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Is Ezra dead?

  • I'm very confused about Ezra being alive of dead? could someone help me?

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    • They just showed him being shot. They're leaving that for next season. I don't think he's dead since I still feel like him and Aria have unfinished business. I don't think they will disappoint their fans like that.

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    • Right (: but on the other hand he said he knew who the hooded figure is. Mrs D. did aswell and she's burried. So maybe Ezra dies too or at least won't be able to tell them for a long while who it is!

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    • 1. I'm sure he's not dead.

      (Too many "Ezria" fans will whine and cry about it if they do. If he does live, I want him to NOT date Aria. Helping the liars is fine, but Aria needs to stay single so she can get her head in the game.)

      2. He said he knew who they were, but he thinks Jessica is "A". That's probably who he thought it was. Next season he'll tell the girls it's Mrs. D. and they will think he's right since she suddenly disappeared after the Season 4 finale, that is until Jessica's body is found. Then he will start to help them figure out who it is with his high-tech gear. Honestly I think that would actually be kind of cool.

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    • I think CeCe forced Ezra into changing his book draft to Jessica is "A". Ezra knew and still does know the true identity of "A". CeCe was wanting to pin everything on Jessica anyway since she never liked CeCe. Plus CeCe could've threatened to hurt Aria or her family and Ezra did not want that so he lied and changed the draft. 

      Ezra isn't dead, but I think he's gonna be out for a few episodes. Either way by 5B we should know who Big A is. Then Season 6 will be the last season probably in which Big A and the entire A-Team go down in flames. 

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    • This makes some sense. Ezra didn't want Aria reading his manuscript one minute, but the suddenly hands it over willingly the next? Shady. Really shady. There's something he covered up/changed before giving to her. Question is, what was it, and why did he change it?

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    • He is not dead because him and aria kiss in season 5 premiere.

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    • A Fandom user
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