This article is about Riley Wolfe, a book character. You may be looking for Riley Wolfe.

Riley Wolfe was one of Alison DiLaurentis' best friends before Courtney DiLaurentis took over her sister's life.

Physical Description

Riley has penny colored red hair and brown eyes. Hanna thinks she is quite ugly, describing her as having a "ratlike" nose and looking like an "inverted carrot" when she wears an emerald dress for Mona Vanderwaal's seventeenth birthday party. Riley is also said to have vampire-like pale skin.


Riley was a close friend of Ali's until the popular girl suddenly turned on her. Her earliest appearance is in Ali’s Pretty Little Lies. She and Naomi didn't realize it, but Courtney had replaced Ali and didn't know them at all. Courtney knew she wouldn't be able to keep Alison's old friends around and promptly ditched them for Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. She told Hanna years later that "Ali" left them for no reason. In high school, Riley and her friend are the main rivals of Hanna and Mona Vanderwaal. She and Naomi often engage in catty exchanges with the two girls. Riley seems to be the meaner of the two, as she taunted Hanna about Mona after her death and teased her for wearing a too-tight cream dress to the birthday party. Hanna was pressured by "A" to tell Naomi and Riley about her bulimia. At first, they don't understand her rushed words, but they start to tease her once they do figure it out.

Mona decides to invite Riley and Naomi to participate in the court for her seventeenth birthday party. After Mona's death, a temporary truce is called between the girls. Kate Randall, Hanna's stepsister, now attends Rosewood Day High. Riley is highly impressed with the girl's impeccable fashion taste and warms up to her rather quickly. They become fast friends and include Hanna in their new group, as Kate said they would have strength in numbers. When the existence of "Courtney" DiLaurentis is announced, the girl is welcomed with open arms by Riley and her two friends. The four engage in secret letter-writing to their crushes; Riley's crush is a swimmer named Seth Cardiff. In the letter, she talked about how she loved seeing him in his speedo.

By the end of "Wanted", Naomi and Riley view Hanna as an outcast and tell her that she's the same loser she was in seventh grade.