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Season 5
Season 5 | Number of Episodes: 25
Premiere Airdate June 10, 2014
Finale Airdate March 17 or 24, 2015
Slogan TBA
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Season 4

Pretty Little Liars was renewed by ABC Family on March 26, 2013.

Season 5 is slated to air during the summer June 10,2014 and spring 2015. It will probably consist of 25 episodes like season 2. However there will be a holiday special.[1]

Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale and I. Marlene King, confirmed on Twitter, that there would be a Season 5. There is also a spin-off series coming called Ravenswood. Ravenswood will premiere soon after the Halloween special episode for Season 4 .

Furthermore, this season will feature 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars (5th episode of the season), and they will do something special for sure.

Marlene announced that there will be 25 episodes including a Holiday episode.


  • Marlene tweeted that there could be a Christmas episode this season - when asked by a fan regarding if we get one. (28 October 2013)
  • Marlene tweeted that they will do something special for sure [about the 100th episode] and that Season 5 is wow! (1 November 2013)
  • Marlene tweeted the number of episodes: 25 plus the Holiday episode. (7 January 2014)
  • Marlene tweeted a possible clue: being stuck IN school on a snow day is bad luck. (29 January 2014)
    • Marlene would earlier tweet that she sees snow in her future. (7 January 2014)
  • Marlene tweeted that the writers are back in action. (1 February 2014)
    • Marlene tweeted some of the PLL writers with the caption 'Happy first day of school'. (27 January 2014)
  • Ashley (Hanna) got hair extensions for Season 5. Source


Spencer Hastings


Emily Fields


Hanna Marin


Aria Montgomery


Alison DiLaurentis


Mona Vanderwaal



Main Cast

Supporting / Guest Cast

Season Notes

Note: There must be reliable sources for any spoilers!

  • We will get some Toby and Alison scenes in the present. Source
  • It has been confirmed that Caleb will be returning to Rosewood. Source
    • He will return in the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars. (PaleyFest Panel 2014)
  • We will get more of a glimpse of what Jason was doing away. Source
  • We will get closer to find out who killed Wilden in the premiere. Source
  • Marlene has reveal in an interview that Jenna and Melissa both will be in Season 5 and also Ali's dad Kenneth will also appear



Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 8.10.33 PM EscApe From New York June 10, 2014 96 5.01

The PLLs must dodge their dreaded nemesis, “A,” while navigating a world with Alison back in it.

No Image Available Whirly Girl June 17, 2014 97 5.02
No Image Available Surfing the Aftershocks June 24, 2014 98 5.03
No Image Available 5x04 July 1, 2014 99 5.04
No Image Available 5x05 July 8, 2014 100 5.05
No Image Available 5x06 July 15, 2014 101 5.06
No Image Available 5x07 July 22, 2014 102 5.07
No Image Available 5x08 July 29, 2014 103 5.08
No Image Available 5x09 August 5, 2014 104 5.09
No Image Available 5x10 August 12, 2014 105 5.10
No Image Available 5x11 August 19, 2014 106 5.11
No Image Available 5x12 August 26, 2014 107 5.12
No Image Available 5x13 September 2, 2014 or December 2014 108 5.13


Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
No Image Available 5x14 January 2015 109 5.14




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