Tanna is the friendship pairing for Toby Cavanaugh and Hanna Marin.

Toby took Hanna to the church telling him that he needed to scare off a boy that was crushing on her. While there she sees Holden and sees the tattoo on his wrist where he got at Noel Kahn's party.

When Hanna is looking for the store-owner of a job she's looking at, Toby pushes her into the mannequins where he drops a key when running out.

In season 6 episode 9, Last Dance, Hanna and Toby both attend Spencer's barn prom and then later are at their school's real prom. During the episode, we see several interactions between the two. Hanna asks Toby if he knows anything about the whereabouts of Caleb and they (along with some others) look at Instagram pictures from Rosewood High's Prom.