Don't you dare apologize for being with me. And don't you dare forget it - any of it. Because I won't.
Spencer to Caleb

Spaleb is the friendship/romantic relationship between Spencer Hastings and Caleb Rivers. For most of the series they aren't that close; only acquainted because of the fact that he's Hanna's boyfriend and they helped each other on cracking A's codes. However, in Season 3, especially in "Stolen Kisses", their relationship grew and they became friends. Their friendship took eventually a more intimate turn in 6B when they became a couple until 7A.


Spencer and Caleb are mildly acquainted during the first few episodes of the season but then grow closer when Spencer asks him for help in breaking into Maya's website in Stolen Kisses. Spencer is having trouble figuring out what the password was password and although he and Hanna are broken up, Spencer asks him for help as a last resort. Caleb tells Spencer how he gets into websites; it's looking for an open window in a locked house, almost like a burglary. He eventually gets into Maya's website and an elated Spencer celebrates with him and they hug.

Spencer visits Caleb and lectures him on his drinking problem and how he needs to stop supplying Hanna with drinks as well. Spencer tells him that lately she’s been making mistakes and with A back they cannot have her drinking in the middle of the day and be a loose cannon.  Spencer lets slip that Hanna might have something against Zach. She reminds him that he is the best thing that has ever happened to Hanna and it hurt her to see them destroy that by drinking because of something eating Caleb away. (March of Crimes)

Hanna and Caleb are out for a run when Spencer drives past them and stops. Spencer tells Hanna in private that she stayed up all night trying to figure out who took the recording of Alison, but is shocked when Hanna says she’s not interested and runs off. After Spencer asks Caleb what's going on, he says that she asked him to help Hanna, so he is. (A Dark Ali)

When Hanna goes to Spencer because she's concerned about Caleb's drinking problem, Spencer suggests that maybe Toby can help him. Spencer convinces Toby to go on a double date with Hanna and Caleb so that he can talk to Caleb about his drinking and sleeping problems. (No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Spencer and Caleb go to find and destroy the knife that could be the murder weapon of Mona's death. (Fresh Meat)

Caleb and Spencer look for Mona's body and see "A" walking in. (Over a Barrel)

Caleb and the girls would try to figure out what the song that "A" had sent them meant with the help of Hanna, through the phone. After it was figured out that the tape was still in Mona's room the girls would leave to find it. Caleb would ask Spencr to stay and they would have a conversation; talked about Hanna, how he should have gotten her out of town, and Toby. (The Melody Lingers On)

Toby mentions to Spencer that Caleb spoke of seeing her in Washington, which surprises her. He tells her that he and Caleb remain good friends despite the distance and they have met up a few times over the summers to fish. Later, when Caleb goes to Hanna's hotel room, he slips in Spencer's name one too many times seeing as she called him about Charlotte's death and he's staying in her barn. Caleb also mentions that he and Spencer have been working together in D.C. Following their awkward reunion, Caleb goes downstairs where Spencer is waiting. He thanks her for calling him and they discuss how everything is "complicated." Further in the episode after Charlotte's funeral, Caleb mentions to Spencer that he's going get the car while subconsciously placing his hand on the small of her back. (Of Late I Think Of Rosewood)

Spencer returns home after meeting with The Liars and finds Caleb working on his computer with Veronica. Caleb shows her a false article regarding Spencer that raises suspicions about her involvement in Charlotte's death and promises to help her fix it. The next day, Spencer expresses concern to Caleb that Charlotte was murdered in a very familiar way. She later pulls up a paper she wrote her sophomore year at Georgetown for her criminology course depicting an exact replica of Charlotte's murder. Caleb tells her it's probably nothing but Spencer stresses that the police won't see it that way. Later, while getting the dinner table ready, Caleb goes to find wineglasses leaving Spencer alone with Hanna's fiancé, Jordan. She reveals to him how she and Caleb kept in contact while in D.C. but before that they had re-met in Madrid after losing touch. Back at the Hastings house, Caleb and Spencer reminisce about their time in Madrid and how it has really been three years since they were there. They agree that their best night was when they snuck into Retiro park with sangría and watched the sun rise. Caleb offers to stick around for Veronica's campaign, which makes Spencer smile. (Charlotte's Web)

