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This article centers around Mona Vanderwaal, a television character. For another version check out Mona Vanderwaal (Book Character).

Seems whatever I do ends up this way. Good intentions that look like trash.
Mona to Emily in Did You Miss Me?
Mona Vanderwaal
General Information





Hair Color:

Dark Brown (Currently)
Blonde (Temporarily)

Eye Color:

Honey Brown

Marital Status:



October 8th, 1994




Student (formerly)
Original A (formerly)


"A" (formerly)
Loser Mona (by Alison and herself when she is outed)
Crazy Mona (by herself and The Liars)
Mona 2.0 (by Spencer)
Alison DiLaurentis (while in A's Dollhouse)
Ali Dee (alias)
Mina Davis (alias mentioned in 5 Years Forward)


Mr. Vanderwaal (Father)
Leona Vanderwaal (Mother)
Ned (uncle)


Noel Kahn (Ex-Boyfriend)
Caleb Rivers (Fake Kiss)
Mike Montgomery (Boyfriend; Status unknown)


Spencer Hastings (Allies)
Aria Montgomery (Allies)
Hanna Marin (Good Friends)
Emily Fields (Allies)
Alison DiLaurentis (Frenemies)
Ezra Fitz (Acquaintances)
Caleb Rivers (Frenemies)
Toby Cavanaugh (Acquaintances/Allies)
Jason DiLaurentis (Used by him)
Paige McCullers
Lucas Gottesman
Lesli Stone (Formerly)
Charlotte DiLaurentis (Formerly)


Kristine Phillips (Formerly)

Veronica Hastings (Formerly)


Alison DiLaurentis (Formerly)
Lesli Stone
Charlotte DiLaurentis
Noel Kahn (Deceased)
Sara Harvey (Deceased)
Jenna Marshall
Series Information


Rosewood High School
Duke University


Voice impressions
Stalking the Liars
Series Information


- Shoplifts

- Ripped up Caleb's love letter (exposed)
- Hit Hanna with a car (exposed)
- Hacked into the school database to help Emily
- Blackmailed Vice Principal Tamborelli
- Is the Original A (exposed)
- Took orders from Big A (exposed)
- Has a fake Radley Staff ID card that allows her to leave (exposed)
- Was the "Caleb Rivers" imposter in "This Is A Dark Ride" (exposed to The Liars)
- Helped The Liars by giving them Maya's website (possibly unbeknownst to 'A')
- Took the blame on Darren Wilden's murder to help out Ashley Marin and Hanna
- Met with Shana Fring at a B&B (exposed to Toby and The Liars)
- Knew Alison was alive (exposed to The Liars)
- Made a deal with 'A' to fake her own death and frame Alison (exposed to The Liars and Mike)
- Hit Bethany Young with a shovel, thinking she was Alison (exposed to The Liars) - Called Charlotte from the Two Crows the night she was murdered (exposed to The Liars)



First appearance:

The First Secret (chronologically)

Latest appearance:

The DArkest Knight

Portrayed By:

Janel Parrish

Mona Vanderwaal is a main character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. She is portrayed by Janel Parrish.

Mona was revealed to be the first and original "A" in "UnmAsked" and was sent to Radley Sanitarium for psychological and emotional treatment. In "Taking This One to the Grave", she faked her death with the help of the "A" that had taken over her game. However in "Welcome to the Dollhouse", it was revealed that she was alive, having been double-crossed and held captive in A's dollhouse.


In "Burn This," Mona reveals that Hanna and her were friends in 8th grade. Eventually, however, Hanna becomes a part of Ali's clique and Mona was subjected to her bullying.

Deep down inside, Mona never forgot the way Alison had previously treated her; as an outsider and a dork. She was nicknamed 'Loser Mona' by Alison. Ironically, Mona begins behaving like Alison after she assumes Alison's place as a Queen Bee. She taunts Lucas as Alison used to and calls him Hermie, despite once being his friend when Alison bullied them both.

