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She was just here!
Hanna about the Blonde Girl
The Blonde Girl
Real Identity: Charlotte DiLaurentis or Sara Harvey
322px-IMG 5138
General Information



Hair Color:





Big A (possibly herself)


Hanna Marin
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Series Information


Hiding identity
Series Information


- Identity (Sara Harvey or Charlotte DiLaurentis) (assumed)



First appearance:

Free Fall

Latest appearance:

Free Fall

Portrayed By:

CC Mason (stand-in)

Dre Davis(Possibly)

The Blonde Girl is the anonymous blonde woman at the Zoo who Hanna and Emily thought was Spencer. It is assumed she is "A" and either Charlotte DiLaurentis or Sara Harvey.

Free Fall

The Liars hatch a plan to have Spencer dress up as Alison to lure Ezra, who they falsely believe is Big A, out so they can reveal him. While Hanna and Emily are waiting they see a blonde enter and they sit down the money and hide behind something. The watch as the blonde, who they believe is Spencer, stands in a corner waiting to make her move. The blonde then begins to move toward the money and she picks it up and begins to leave when suddenly Spencer appears behind the girls trying to get on the blonde wig. Hanna and Emily take off after the blonde but they are locked in and "A" begins tampering with the exhibits. As they are leaving, Hanna sees a blonde wig in the trash and believes it to be hers.


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