Spencer returns to the barn with Melissa where Caleb is waiting after finishing up a strategy session. Caleb goes off to make her breakfast after she remarks how hungry working with her mom's team for the campaign has made her. When Caleb leaves, Melissa makes a comment about how close she and Caleb seem which Spencer brushes off. Later on in the episode, Spencer goes to Hanna, to get her blessing to be with him after revealing that she does have feelings for Caleb but she doesn't know if he feels the same way. That night, Caleb waits up for Spencer to come home and they talk about Spencer's experience with A. Spencer expresses sadness that the years of being tormented have interfered with her personality in some way and made her harder than she would really like to be. Caleb takes her hand and reassures her that she is a good person and has always been. Later on, Caleb and Spencer sit by the fire sipping beer while Spencer brings up things she's been harboring guilt for. Spencer mentions there is one last thing she is judging herself for and Caleb kisses her, acknowledging that he returns her sentiments and that she doesn't need to say anything else. The kiss builds and leads to them making out on the couch. Spencer's phone buzz with a new text message but she ignores it. (The Gloves Are On)

Spencer and Caleb wake up together after having sex. Spencer glances happily at Caleb before getting up to make coffee and check her phone. After seeing the threatening new message and a row of other concerned messages from The Liars, she takes off to meet them. Later when she returns to the house, Caleb is working for the campaign and they discuss what happened last night and if they should pursue anything further. Spencer mentions to Caleb the new text message after talking to Hanna, who once again gives her the okay after a brief knee jerk reaction. Later that night, they drive to the location Caleb managed to track down from the phone signal and talk about their new relationship status. They arrive at an empty storage shed, except for a single trash can containing the burner phone and "A"'s signature look, confirming that it was happening again. (New Guys, New Lies)

Caleb hands Spencer a cup of coffee in bed and jokingly asks her if she's fully awake to have the 'should we go to the police' conversation. Spencer counters that they don't know for sure what it is and that they need more proof. Spencer and Caleb mull over Ezra's involvement in the mess, with Caleb mentioning possibly going to Toby for help. Spencer shoots it down, stating that she wouldn't like to complicate things further by dragging Toby into it when he is finally happy. Spencer gets a calendar alert reminding her of an afternoon lunch with Gill which she doesn't remember setting. Caleb kisses her shoulder teasingly and asks her if she's distracted to which Spencer replies that she isn't. He works his way up Spencer's neck when she turns around, giving in, and they begin to kiss. Later, Spencer calls Caleb to tell him that she and Gill didn't have a lunch scheduled but that Yvonne had shown up instead. Yvonne seems to forget she had a lunch with Spencer as well. Caleb warns Spencer this could be a threat from Evil Emoji and to be careful. After lunch, Spencer realizes Yvonne left her phone and she hastily puts it in her purse before anyone notices. She returns to the house and finds Caleb helping Hanna. She reveals she stole Yvonne's phone and Caleb congratulates her. While slipping him the phone, Caleb touches her finger slightly and rubs her arm; a tender act witnessed by Hanna, who then leaves to take a phone call from work but not before looking back at a joyful Caleb and Spencer. Later, Caleb works on finding the signal from Yvonne and Spencer's phones. He texts Spencer, Where R U?, after finding the 'Hastings Opposition Research' file from Yvonne's copied phone and sends a corrupt and infected file to the new "A" letting them know that they are prepared to fight back. (Do Not Disturb)

