• What if they shot alternative endings and scenes in case scripts will be leaked and these were leaked so now someone else is going to die and all fans are shocked.¬†:D

    Actually, I don't believe in these leaked scripts. Why would Ezra stalk on girls, watch them from 3 computers, just to write a book about Ali. What a hell? What kind of information for book they have?? so, it's not believable..

    Also, they said it's not another Toby case.. Ezra probably just lies Aria about the book but actually he was A..

    I wouldn't be suprised if in the end of finale, Aria joins the A team to protect Ezra and find out who was A but then she is in the A network and can't get out of this.

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    • I like that. And it makes alot of sense. So, someone else might actually die and its been said that the leaked script was the first draft and there's a revised version so who knows what might actually happen

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