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The Alliance
The Alliance (Official)
General Information

Gender of members:

Currently two females, one male

Age of group:

5 years old

Kind of group:





The Trifecta of Evil (by Marlene King in an interview)
The B-Team (by fans)

Sister groups:

The N.A.T. Club (assumed)
Mona's Army (assumed)


Melissa Hastings (formerly)
Jenna Marshall (currently)


Shana Fring (formerly)
Nigel Wright (formerly)
Sara Harvey

Possible Employees:

Noel Kahn


Darren Wilden (afraid of him)
Series Information


Series Information


- Shana and Jenna helped Detective Wilden up after Ashley ran him over (exposed to The Liars)
- Distracted and hit Toby before he could get to Red Coat (exposed to Toby and Spencer)
- Melissa sent Shana and Jenna to watch Spencer and see who she was meeting with
- Shana set the fire at The Thornhill Lodge


Members: Alive

(Shana Fring - deceased)
Team: Possibly active

First appearance:


Latest appearance:

Along Comes Mary

The Alliance (or The B-Team) is a group consisting of Jenna Marshall, Sara Harvey, and Noel Kahn, and formerly Shana Fring and Melissa Hastings. Their goal is to hurt The Liars. The group began in "UnmAsked", but it didn't last long. It dissolved in "A DAngerous GAme". Four seasons later in "Along Comes Mary", the group seemingly made a return with Jenna as the leader and Sara and Noel being part of it.



The Alliance first comes to light when Jenna meets Shana (unknown at the time) in the park and gives her instructions.

A DAngerous GAme

Jenna returns to the park to meet Shana again with similar instructions. Later in the episode Melissa meets with Shana and Jenna at the Cavanaughs' house and shows her the invitation to Spencer's fake party. It is unknown how they are aware of the party as this was a plan made by "A" to get all four of the Liars there. Later Toby is knocked out by someone and the Lodge is set on fire. Many fans believe Jenna did this. At the end of the episode, on the police surveillance camera in Detective Wilden's car, Jenna and Shana are seen helping Wilden up and walking away after Ashley hits him with her car.

Face Time

Melissa tells Spencer that she has been protecting her before 'it' started, hinting that they are against the "A-team". She also tells Spencer that Wilden set the fire and she sent Shana and Jenna to watch her at the lodge (without knowing Shana actually started the fire) and that they were being blackmailed by somebody else, besides Wilden, about the N.A.T. Club and Alison connection.

Along Comes Mary

Jenna returns to Rosewood after being away for five years and meets Sara Harvey at The Radley. They talk about how they're both "unfortunate" to have both known The Liars and quickly bond. After spending the day together and becoming friends, Noel Kahn meets up with them at the end of the episode as they all share creepy smiles.


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