Mona is a very self-conscious person. Due to the bullying and rejection she faced when Alison was around, Mona developed a complex in which she is not happy with her life. Although she does not show this side of her in public, this is why Mona felt such a need to remain popular, beautiful, and best friends with Hanna. This is also why she started tormenting the girls as "A," because she was afraid that the Liars would steal Hanna from her again, who was her only friend. She and Hanna became best friends when Alison's crowd was disbanded. Mona figures that Hanna would not give up the chance to become popular. Their friendship stays strong until the ever so infamous "A" begins torturing the girls, forcing Hanna to become closer to her old friends. The other Liars, besides Hanna, don't care much for Mona, and this is a source of conflict in certain episodes, but it ends up being much more severe then a simple annoyance when it is revealed that this is the very reason she became A; she was angry at the Liars for taking Hanna away from her.

Mona can also speak French, hack computers, and do voice impressions. Mona was revealed to be "A" in the Season 2 finale. She considers herself a genius, but also has a personality disorder (according to Dr. Sullivan). Mona was under the influence of someone in a red coat until she is kicked off the A-Team in the season 3 finale.

In Season 5, after it was revealed Alison is in fact alive, Mona forms as "army" of people who were victimized by Alison prior to her disappearance, to fight against her return. The group included Lucas, Paige McCullers and Melissa Hastings. In the Season 5 summer finale, Mona is believed to be brutally murdered in her own home after discovering what she believes to be proof that Alison is 'A'. The police believe she was murdered, due to the amount of blood spread over her home, they say that her wounds must have been 'fatal'. Her assailant is unknown. Her relationship with Mike Montgomery was on/off. In "Welcome to the Dollhouse," it is revealed that Mona is alive and being held captive by "A", she is forced to pretend to be Alison and her hair has been dyed blonde.



Mona (1)

In one of Aria's flashbacks, Mona is shown with glasses and 2 pigtails, trying to hang out with Alison and Aria. She asks them to wait up, but Alison tells Aria to ignore her and Aria obeys, running away from Loser Mona. Mona is crushed and wraps her arms around herself. After Alison's death, Mona is first seen with Hanna shopping in the mall. They comment on each other's accessories that they stole before Hanna goes to talk to Spencer. Mona shoplifts a scarf then meets up with Hanna who shoplifted a pair of $350 sun glasses.


Mona is then seen with Hanna in class. Emily tells Aria that she and Hanna are the new Queen Bees. Aria comments that she didn't even recognize Mona.

The Jenna Thing

Hanna and Mona hang out and chat near their lockers after Aria comes out of Ezra classroom, until Mona catches sight of Sean, and Hanna tells her friend that she will see her later.

A few moments after the bell rings for English class, Mona saunters in, asking whether she's late, cluelessly calling Mr. Fitz, "Mr. Fritz" to everybody's amusement. Mr. Fitz tells her to just take her seat. When she takes her seat, Hanna points out her mistake. But Mona said she did it on preps.


Later, Mona and Hanna are walking out of the mall, flanked with plenty of shopping bags. The two girls are happily chatting about the day's finds when suddenly they catch sight of Darren, standing in the parking lot. Mona reassures her friend that he has nothing on her, as she purchased everything legally. Hanna agrees and walks over to Darren to tell him to back off.

To Kill a Mocking Girl

At school, Mona and Hanna discuss their recent shoplifts, when Sean and Noel walk over. They announce Noel's blowout cabin party planned for the next night. After they leave, Mona questions Hanna about when she is going to have sex with Sean, and Hanna reacts frustrated. Mona states that she isn't pushing for Hanna to do it, but wonders if the relationship is real if they haven't done it.

Mona is later seen at the party flirting with a guy, while wondering what is up with Sean and Hanna. Later she see's Hanna marching angrily across the lawn to get to Sean's car. Mona tries asking Hanna what is wrong and why she is taking Sean's car, but Hanna never even responds, instead driving off with the car.

There's No Place Like Homecoming

Mona Climbed the Ladder

Mona sits down to talk with the four girls, while insulting Spencer's date, which is the opposite of what Spencer wants people to think of Alex. At Homecoming, Mona and Hanna talk as they insult what other girls look like. Mona and Hanna get into a heated argument when Mona makes nasty comments to Lucas, who has come to photograph the dance for the yearbook. Hanna greets him warmly, but Mona shoos him away. After he leaves, the two argue over whether popularity is more important than befriendly nerds, in which Mona warns Hanna that she will not go back to being a loser Mona and will lose her friendship with Hanna if it comes to it.

