It's those eyes. If you look into them you're just like hypnotized.

Nona is the couple name for Mona Vanderwaal and Noel Kahn


To Kill a Mocking Girl

  • Mona and Noel were talking with Hanna and Sean about Noel's party.
  • Mona is seen at Noel's party.
  • It is assumed that Noel invited Mona to his party.

Salt Meets Wound

  • Noel and Mona were both at the party at Hanna's house.
  • Mona threw the surprise party for Hanna, so it is assumed that she invited Noel.

It's Alive

  • Mona meets Noel at the Apple Rose Grille for a date.
  • Noel kisses Mona.
  • Noel asks Mona if she is okay.
  • It is unclear when exactly Noel and Mona started dating, but it is first known to the audience in this episode.

Never Letting Go

  • Mona hires Noel to be the DJ for the fashion show.
  • They exchanged glances when Mona said "I got us a DJ."
  • Mona refers to Noel when she said "Oh, and it's okay if I play favorites, right?"
  • Noel is seen clapping for Mona when she walks down the runway.

A Hot Piece of A

  • Noel and Mona were talking in the hallway by the lockers.
  • Mona asked "Is our invitation coming by snail mail," meaning that she and Noel only need one invitation, probably because they go everywhere together.
  • Noel said "Did you send it to my address or hers," which may mean that they might be living in each other's houses since they only need one address.
  • They looked and smiled at each other before walking out arm in arm.
  • At the lake house, Noel had his arm around Mona's waist.
  • Mona knows that Noel is allergic to green peppers.
  • Before leaving to make the banners, Noel kissed the top of Mona's head and Mona smiled.
  • At the lake, Noel and Mona were seen dripping wet. When asked where they were, Mona said they "took a dip." It is unknown what they were really doing.
  • Noel and Mona were holding hands, their fingers intertwined. Mona looked at Noel and nodded towards the woods, motioning to leave. Noel followed her.

Let the Water Hold Me Down

  • Mona confesses to Hanna how she thinks she is losing Noel after Caleb's party.
  • Mona says that she had to go skinny dipping with Noel just to capture his attention away from his phone.
  • Later in the episode, Mona goes therapy shopping to help her get over her breakup with Noel.

The Blond Leading the Blind

  • Mona returns the necklace Noel got for her.
  • Mona is very upset about her breakup with Noel.
  • Mona looks hurt when she saw Noel and Jenna at Rive Gauche.

Eye of the Beholder

  • Mona is still upset about her breakup with Noel.
  • Mona is angry at Jenna for stealing Noel from her.

Blood Is The New Black

  • Hanna mentions Noel when she visits Mona in Radley Sanitarium.
  • Hanna asks Mona if she heard from Noel or if he has come to visit her before.

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

  • When Hanna asks Mona who she bought the blue strapless for, Mona replied that she hasn't seen anyone since Noel.

Nona Memorable Places\Items

  • The Apple Rose Grille - It is first revealed that Noel and Mona were together when they met for a date at the Apple Rose Grille in It's Alive.
  • The Lake - Noel and Mona claimed they "took a dip" in the lake in A Hot Piece of A, though it was unclear what they were really doing.
  • The Necklace - Noel had given Mona a necklace sometime during their relationship and she attempted to return it to him after their breakup in The Blond Leading the Blind.

Music in Nona Scenes

  • "One Kiss Don't Make a Summer" by Lucky Soul (played when Noel and Mona talk with Sean and Hanna about Noel's party)
  • "Hidden Agenda" by Fur Patrol (played when Noel and Mona get Hanna to invite them to Caleb's party)
  • "Shooting the Moon" by Mona (played when Noel and Mona discussed the pizzas with green bell peppers with Hanna at Caleb's party)


  • Mona and Noel are both popular in school, with Noel being the captain of the football team and Mona being the school's "it" girl.
  • Noel most likely felt different about Mona when she was discovered as A and sent to Radley but it is never confirmed or denied.


  • Both Brant and Janel ship Nona.
  • Brant, Janel, and Marlene all confirmed Nona to be the official name for Noel and Mona.
  • "Mona and Noel" trended worldwide on Twitter on January 9, 2012.
  • Brant stated in an interview that he thinks that Noel genuinely liked Mona.
  • Janel revealed in her and Brant's Ustream that she had so much trouble with the line, "Call Caleb. Tell him to pick up a pizza without green peppers on it." in the episode A Hot Piece of A that they had to cut that line.
  • On May 30, 2013, @imarleneking tweeted "I think Mona still pines for Noel." as a response to a fan.
  • "We Want Nona Back" trended worldwide on Twitter on September 7, 2013.


Noel [in To Kill a Mocking Girl]: Save something for tomorrow night?
Mona: What's tomorrow night?
Sean: Noel's parents are leaving town.

Noel: Which means the party of the year is officially on. Think big, think wild, think parental units in a different time zone.

Noel [in Keep Your Friends Close]: It's a bummer Camp Mona's a girls only party.


Noel [in It's Alive]: Sorry I'm late. (kisses Mona and sits down) Are you okay?

Mona: No.

Hanna [in The Goodbye Look]: Are you alone, or is Noel Kahn lurking around here somewhere?
Mona: All by my lonesome.
Hanna: So, are you going out with Noel, or was that just a one-off?

Mona: Well, he's a major get. Now he even has some bad boy cred.


Mona to Spencer [in Never Letting Go]: Oh! And I got us a DJ! (exchanges glance with Noel)
Spencer: Great...

Mona: Oh, it's okay if I play favorites, right? After all, I'm committee chair!


Mona [in A Hot Piece of A]: Ok, so clarification... is our invitation coming by snail mail?
Hanna: What...?
Noel: Did you send it to my address or her's?
Hanna: Oh! Uh... I didn't think that you wanted to come.
Mona: To a rocking party at Spencer's lake house? I can see where you'd be confused.
Noel: We'll be there.
Hanna: Oh yeah, um, it's a surprise party... for Caleb.

Mona: Surprise! He and I are friends now. All is forgiven. (leaves arm in arm with Noel)


Mona [in A Hot Piece of A]: Did you really ordered 12 pizzas with green bell peppers on them?
Hanna: No, why?
Noel: Well that's what you got.
Mona: And Noel's allergic.
Hanna: Caleb's almost here! He's early! Who comes to their own surprise party early? I haven't even had the banners yet!

Noel: Oh hey, I'll do it. (kisses the top of Mona's head before leaving)


Mona [in A Hot Piece of A]: Why's everybody out here?
Emily: Where were you?
Mona: Uh... We took a dip.
Emily: What?!

Noel: Uh... Nice night for it.


Mona [in The Blond Leading the Blind]: (walks up to Noel, holding up a necklace) You can have this back, I'm done with it.
Noel: Sorry. No returns, no exchanges.
Mona: Take it. (drops necklace in Noel's hand) Maybe the next girl you decide to dump all over will like it better than I did.
Noel: (throws necklace in the trashcan)

Mona: (breaks into tears and runs off)

Hanna to Mona [in Blood Is The New Black]: Noel Kahn thinks this dude's genius because he can burp the star-spangled banner. (pause) Have you heard from Noel? Has he ever come to visit you?

Hanna [in A is for A-L-I-V-E]: Who are you wearing that blue strapless for?

Mona: Well, since Noel, there hasn't been anybody so I bought it for me.



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