The media have spun this one way, just like they always do, but Alison is a brave, unique, individual who is a victim of stigma, prejudice, and intolerance. Shame on all those who cannot see that.
An anonymous Ali Cat.

The Ali Cats, introduced in Toxic, are a group of people who worship Alison. They think that she is misunderstood and innocent. The Ali Cats don't necessarily know or think Ali is allve unless Ali has contacted them herself.


It seems that Ali looked for Ali Cats willing to help her after Nick's arrest. Most Ali Cats were not helping Alison, due to how many there were, but they proved to be the ideal assistants. Greg and Ali didn't talk directly, but likely had some other form of communication. He waited for her outside of the house she was hiding in, perhaps in hope of seeing her or talking to her, so she may have given him the location of where he lived. It's suspected Ali also talked to Robin Cook, an Ali Cat, in order to tell her to kill Katherine DeLong.

Ali kills the Ali Cats she doesn't need anymore or those who betrayed her, as Robin was killed shortly after her prison escape, and Greg was killed after he told Spencer he was an Ali Cat. This is so that there are very few people who still know Alison is alive.

In Vicious, The Ali Cats began to appear wherever the Liars went (prison, court, et. etc). Ali even mentioned how happy she was that they were always looking out for her.


  •  Greg Messner (deceased)                                                                                                                                 
  • Robin Cook (deceased)