This article is about Naomi Zeigler, a television character. You may be looking for Naomi Zeigler (Book Character).

Naomi Zeigler is a student at Rosewood High School. She makes a brief appearance in "Keep Your Friends Close" alongside friends Riley Wolfe and Mona Vanderwaal. She may be popular seeing as Mona bothered to spend time with her.


Naomi has tanned skin, dark eyes and dark hair. She appears to be a casual, but trendy dresser, with a sassy flair.

Season 1

Naomi appears alongside Riley in "Keep Your Friends Close." Both were going to class when Mona calls them after distributing party invitations to Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer.

Later, Mona is seen talking and laughing with them in the school hallway. When Hanna arrives, Mona gets angry with her because of the text she has received about Hanna getting lipo and also Hanna's cancelling their ditch plans. So, Mona says that she has bought pajamas for both Naomi and Riley for her camping party, but not Hanna. She also treats them as her new best friends, insulting Hanna by saying their friendship is over and revoking Hanna's invitation. The girls obediently follow Mona when she calls them in order to add to the effect of abandoning Hanna.

Book Comparisons

  • She has platinum blonde hair in the books and is Caucasian while in the show she appears to be Mexican or Mexican-American.
  • There's more interaction between her and Hanna in the books, but on the show she only apppeared one time.

Also, in contrast to the books Mona would've never spent time with Naomi and Riley due to Mona and Hanna's long brewing rival with them.

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