Shayley is the close friendship between Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields) and Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin). They are best friends in real life, and Ashley refers to Shay as her "boo", and also calls her by her full name, Shannon.

The pairing is more commonly known as, "ButtahBenzo", a nickname that the two came up with themselves. Buttah comes from Shay's name, as Ashley jokes that her first name comes from Shea (pronounced 'Shay') Butter. Benzo comes from Ashley's last name, Benson. The pair also had a series of live streams that they called, The ButtahBenzo Show.


In a Seventeen magazine interview, Ashley Benson told them that Shay Mitchell is her best friend and she helps her with her love life. Ashley and Shay also post many photos on Twitter and Instagram of them together.

They have always had a close relationship. They are frequently seen together outside of the show. In a interview Shay referred to Ashley as "the little sister that I never had".

While working on Pretty Little Liars, Shay had pictures of her and Ashley on her wall in her trailer room.

In 2016, the two attended the EMA's together and booked a joint hotel room. While there, they stayed for an extra few days so they could go on a, "Shaycation".


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