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It's kinda of hot, knowing you think I'm capable of murder.
Noel to Spencer

Spoel is the antagonistic pairing of Noel Kahn and Spencer Hastings.


They have had a handful of interactions throughout the many seasons. However, their interactions quickly became antagonistic after Season 6, when Noel was revealed to have been helping A in the Dollhouse and was the one responsible for covering Spencer in blood. After Dollhouse, he attempted to kill Spencer along with the other Liars, and his efforts resulted in her being shot.


The pair didn't have a lot of interactions in Season 1, although Spencer mentioned him a few times due to him dating her best-friend, Aria Montgomery for a brief time. In some episodes throughout Season 1, Noel looks at Spencer without her noticing.

  • The pair still didn't seem to have a ton of notable entries together.
  • Noel and Spencer became more suspicious of each other during this season.
  • Spencer and Noel were reportedly single around the same time, even though Noel was really secretly still with Jenna Marshall.
  • The two of them seemed to show more hate towards each other in this season.
  • The two worked together on the fashion show.

  • There was definitely notable interactions between the two
  • In The Kahn Game Noel lies to Spencer in a game of 'truth' against Jenna
  • In What Lies Beneath Spencer confronts Noel in the hallway saying he lied to her and his response is "Which time?" and after a little bit of a conversation Noel responds to one of Spencer's comments with "It's kinda hot, knowing you think I'm capable of murder", making Spencer storm off in frustration.
  • Later that episode, Spencer goes into Noel's locker, and hides in the locker room, only to eventually get caught by Noel when she goes to put his phone back, saying "Can I help you?" Spencer makes a get away without getting noticed by the other guys in the room
  • Then Noel sent a video to Spencer of Maya St. Germain the night she went Missing with a note saying "Stay out of my locker!" and a big smiley face. 
  • In This Is A Dark Ride, Spencer was really worried about Noel when he was choking. She then tries to help him. This shows that Spencer might care about Noel and his life.
  • After Noel reveals that him choking was a prank, Spencer scoffs and says, "You're amazing," before walking away.




  • They were acquaintances before the first season and were briefly friends around the time that Aria had a fling with Noel.
  • She saw him undress in "What Lies Beneath" after she had to hide in the boy's locker room to avoid being caught by him.
  • He sent her the footage of Maya leaving his cabin after she broke into his locker and failed to find it. This lead to her figuring out what happened to Maya the night of her murder.
  • She slashed his hand once when he was trying to steal a key off of her in "March of Crimes".
  • Noel was present at the Dollhouse during Spencer's torturing and assisted Charlotte in torturing Spencer.
    • He made Spencer believe that she had killed someone when she hadn't.


Noel: It's kinda hot, knowing you think I'm capable of murder.

Spencer (after Noel pulled a prank in This Is A Dark Ride): You're amazing.

Spencer: You lied to me.
Noel: Which time?

Noel: Can I help you?

Noel: Give me the key!
Spencer: Why do you even have that stuff? I mean, we know it was you at the spook in Hanna's house. We know that you're helping Alison.
Noel: You know nothing! Give me that key!
Spencer: What are you two going to do next, huh? What are you gonna do with that stuff? Talk to me!
Noel: Alison doesn't even know I have it. If you tell her I do...
Spencer: Wait, are you guys working together or not?
Noel: Our friend likes to throw away people when she's done using them. And I need to be prepared, ok? They aren't just pictures, Spencer. It's proof she was never kidnapped.
Spencer: You're gonna blackmail her.
Noel: It's not blackmail. It's insurance. In case she turns on me, then I need it back.
Spencer: Where did you even get those? The pictures, the tape.
Noel: Shana sent them to Jenna, and Alison asked me to borrow them from Jenna's bedroom.

Noel: Give me that key!
[he lunges for her, but she slashes his hand with the fireplace iron]
Spencer: No!
Noel: Oh! You stupid bitch.
Spencer: You try that again, and I swear to God I will slit your face open.
Noel: That stuff is mine.
Spencer: You're not the only one who needs insurance, Noel! We need it too, okay? And I promise you, I will keep it in a much safer place than this. Okay? Now go. Go!

Spencer: Noel Kahn was there the whole time? He was helping Charlotte?