The Perfect Storm

Mona sees Lucas and Hanna talking together. Mona is not enthusiastic about this new
relationship development and mercilessly taunts Lucas, calling him "hermie" and "shim," names that Alison had made up.  Mona continues to make fun of Lucas until Hanna tells her she knows Mona's new handbag was purchased on eBay. Mona pretends she bought it as "a goof." Later, fed up, Hanna pulls Mona aside and calls her a hypocrite for treating someone on the lesser social status so rude when they used to be on that same strata themselves! Lucas later thanks Hanna for talking to Mona, as she no longer taunted him after Hanna said something.

Keep Your Friends Close

Mona (2)

Mona is throwing a birthday party for herself, which she calls "Camp Mona" and gives select invites to her friends, including Hanna and the rest of the Liars, as they are her BFF's friends. The rest of the Liars aren't interested, though Hanna tries to persuade them to come and that Mona has redeeming qualities, but they do not change their minds. This changes, though, when "A" tells the Liars that information will be revealed at Mona's birthday party.


Mona as captain of Camp Mona

Then, Mona hears a rumor after A sends her a text that Hanna lost weight thanks to a liposuction. Mona breaks off their friendship due to anger, going as far as to dis-invite Hanna from her birthday party. She also dis-invites her because Hanna refused to ditch school with Mona, despite Hanna's mother giving Hanna plenty of cash to spend on Mona. So, ironically, Spencer, Aria, and Emily attend Camp Mona without Hanna (Just for information). Camp Mona turns out to be an over-the-top bash, complete with massage deck, food tents, makeshift hair parlor, and matching T-shirts for all attendees. Her gift table is piled high with presents.

Moments Later

Mona (3)
When Hanna is hospitalized due to her run in with "A" at the end of the party, Mona visits her in the hospital and apologized, realizing that she was mad at Hanna for a stupid reason. Hanna gladly accepts her apology and they become BFFs once again. While visiting Hanna, Mona told Hanna the reason she chose her to be her best friend. At a party, chubby Hanna vomited while on the trampoline. When she realized everyone was laughing at her she bowed, no longer affected by peoples remarks. Mona found that to be a life lesson. Mona believed that if Hanna could get over people teasing and ignore it, so could she.
Mona (4)
Mona throws a surprise "Welcome Back!" For Hanna party when she was released from the hospital. Mona and Hanna are still BFFs but not like before. Their friendship isn't as strong, due to the fact that Hanna's relationships with her former BFFs, are growing once again (The Liars).

The Badass Seed

PLL Screenshot 12
Mona is not seen in a few episodes until which she is going for a part in the play. Later she is seen gossiping with Hanna about her morning shower with Caleb(Hanna and Caleb). At the school play with the rest of the Liars, she witnesses Aria slip up and refer to Mr. Fitz as 'Ezra' and raises an eyebrow. She wonders about who is evil or naughty in the play and wonders how she is going to play a selfish character.

Monsters in the End

Mona (6)
Mona is worried about Hanna's breakup with Caleb, and states she takes the blame, knowing she should have stopped him from getting to close to her friend. At the Festival she is helping Hanna with a booth and Caleb suddenly shows up. Hanna hides and Mona talks to him, while taking a letter from him to give to Hanna, which expresses his love for her. She reads and promptly destroys the letter, due to feeling the need to protect Hanna from being hurt again. Hanna does not find about this until later and thinks even more badly of Caleb as a result.

It's Alive

MV2 (1)
When Hanna finds out from Caleb that Mona never forwarded Caleb's goodbye letter to her, but instead lied, leading her on to believe Caleb was worse than he actually was, she is distressed and angry with Mona and Caleb.
MV2 (2)
Noel Kahn returns to school in the same episode, and Mona begins dating him, to Hanna's surprise. Hanna is angry with her friend for lying to her, but agrees not to judge her for dating Noel. Eventually, Hanna confronts Mona later in the episode, just before her date with Noel. When Hanna leaves, Noel detects something wrong, and Mona just sulks.

The Goodbye Look


All alone

When the Liars' parents have placed a ban on them hanging out together, the girls sit at different lunch tables. Mona tries to invite Hanna to sit with her, but Hanna is still too sore at her to be her friend again, so all five girls sit at separate lunch tables, eating alone.

