This article revolves around the death of Maya. Maya was killed on April 13th, 2011 (6 years ago) in UnmAsked.


The time in which each event happened during an episode is included. At some times, where it happened, who saw it, or how it was figured out is also included.



Maya appears to have been staying in Noel Kahn's cabin, as revealed in "What Lies Beneath." In a secret room, Emily and Hanna find a sleeping bag and Maya's bag containing her personal items. This includes a knife with the initials 'LJ' carved into it for defense purposes and a bus ticket to San Francisco. This would explain why there were photos of Maya in her pajamas outside of the Kahn's cabin. (What Lies Beneath)

  • Maya's killer/The "A-Team" stole her phone and saw that she was communicating with Emily. (What Lies Beneath)
  • If Maya was running away, she must have known The "A-Team"/her killer was out to get her, and was going into hiding, like Alison had on the day of her "death". (What Lies Beneath)

Her Death

  • Maya writes a note for Emily, saying to meet her, possibly at the Kahn's Cabin or in Emily's backyard. (unknown time, What Lies Beneath)
  • Maya records a video for her website, saying that she's a coward and needs to face her fears (as opposed to running away) just as a police car pulls up. It's Garrett's car. She gets into the car with him, and he drives her home. Her parents aren't home. (around 9 pm, seen by Bart Comstock, Stolen Kisses)
  • Maya bikes over to the Kahn's Cabin, and disappears through a back door. (around 10 pm, security footage in What Lies Beneath)
  • Maya appears to have been in the secret room. She's there for a while, filming a video for Emily. (between 10 and 1 am, What Lies Beneath)
  • Jenna and Toby are at home. They examine something Garrett gave to Jenna to "keep safe." It's the fifth page of Alison's autopsy report. (between 11 and 11:45 pm, If These Dolls Could Talk)
  • Garrett Reynolds arrives at Spencer's house with Melissa, after a seemingly normal night. They share a kiss before a police officer shows up to arrest Garrett for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis. (12 am, If These Dolls Could Talk)
  • Jenna and Noel arrive at Noel's cabin a little after 1:10 am. Maya hears them coming in and escapes through a back door four minutes later. She walks back to the gate when Nate grabs her. (1:10 - 1:14 am, What Lies Beneath)
  • Nate kills Maya in Emily's backyard, and her body is left in the abandoned backyard of Emily's house. (1:30 to 2 am, If These Dolls Could Talk, UnmAsked, and What Lies Beneath)
  • Her body is discovered a week later by the police. (during the Masquerade Ball, UnmAsked)


  • Mona reveals the code for Maya's website, where all of her pictures, videos and blog entries were uploaded.
  • Paige and Emily get together. (Stolen Kisses)
  • The girls find a photo of Maya with a black eye "tattoo" on her wrist; the same tattoo/stamp that Holden was wearing at the church party in The Remains of the "A." They find out that Maya used to go to the Kahn's parties. (The Kahn Game)
  • Hanna finds the note from Maya on her porch addressed to Emily who was living at Hanna's house at the time. (What Lies Beneath)
  • Noel, Jenna, and Garrett are crossed off as suspects for her killer. (What Lies Beneath)
  • A is shown to be going through a purse in which there are a creased picture of Emily and some pills that have Maya's name on it. ( That Girl Is Poison)


  • When she was found, her body was in the Autolysis stage of decay. In this stage, the moisture would cause early signs of decomposition and it would be hard to identify whose body it is. Unless they found ID on her, they probably ran a DNA test in between "UnmAsked" and "It Happened 'That Night'." (UnmAsked)
  • Maya must have known Noel to have had permission to the secret room in the cabin. This relationship may have formed when Noel supposedly hooked Maya up with weed before and/or after she was in rehab. (What Lies Beneath) Noel also says that she came to a lot of the Kahn's parties with an open invite.
  • It was revealed in "The Remains of the "A"" that Holden knew Maya because they were both in a "club." Holden was wearing an eye "tattoo" on his wrist that day. The girls later find out that they both used to go to the Kahns' parties, after realizing that the party guests must be stamped with the black tattoo upon arrival.
  • Nate St. Germain comes to town in "Birds of a Feather" and says he's Maya's cousin. It is later revealed that his real name is Lyndon James and he was Maya's stalker from True North. The knife Maya had in her possession bore his initials on it.

Suspects and Theories

  • Paige - Paige was a suspect because she had a violent past with Alison, who Emily was good friends with and had a crush on, and may have been jealous of Maya, but Paige did not kill Maya.
  • Maya could have been running away from The "A-Team". We know she was not on the run from her stalker/killer because she thought she spotted Nate at one of Noel's parties and did not seem too concerned about it.
  • Nate - He showed up out of the blue, claiming to be Maya's cousin, who goes to Hollis. He claimed that he got into Hollis after Maya died, although, Maya never mentioned having a cousin named Nate or that he applied for Hollis. It is later revealed that he was Maya's stalker from True North, and Maya's killer.


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