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Sara and emily swimming
General Information


Emily Fields and Sara Harvey

Kind of Pairing:

Friendship (former)
Couple (former)
Enemies (currently)


Broken Up


Friendship: Songs of Innocence
Kissed in: No Stone Unturned
Enemies as of Game Over, Charles


Game Over, Charles
Sarily is the former friendship and couple (and currently antagonistic) pairing of Emily Fields and Sara Harvey.



Dating Timeline

First Kiss:

  • Reason: Emily returns to her bedroom after meeting with the other Liars and finding out that A chipped them while they were in the dollhouse. She begins to check a sleeping Sara for a chip, but Sara wakes up and turns to face Emily. She then kisses her, and the two proceed to make out.

First Relationship:

  • Started: "O Brother, Where Art Thou"
  • Reason: After Emily found out that 'A' chipped them, she returns to her bedroom and finds Sara sleeping. When she wants to check if Sara is chipped too, she wakes up and turns around. She then kisses her and they proceed to make out.
  • Ended: "Game Over, Charles" (6X10)
  • Reason: Emily found out Sara was working for the A-Team and was Charlotte's ally. She also found out she was a decoy for Red Coat and the Black Widow. Sara tries to patch things up, but Emily punches her across the face.


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