This article centers around Pam Fields, a TV character. For another version check out Kathleen Fields (Book Character).

You know it's important to me, you're giving me peace of mind. Just knowing that Emily will be taken care of.
Pam to Alison
Pam Fields
Pam Fields
General Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Dark Brown

Marital Status:



April 27, 1968




RPD Intern


Wayne Fields (husband; deceased)
Emily Fields (daughter)
Lily DiLaurentis-Fields (granddaughter)
Grace DiLaurentis-Fields (granddaughter)
Alison DiLaurentis (future daughter-in-law)


Wayne Fields (husband; deceased)
Greg (briefly dated)


The Liars
Ella Montgomery
Veronica Hastings
Ashley Marin
Jessica DiLaurentis (formerly; deceased)
Barry Maple
Sara Harvey (formerly)


Rosewood Police Department Chief


Nick McCullers
Maya St. Germain (formerly; deceased)
Sara Harvey
Series Information


Series Information



First appearance:


Latest appearance:

'Til Death Do Us Part

Last appearance:

'Til Death Do Us Part

Portrayed By:

Nia Peeples

Pam Fields is the widowed mother of Emily Fields and is the wife of the late Wayne Fields. She is portrayed by Nia Peeples.


A loving and ever supportive mother, Pam Fields runs a conservative and orderly household. She always makes time out of her busy schedule to be there for her daughter Emily Fields. It is hard for her to raise her daughter alone due to her military husband Wayne Fields being on duty in Afghanistan. But as close as the two may be, Emily chooses to keep some of her personal struggles in the dark and away from her. She is usually very supportive of Emily, except when it came to Emily's sexuality early on in the series. At first she disapproved of Emily's sexuality but she eventually comes to terms with it, and accepts Emily for who she is.


Appearances (38/160)

Season 1 (9/22)

Season 2 (7/25)

Season 3 (6/24)

Season 4 (6/24)

Season 5 (1/25)

Season 6 (7/20)

Season 7 (2/20)

Book Comparisons

  • Her name was Kathleen in the books which was changed to Pam for unknown reasons.
  • In the books, she has four kids, Beth, Carolyn, Jake and Emily; in the show, Emily is the only child.
  • In the books, it was hinted that she might be racist, as she disapproves Emily to hang out with Maya because she is black. On the show, she is extra friendly with Maya and her family, until she discovers that Maya is bisexual and she takes marijuana.
  • Pam works in the police station in the show, but she's a stay-at-home mom and a retired elementary school teacher in the books.
  • In the books, it is mentioned that she goes to church regularly, but in the show this is not explicitly stated.
  • In the books she had a heart attack, but in the series it's her husband, Wayne, with the heart issues.


  • At first, she does not support that Emily is gay, but eventually, she does.
  • There is a deleted scene from "A Kiss Before Lying" of Pam and Emily talking.
  • She was traumatized by the car crashing into her house. 
  • Her husband, Wayne, is regularly away from Rosewood because he is part of the National Guard. 


Pam (to Emily about Hanna): I love her, but someone needs to teach that girl the word "fold".

Pam (to Emily): I know it's hard to see a friend suffer. But if doctors think she's-

Emily: Doctors aren't helping Spencer. She still believes that was Toby.

Pam: Well, you can't get up in that kind of thinking. Don't take on a tragedy that has nothing to do with you.

Pam (To Emily): Emily, I still don't understand, but I love you. You're my child, and nobody hurts my child.

Pam (to Emily about): I checked the bottle, I counted the pills, now I might be one or two off, but there are more than 7 pills missing.

Pam (to Emily): I'm sorry, just get in the car now.

Pam (to Emily): You may have saved Alison once… But you don’t have to keep saving her.



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