Parker Bagley


Jason DiLaurentis


Season 1

Parker Bagley is American actor best known for portraying Jason DiLaurentis in the first season of Pretty Little Liars. He is later replaced by Drew Van Acker, because according to Marlene King, "[Van Acker] works more for where we're going with that story."[1]


We don't know much about Parker Bagley, but he is also known for his role of Bobby Macdougal on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light where he made his TV debut in 2007. He acted in Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Consent (2010) and Detention (2011). [2] Bagley was convicted of larceny theft in 2013. He stole $7,000 worth of jewelry and electronics from a 'friends' home, which consisted of two iPads, a BlackBerry, an iPod, three necklaces and a bracelet.




  1. Accordingly to Complex they failed not to notice about the casting of Jason DiLaurentis expect not to fail, but Parker only lasted for one season.
  2. IMDb confirms it.

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