The Fragile Patient

Real Identity: Bethany Young

General Information




Marion Cavanaugh (formerly)
Charlotte DiLaurentis
Series Information


- Consciously killed Marion Cavanaugh (revealed to Toby Cavanaugh, The Liars and Elizabeth Mainway)
- Framed Charles DiLaurentis for Marion's death (revealed to The Liars)



The Fragile Patient is an anonymous character mentioned in "Close Encounters". She is connected to Marion Cavanaugh and Radley Sanitarium.

She was "that blonde girl" mentioned by Dr. Palmer when he told Toby to make she his mother stayed away from her.

In "Game Over, Charles", it was revealed she is Bethany Young.

Close Encounters

The Fragile Patient was first mentioned by Peter Hastings. The patient knew Marion and could have been involved in her possible murder. The patient may be involved with The A-Team and can also be Alison's Attempted Killer.

The Silence of E. Lamb

Spencer and Aria speculate that Bethany Young is the Fragile Patient after they found a drawing of someone falling at Radley.

Game Over, Charles

Charlotte DiLaurentis reveals Bethany was the Fragile Patient and she killed Toby's mother and framed it on Charlotte.


  • The Fragile Patient holds a very important part in Marion Cavanaugh's death.
  • The Fragile Patient may or may not be involved with "A".
  • So far, the Fragile Patient hasn't been seen on-screen until Game Over Charles when she makes her first appearance and is Bethany Young.
  • It is unknown if the Fragile Patient killed Marion by accident or on purpose, or at all. He or she may have just seen what happened. On the episode Game Over Charles we find out that Bethany Young purposely push Marion off the roof of Radley and blamed it on Charles.


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