MV2 (3)
Hanna and Mona eventually rekindle their friendship; Mona calls it spiritual. They agree to keep their romantic lives (i.e. Caleb and Noel) out of discussion for the time being, while their friendship repairs, in order to avoid more arguments. However, Hanna does find out why Mona is dating Noel: "He has bad-boy cred now too." (Because of his suspension)

Never Letting Go

Awkward Situations
Mona takes over as the boss of the fashion show. Spencer expresses an intense dislike for Mona's attitude. Despite her bossiness and aggression she is able to have the show run smoothly until "A" sabotages the CD. In an open display of favoritism, Mona appoints Noel as fashion show DJ.

Touched by an 'A'-ngel

MV2 (4)
Mona accompanies Hanna in blowing off school to try on her bridesmaid dress for Isabel's wedding. Before meeting her, Mona had formed a negative opinion of Kate, based on what she considered a hideously ugly gown. However, when she meets Kate, she immediately takes a liking to her style. When Kate invites Mona and Hanna to lunch, Mona accepts, while Hanna declines, frustrating Hanna. She accompanies Hanna on a trip to a horse farm, due to Mona's pretending she went to equestrian camp in order to fit in with Kate and her friends. At the farm, they meet Kate's friends. Hanna displays her ignorance about certain cultural references that Kate and her friends make, so Mona cuts in, laughing off Hanna's remarks, trying to save her friend’s face. Later Mona and Hanna are walking through some random woods, their faces stained with dirt. The girls had managed to lose Kate's horses. Hanna gets Mona to admit that equestrian camp had never happened. Hanna snaps at Mona, accusing her of befriending Kate for selfish reasons, and Mona counters that Hanna has been bad tempered ever since Caleb left. Hanna later apologizes.

After returning to the stable, Hanna expresses to Mona her feelings that Kate and her friends were nasty towards her and also considered Hanna clueless. Mona suggests that Hanna wasn't trying hard enough, making Hanna really rail against her future step family and Kate's friends, writing them all off to hell. It turns out that Kate and her friends outside the stable could overhear the whole exchange after Hanna accidentally set her riding helmet on the loudspeaker switch. The girls rush out to undo the damage, but Kate walks away miffed, with her friends at her heels. Mona does seem sincerely apologetic about her mistake and the fallout Hanna has with Kate and her friends.

I Must Confess

The girls tell Dr. Sullivan about A. That day, Dr. Sullivan attends the school in an assembly to talk about bullying, and about people threatening you. Mona is seen during Dr. Sullivan's assembly on cyber-bullying and rolls her eyes at Hanna, mouthing the word "boring." Ironically, Mona is "A", and probably cared a lot more about what Dr. Sullivan was saying.

The First Secret

MV2 (5)
In the prequel episode, Mona is insulted by Alison after trying unsuccessfully to sit with her and the other girls in the school cafeteria. Rebuffed, Mona goes next to Lucas' table.

MV2 (6)
The familiar scene where Mona spots Aria and Alison eating their frozen yogurt as they walk is replayed. Mona calls out to join them, and Aria looks inclined to stop, but Alison propels Aria forward in an attempt to lose Mona. It is now revealed that this event took place on the eve of Halloween 2008. Mona turns around, rejected, chilled, and upset.

MV2 (7)
Later on in the school hallways, Lucas bumps into Alison, dumping his drink on her. Angry, Alison rejects Lucas' apologies, mercilessly calling him "Hermie" and publicly suggesting that he's really a hermaphrodite. When Alison walks away, Lucas growls that she will get what's coming to her, and Mona nods uncomfortably in silent agreement, having witnessed the whole exchange. How Mona ever took to calling Lucas by that same insult is a mystery.

MV2 (8)
At Noel's Halloween bash, Mona is dressed as Catwoman. Alison doesn't seem to recognize her (though for Mona that's probably a good thing) when Mona approaches Alison and with a warm hello. When Alison asks if she knows her, Mona mysteriously responds no, but Alison will. When Jenna saunters away from her own exchange with Alison, Mona declares Jenna the best Gaga, and the two introduce themselves, seeming to start a friendship.

A Hot Piece of A

MV2 (9)
When Hanna plans a surprise birthday party for Caleb in "A Hot Piece of A," she does not invite Mona, thinking her still against Caleb. However, she invites herself and Noel, claiming they're friends now. Hanna agrees, and the couple saunters away together in the Rosewood High hallways.

