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If you cause trouble tonight, the odds are stacked against you.
Rosewood Police Department Slogan
Rosewood Police Department

The Liars are all too familiar with the Rosewood Police Department (RPD). 

Address: 36 Van Allen Street

Season 1Edit

  • The Liars answer questions here initially after Alison's disappearance (not shown).
  • Hanna is arrested and taken to the station when she shoplifts sunglasses. ("Pilot")
  • "A" sent a letter to the police department consisting of a video of Alison. ("The Perfect Storm")
  • The girls go to the station after reporting the blood covered trophy as a proof that Ian killed Alison, but it turns out to be rat's blood, not human blood as they thought. ("A Person of Interest")

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

 Season 4Edit

  • Gabriel Holbrook, a new detective introduces himself to The Liars after Wilden's funeral. He tells them that they will have to come in to police station for questioning in the future. ("A is for A-L-I-V-E")
  • Hanna goes to the police station to bring flowers to Pam Fields, and comes across a suspect board on a wall in another office and goes in to see that Detective Holbrook has been tracking the entire situation to find who killed Wilden, and sees that she, Spencer, Emily and Aria are suspects. Dectective Holbrook catches Hanna. They see Melissa come in and Holbrook goes up to her and takes her into an office. ("Cat's Cradle")
  • Hanna is brought in and questioned by Linda Tanner after being arrested for possessing and trying to bury her father's gun. Ashley and Tom Marin comes to pick up Hanna after paying her bail. Emily takes a video with footage of Ashley accidentally hitting Wilden to the station. Tanner later questions Emily about the video which turns out to a set-up by A. Ashley is later arrested for Wilden's murder. ("Under The Gun")
  • Hanna visits Ashley while she is in prison. ("Crash and Burn, Girl!")
  • Mona goes to the station to confess that she killed Detective Wilden. ("The Guilty Girl's Handbook")
  • Hanna convinces Travis to go to the police station and confess that someone else murdered Wilden, and not her mother. ("Bring Down the Hoe")
  • Ashley Marin is released from prison and charges against her for the murder of Wilden are dropped. ("Now You See Me, Now You Don't")





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