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The Love Interests is a rhetorical group of people who were or are currently dating the Liars specifically.

It also includes intense crushes and potential boyfriends or girlfriends. 

This group mainly consists of the four main "love interests": Toby, Caleb, Paige and Ezra. 

Endgame Couples

The official endgame couples are:

Relationships by Season 

The major relationships in Season 1 are: Ezria (On/Off), Emaya (On/Off), Seanna (Broken Up), Lanna (One-Sided Crush), Tobily (One-Sided Crush), Ariel (Briefly), Haleb (On/Off), Paily (Briefly), Wrencer (Briefly), Spalex (Official, then Broken Up), and Emison (Flashback; Kissed).

Major relationships in Season 2 include: Spoby (On/Off), Haleb (Official), Emara (Official, then Broken Up), Emaya (On/Off), Ezria (Official), Haria (Fake Relationship), and Nona (Official, then Broken Up).

The major relationships in Season 3 are: Ezria (On/Off), Haleb (On/Off), Spoby (On/Off), Wesria (Kissed), Wrenna (Kissed), and Paily (Official). 

Major relationships in Season 4 include: Jakria (Official, then Broken Up), Coria (Kissed), Paily (Official, then Broken Up), Haleb (Broken Up), Spoby (On/Off), Raria (One-Night Stand), Habriel (Kissed), Tranna (Official), Ezria (Official, then Broken Up), and Mina (Official, then Broken Up).

Major relationships in Season 5 include: Ezria (Official, then Broken Up), Tranna (Broken Up), Haleb (Official), Paily (Official, then Broken Up), Spoby (On/Off), Joncer (Flirted and Kissed), Spencer and Colin (Kissed), Emalia (Fling), Andria (Official), Alison and Holbrook (Kissed), and Mina (On/Off).

The major relationships in Season 6 are: Haleb (Broken Up, then Kissed), Spoby (Broken Up), Andria (Broken Up), Sarily (Official, then Broken Up), Lorison (On/Off, then Broken Up), Mina (Official, then Unknown), Spaleb (Official), Jordanna (Engaged), Aria and Liam (Official), Ezria (Affair), and Alison and Archer (Illegally Married).

In Season 7, the major relationships are: Spaleb (Broken Up), Jordanna (Broken Up), Ezria (Affair, then Official, then Engaged, then Married), Aria and Liam (Broken Up), Alison and Rollins (Widow), Spencer and Marco (Hook-up, then Official, then Broken Up), and Emily and Sabrina (Broken Up), Haleb (Official, then Engaged, then Married), Paily (Offical then Broken Up), Emison (Official, then Engaged)

Main Girls' Romantic Others

The love interests of the six main girls are listed in the chronological order:

Flirting relationships without kissing:

  • Alison and Toby
  • Spencer and Andrew
  • Hanna and Lucas
  • Aria and Holden
  • Emily and Toby
  • Mona and Jason
  • Spencer and Dean

People who have been interested in more than one Liar:

  • Andrew: Spencer and Aria
  • Toby: Spencer and Emily
  • Ian: Spencer and Alison
  • Wren: Spencer and Hanna
  • Mike: Mona and Hanna
  • Gabriel: Alison and Hanna
  • Ezra: Alison and Aria
  • Caleb: Hanna and Spencer
  • Noel: Mona and Aria

Other Important Relationships

  1. Melissa Hastings and Wren Kingston: Engaged (Season 1), Couple (Season 4 - Season 6)
  2. Ella Montgomery and Byron Montgomery: Married (Season 1 - Season 2), Divorced (Season 3 - Season 6) and Married (since Season 6)
  3. Ashley Marin and Darren Wilden: Dated (Season 1)
  4. Melissa Hastings and Ian Thomas: Married (Season 1)
  5. Jenna Marshall and Garrett Reynolds: Dated (Pre-Season 1 - Season 2)
  6. Jenna Marshall and Noel Kahn: Dated (Season 2 - Season 3)
  7. Melissa Hastings and Garrett Reynolds: Dated (Season 2 - Season 3)
  8. Jenna Marshall and Shana Fring: Dated (Season 2 - Season 5)
  9. Ashley Marin and Ted Wilson: Engaged (Season 3 - Season 5)
  10. Ella Montgomery and Zack: Engaged (Season 3 - Season 5)
  11. Ashley Marin and Jason DiLaurentis: One-Night Stand and Kissed (Season 5)
  12. Toby Cavanaugh and Yvonne Phillips: Dated (Season 6 - Season 7) Married (Season 7)
  13. Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings: Affair (Pre-Season 1; Off-Screen)
  14. Mary Drake and Peter Hastings: Affair (Pre-Season 1; Off-Screen)
  15. Mary Drake and Ted Wilson: Affair (Pre-Season 1; Off-Screen)
  16. CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis and Jason DiLaurentis: Dated (Pre-Season 1; Off-Screen)
  17. Charlotte DiLaurentis and Archer Dunhill (see: Charcher): Dated (Season 6; Off-Screen)
  18. Alex Drake and Wren Kingston: Dated (Season 4 - Season 7)