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We want Mona back!
Spencer to Charles about Mona in Game On, Charles

Spona is the friendship/rivalry between Spencer Hastings and Mona Vanderwaal.


Spencer and Mona are close friends. They are both former A-Team Members during season 3. They also both had the same bedroom at Radley. Spencer and Mona were enemies during the first five seasons, mainly due to their academic abilities and their rivaling friendships with Hanna, but became closer because of A. In many episodes, Mona says things that the Liars don't understand but Spencer can.


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Spencer: Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail, and I just wanna grab it and yank it really, really hard!

Mona (to Spencer): I admire you, Spencer, so I'm going to let you choose how this ends, tonight. You can join the A-Team, or you can disappear.

Mona (to Spencer): You're not the only genius in this car. You bitches underestimated me.

Mona (to Spencer about The Liars): And yet I don't see any of them here with you now. Do you still have any friends, Spencer?
Spencer: DIE!!!



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