I'm gonna find him and then I'm gonna kill him.

Olivia Matheson[1] is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood. She made her debut in Pilot and is portrayed by Merritt Patterson.[2] Olivia is Luke's twin sister and Tess' best friend. She is portrayed by Merritt Patterson.


Her father, the mayor, Charles Matheson, discovered about the Pact and tried to break the curse. But Dillon, who was ordered by the preacher or Max, went to his office and stabbed him, leading to his death. Dillon put the knife in Rochelle Matheson's coat pocket, which he framed her and leading people thinking she was the one who did it when it was never her. 


Pretty Little Liars

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Hanna asks Caleb what he did, “you and the others”, and Caleb says that he and the rest of the Five took the jars down to the bridge where the car went in the water that first night and they opened them, all of them, and released whatever was inside. Caleb tells her nothing for a minute, then the woods were filled with fireflies. Millions of them. Caleb says that there were no demons, no messages, no revenge and no Miranda.


In Grave New World, the Five (Caleb, Miranda, Luke, and Remy) all meet each other.

Physical Appearance

Olivia is an stunning brunette who has long, curly hair and bright blue eyes. She looks like the female version of Luke. She has a very stylish and chic fashion sense, and was the Queen Bee at her school.


She is described as a one-time carefree and effortlessly happy spirit, who has experienced recent hardships leaving her questioning what’s important and what no longer matters.[3]

Appearances (10/10)

Season 1



  • Her casting call: "Abel's twin sister is a former prom queen who is struggling with a recent fall from grace. She used to be a carefree, happy teenager, but recent events have her questioning what's important, what's not and who her real friends are now that they've suddenly turned their backs on her."[4]
  • Olivia was originally planned to be played by Elizabeth Whitson[5], but she was later replaced by Merritt Patterson.[2]


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