Spencer and Caleb chat about Caleb's findings on the 'Hastings Opposition Research' file and discover that someone took a photo of Veronica's medical records and that the opposing team will likely leak it to make it seem like Veronica isn't capable of running. The next day, they discuss Mona's involvement in making sure Spencer got Yvonne's phone after she confesses to Spencer that she meant for Spencer to find it. Caleb tells Spencer that Veronica would need to go public before it got leaked and that it wouldn't be a secret much longer. Caleb gets a text from Hanna asking him for a drink and he accepts but cuts the meeting short to talk to Mona. He confronts her and promises to make her very sorry if any of her actions harm Spencer. After returning to the house, Caleb finds Spencer sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking wine. He remarks that maybe the opposing team would take the high road, how Veronica is, and they share a cute moment. She tells him that even though her mom might be sick, she's happier than she's ever been and has everything she needs. Caleb caresses her cheek and asks her if there's anything that she needs. This makes her laugh and she tells him that he should also get a glass because "his girlfriend's drinking all alone and it's really sad." Caleb obliges. (Where Somebody Waits For Me)


Ring Of Fire / Lera Lynn: plays in the background as Spencer and Caleb kiss for the first time and later have sex in The Gloves Are On.

This Feeling / Alabama Shakes: plays in the background as Spencer wakes up and later wonders into the kitchen after her and Caleb's first night together in New Guys, New Lies.


Caleb [in Stolen Kisses (3.08)]: So I should probably wash it on gentle.
Spencer: No, you should dry clean it. If you wash this, you will end up with a sweater for a shih-tzu.

Spencer [in March of Crimes (5.09)]: Is there something growing in that pan?
Caleb: Hanna tried to make nachos.

Spencer [to Caleb in March of Crimes (5.09)]: But the thing is that I've always thought that you were the best thing that ever happened to Hanna and it really hurts to watch you guys fight whatever is eating at you like this.

Spencer [to Caleb in The Melody Lingers On (5.23)]: We need to talk about bottling you up. Essence of Best Boyfriend. We're going to make a fortune.

Spencer [in Of Late I Think Of Rosewood (6.11)]: Spencer: How was it?
Caleb: Complicated.
Spencer: Yeah, thats why I wanted to stay down here.
Caleb: Thanks for calling me. I appreciate it.
Spencer: I'm really glad that you're here.

Spencer [in Charlotte's Web (6.12)]: I'm really afraid that she's going to lose this election because of me.
Caleb: Hey don't say that. I'll hack into the voting machines and make sure that she wins.
Spencer: Caleb!
Caleb: I'm kidding.
[both laughing]

Spencer [in Charlotte's Web (6.12)]: I'm really glad that you're here.
Caleb: Me too.

Spencer [in The Gloves Are On (6.13)]: What if all of those years of being stalked and tortured - what if that hardened me? Like maybe it happened so slowly that I don't even know it was happening.
Caleb: Hey, listen to me. You are a good person. [Spencer sighs] Yes, you are. You wear your heart on your sleeve. It just happens to be the sleeve of a flak jacket.
[Spencer laughs]

Caleb [in New Guys, New Lies (6.14)]: [both whispering] Um, so since we... we uh, I - should I get my own place?
Spencer: Is that what you want?
Caleb: Is that what you want?
Spencer: Look, I need you to promise me one thing.
Caleb: Okay.
Spencer: I will always get the first cup of coffee in the morning. [Caleb lightly laughs]
Caleb: Spencer, I promise I will not come between you and your relationship with caffeine.
Spencer: Thank you. [Spencer smiles]

Spencer [in Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars (6.20)]: Caleb?
Caleb: Yeah?
Spencer: I love you. [Caleb shakes his head, smiles] Go, I'll call you later.

