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Mr. Roland
General Information



Marital Status:

Married to Mrs. Roland


UNC Affiliate


Chloe Roland (daughter)
Grace Roland (infant daughter)
Series Information




Series Information


Assaulted and tried to hook up with Emily Fields



Mr. Roland is Chloe's father who helps arrange for Emily's scholarship to the University of North Carolina (UNC). In "Twisted", he briefly fondles Emily while his wife and children are home after Emily babysits for the Rolands. The next time Emily comes over, Chloe gets drunk, and Emily falls asleep on the couch. Mr. Roland kisses Emily in her sleep, and she freaks out when she wakes up.

Three days later, Mr. Roland attends Emily's swim meet with the UNC coach. There, he fondles Emily again as soon as they are alone, and this time, Chloe witnesses the encounter. However, she blames Emily instead of her father, who has a history of cheating.

Chloe confesses to Emily that her parents were on the brink of a divorce after Mr. Roland was accused of cheating. The birth of Chloe's younger sister, Grace prompted her parents to stay together and give their marriage another chance.

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