MV2 (10)
At the party, Mona and Noel question Hanna's decision to order 12 pizzas with green peppers as Noel is allergic. After the boat fiasco, Mona is seen with Noel outside, dripping wet, after they "took a dip" in the lake.

Let the Water Hold Me Down


Mona feels invalidated

The next day in school, Mona expresses her worry to Hanna that she is losing Noel. Apparently, he spent most of the previous night on the phone, and she had to convince him to go skinny dipping just to get his attention. As Mona walks with Hanna in the school hallways, they see a student taking down Hanna's homecoming picture; Mona barks at him in her friend's defense. When she continues speaking, Hanna is completely inattentive (thinking about Lucas being missing). Mona is hurt by her friend's insensitivity, and Hanna rushes to a bathroom stall, leaving her pal behind.

MV2 (11)
Later in the episode, Spencer sees Mona getting off the train in Rosewood. Apparently both had spent the evening in Philadelphia. Mona tells Spencer that Noel broke up with her, looking heart-broken. She had been on a shopping spree as therapy for her distress. She offers Spencer some of the cashmere sweaters she had bought. Spencer declines and comforts Mona with empowering words, telling her she's better than Noel. Mona thanks her and gives Spencer a rare compliment.

The Blond Leading the Blind

MV2 (12)
In Hanna tries to console Mona over her break-up with Noel, but Mona is still upset with Hanna. Mona grabs a necklace out of her locker and tries to return it to Noel, who is standing nearby. He promptly dumps it in the trash and laughs when Mona begins to cry. Hanna follows a tearful Mona into the bathroom and tries to comfort her, though she can't seem to find the right words. They agree to use their fake IDs at Rive Gauche later that night. But, when they get there, Hanna and Mona spot Jenna and Noel sitting together in Rive Gauche.

The Naked Truth

MV2 (13)
Mona is her usual impertinent self during the school "Truth Up Day" Program. Ashley runs Mona's and Emily's focus group, and Mona mocks and gives attitude, even to her best friend's mom.

MV2 (14)
Then, Emily is intimidated and told off by Tamborelli. Mona looks on, and Emily notices her staring. She decides to approach Mona about it. She apologizes to Mona for letting Alison torture her all those years. Even though Mona puts on her nonchalant exterior, she seems genuinely effected by the apology. She sides with Emily and lets her know Tamborelli isn't so lily-white himself.

MV2 (15)
She goes out of her way to help Emily get back on the swim team by blackmailing the school vice principal. She adeptly hacks into his computer though "he changed the password" and digs up compromising information. She confronts Tamborelli herself, securing Emily's place back on the team. When Emily thanks her, Mona responds "that's what friends are for." She goes on to discuss with Emily what she should wear to go to a swim meet because she would like to come and see her. This seems to show that Mona has a very forgiving personality and only puts on a popular, not caring face as a front to protect herself. At the same time, Hanna is going through her own ordeal, being accused of sending racy pictures of Kate. Mona stands by her as well.

Breaking The Code

MV2 (16)
Mona tells Hanna about going to the mall, which Hanna forgets, but promises that they will hang out the next day at Hannah's house. When Mona receives a text from someone, Hanna asks who it is from and Mona lies. After Hanna leaves, it is revealed that the text is from none other than "A." While hanging out in Hanna's bedroom to pick out clothes as promised, Hanna is again inattentive to her friend, paying more attention to her phone, until Mona receives another message from "A" and tells Hanna about it. She says that it had been happening for a few days and that the messages have been accusing her of shoplifting things. Hanna asks if any of the texts are about her, and Mona replies that there are more about Hanna's mom. She shows her a suggestive photo of Ashley and Officer Wilden. Hanna lies and says it's obviously photoshopped, to which Mona agrees. When Hanna questions what Mona would do with the picture if the mystery texter started threatening her, Mona replies that if she can live through Alison, she can survive this anonymous texting.

MV2 (17)
Later, Mona visits Hanna's house again and shows Hanna an incident report from when Hanna shoplifted the sunglasses. The report was put into Mona's mailbox by "A." "A" had ordered Mona to give the incident report and the picture to the Rosewood Observer or else she'd be filling out a police report herself. Hanna tells Mona about "A" and that the threat isn't a joke. When Mona asks about what A did, Hanna does not reply properly. When Mona wants to know what to do about the report, Hanna isn't sure but promises she will think of something in time. Mona asks her to hurry, showing the text she got from "A" which says that she only had until 10 am the next day.