Spencer [in Bedlam (7.02)]: I am afraid to ask you this, but I really have to. Did we make a mistake? You and I?
Caleb: No. No, we didn't. Whatever we did, it wasn't a mistake. It-it was real.
Spencer: So, why are you talking about it in the past tense? [cell phone chimes]

Caleb [in The Talented Mr. Rollins (7.03)]: Hey, where you been?
Spencer: Uh, Toby's. He and engaged.
Caleb: Really?
Spencer: Yeah. [laughs]
Caleb: Wow, that's great. I'm glad their able to work through their issues.
Spencer: Yeah, me too. You know, just knowing how happy they are got me thinking about us. 'Cause I've wanted this, Caleb, for a really long time.
Caleb: So have I.
Spencer: And it's been great, but... you know, everything changed once Hanna disappeared.
Caleb: Well, I promised to keep her safe. So I felt responsible.
Spencer: Yeah, but she's back now and you still seem distant. So I keep on asking myself why. You two were alone together that night. Did something happen?
Caleb: Sh-she was scared. I-I was comforting her.
Spencer: That's not what I'm asking.
Caleb: We kissed. Old memories got stirred up. It was like we were in a time warp back in high school.
Spencer: Yeah, bu-but we're not in high school, you know? An-and Hanna's not your girlfriend, I am.
Caleb: I know. I know.
Spencer: Look, I can handle a kiss. But is that all it was? Or do you still have feelings for her? [brief silence then Spencer's cell phone rings]

Spencer [in The Talented Mr. Rollins (7.03)]: Look I get it, okay? You're confused.
Caleb: No. No, I'm not. Look there's a part of me that will always love Hanna, okay? She was my first real love. But it's you I wanna be with.
Spencer: And if Hanna wanted to be with you now? Would that change things?
Caleb: No.
Spencer: Do you mean that or do you just feel obligated to say it.
Caleb: Seriously? [brief silence]
Caleb: Look, after that time we spent together in Madrid, I couldn't stop thinking about you. And then we met up again in DC and the more time we spent together the more I wanted to be with you.
Spencer: I know. Me too.
Caleb: I like everything about you. Okay, you're smart, and you're driven. You're sexy as hell. [light laugh]
Spencer: Yeah, but that's the problem. You like me...but I love you. And I-I wanna be with somebody who thinks about me the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
Caleb: Look, things just got really off track. Okay, just.. Please give me a chance to make it, to make it right. I really want this to work.
Spencer: I don't know that I can.

Caleb [in Hit and Run, Run, Run (7.04)]: Spencer? Spencer. Spencer, I know you're in there. If I have to break open a window just to make sure you're okay, I swear to God I -
Spencer: No, no, I-I'm... I'm-I'm here.
Caleb: Can you let me in please?
Spencer: I can't really do this right now.
Caleb: Well, I-I wanna talk to you. Come on, Spence, this is stupid.
Spencer: Can-can I just call you tomorrow? I'll call you first thing in the morning -
Caleb: No, no. No, wait. Wait. Look, I'm an idiot, okay? Everything came out wrong earlier. The.. What happened with Hanna, it was like this-this wound I'd worked so hard to heal -
Spencer: Okay, Caleb. I really can't hear this right now, please.
Caleb: It was confusing, but that's all it was. It was a moment of confusion -
Spencer: I'm begging you, just leave!
Caleb: Okay, re-re-remember my first summer in D.C? You and I just started to hanging out a lot and this one night we met for a beer. Well, I-I had gotten a job offer in San Francesco but we were having such a good time that I decided to wait to tell you I was moving until after our drink. But then you noticed they were playing Bringing Up Baby at the New Waverly. Do you remember? [brief silence] Afterward, I walked you to your apartment so I could tell you about my job. But there was this violinist playing on Kenyon, so we set in this stoop for a minute to listen.. and I thought why ruin the moment. And when we finally got to your door, I started to tell you about my job but you were distracted looking for your keys. I couldn't stop staring at that little cleft in your chin.. thinking about how I wanted to trace it with my finger.. and kiss you. So I never told you about the job and I called them the next day and told them I didn't want it. Do you remember that night?
Spencer: Yeah. Of course I remember that night. That was one of the best.
Caleb: Can you please just open the door so we can talk?
Spencer: Caleb, I really want to.. but I just need more time.



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