The Kahn's Cabin

The cabin of the Kahn family, is the one where Eric and Noel's parties are taking place. The cabin is apparently outside of Rosewood, in a large forest.


In To Kill a Mocking Girl, Noel there is one of his "legendary" parties, since his parents are away. The four friends also go there, and Maya. While the party is offset by Sean Hanna and builds his car accident and Maya and Emily pose for some photos in a photo booth, but these are stolen from "A".

In The Kahn Game, Noel's brother Eric is a party. Spencer and Aria go to Emily's escort to meet "Steve," the man of the UPenn. Jenna is also there. File: A picture Maya had supposely taken of Noel Khan's cabin </Sypnois> A picture Alison had taken of Maya

In What Lies Beneath, its revealed Maya St. Germain was hiding there, when she told Emily she was in San Fransisco. She was hiding here from her stalker-boyfriend from rehab, Lyndon James, who unfortunately found Maya and murdered her.



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