This article is about The Red Trench Coat worn by various people. You may be looking for Red Coat, the disguise.

Vivian Darkbloom's red trench coat

Red Trench Coat is the trench coat Alison DiLaurentis wore when pretending to be Vivian Darkbloom. Red Coat wears a similar coat, only Red Coat's has a hood attached. It appears Red Coat stole the disguise from Alison.



  • It is unknown what happened to the red trench coat the Liars had in Season 2, but fans assume it was stolen. It was last seen with Aria in "Eye of the Beholder".
  • Firefighters find the red coat in the ashes and rubble of the fire in Season 4. When Toby and Spencer go back to the lodge, it is gone.
  • It is presumed that Big A has taken the coat.
  • When CeCe is packing and Emily is coming to ask her questions, there's a red coat in CeCe's suitcase in "Hot Water".
  • Aria wore this coat because she was cold. Hanna, however, wore another Red Coat as hers had a hood attached.
  • The coat appears to be different, fans think this might be on purpose.