too.

      My point there someone normal in this show?

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    • I just read on a tumblr blog that Wrens real name is Aaron Drake

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