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We don't know why you changed your mind, but we can't thank you enough. We hope you know that.
Lizzie Baker
Charles and Lizzie Baker
General Information


Male and Female

Hair Color:

Sandy Blond




Violet Baker (Adopted Daughter)


Two golden retriever puppies
Series Information


Received Emily's baby on their doorstep



Book Appearances:


Charles and Lizzie Baker are the couple who Emily Fields originally chose to be her daughter's adoptive family. Though they accepted her decision to give her baby to a different family, they were pleasantly shocked to see the baby on their doorstep and took her into their house to raise the baby as their own daughter.


Mr. and Mrs. Baker are both teachers who originally lived in Wessex, a town relatively close to Rosewood. The Bakers have tried to have a baby for four years without luck. They were extremely excited to learn that Emily selected them as parents. However, after meeting and receiving an offer from wealthy socialite Gayle Riggs, Emily decides that her baby would have a brighter, carefree future with such a prestigious upbringing. The Bakers were quite understanding of her choice to go with a different family and noted that they only wanted the best for the child. However, Emily leaves her baby on their doorstep after seeing a different, disturbing side of Gayle. They soon move from Wessex to avoid any questions from neighbors and other people they knew. Emily and Aria attend the realtor's open house showcase and see that the Bakers had a nursery for her baby. They learn that the couple named the child Violet when they see the name in bubbly letters on a wall. They have a newer, nicer home in Chestnut Hill. Emily catches them walking out of their home with Violet in tow. They spot Emily and Mrs. Baker walks over to her with Violet for a brief chat. She thanks Emily for choosing them to be Violet's parents and promises that they'll take good care of her.

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