PLL221 (21)
The next day, at 10:15 AM, Hanna, believing that Mona turned her mom in, goes to tell Mona that she doesn't blame her. Mona reveals that she went to the jewelry store and returned the necklace she stole. The store owners called the police and it ended with Mona's mom working it out so Mona would just be serving food to the homeless. Hanna thanks her and Mona replies that she wouldn't do anything that would hurt her best friend and her mom.

MV2 (18)
At school, when Hanna passes by Mona's table, she shows Hanna another A message on an apple. Freaked out about it, she decides to take the rest of the day off because she doesn't want to be a sitting target. However Hanna invites Mona to sit with her, Aria, and Emily. Mona was reluctant first, feeling that they won't accept her, but eventually agrees sit together with them.


MV2 (19)
Mona attends the Rosewood Masquerade Ball with the other girls and later goes with Spencer to the Lost Woods hotel, after Spencer deduces that "A" had rented the room next to the one Alison was staying in. In the room, they find sketches of a Black Swan costume and conclude that "A" must be wearing it at the ball. Mona offers Spencer a stick of gum, but Spencer turns her down. While going through "A's" belongings, Spencer locates a gum wrapper from the same brand of gum Mona just offered her. She tells Mona that she changed her mind and that she'd like a stick of gum after all. Mona agrees, but says she doesn't have any more on her, but that she can go get some out of her car while she goes to call Hanna. She leaves the hotel room while Spencer continues to search. A few minutes later, Mona returns to the room and angrily says "I found the gum!" Spencer looks up from the book and says "You didn't call Hanna...because you're A." Spencer turns around and we see Mona wearing a black hoodie. Mona admits she's "A" and congratulates Spencer on figuring it out, right before knocking her out.

MV2 (20)
Spencer wakes up in a car with Mona driving recklessly towards Lookout Point. Mona says that she wants Spencer to join the A-team. Spencer asks if the reason Mona became A was her anger at them for letting Alison bully her. Mona laughs and says that she got over that a long time ago. Mona reveals that she became A because she hated them for stealing Hanna's friendship away from her. Spencer pleads with Mona to stop, encouraging her that Hanna is still her friend. As they drive, Spencer is secretly recording their conversation on her phone and sending the video to Aria's phone. Aria, Hanna, and Emily leave the ball immediately and drive to Lookout Point. When they show up, Spencer and Mona struggle, resulting in Mona falling off the edge. Spencer reaches out, trying to save her, but fails.

As the police and medical personnel arrive on the scene, Mona is revealed to have survived the fall. Dr. Sullivan makes her return to Rosewood and diagnoses Mona with a personality disorder that caused her to experience a sense of hyper-reality and omnipresence. Mona is found criminally insane and sent to an asylum for treatment. Dr. Sullivan is confident that Mona can be helped with treatment.

MV2 (21)
During the final few scenes of the episode, Mona says in a voice-over that everything has gone according to plan and that now the girls will feel safe and unlock their doors at night, even though there's still a threat against them. While in the asylum, she receives a visit from someone in a red coat. She looks up at this person, smiles weakly and says that she did everything they told her to do.

It Happened 'That Night'

Mona visited by Hanna (It Happened That Night)

Mona shows no reaction to Hanna

We find Hanna has been visiting Mona in the Radley Sanitarium, and that Wren Kingston is working as one of her doctors. Hanna shows up for answers, wanting to know what she did to make Mona hate her so much. Each time Mona just sits their still and almost lifeless. She has a glazed look in her eyes and remains with a stoic expression. After Hanna leaves, Mona spies as Wren and Hanna speak about her. Later when Wren calls Hanna he states that Mona is making progress and he thinks that it's from Hanna's visits. At the end of the episode Hanna tries to get through to Mona again, and asks her if she wants her to keep coming back. Mona looks over and smiles. Hanna thinks that she is smiling at her, but then realizes she is smiling at an empty chair. Mona is actually hallucinating and sees Alison holding her "Lolita" book, wearing a red coat, smiling back.

Blood Is The New Black

Hanna and Mona (Blood Is The New Black)

Hanna gives Mona a beauty makeover

Hanna is still seeing Mona, who is still catatonic, no matter how many times Hanna mentions new spring colors or Noel Kahn. Hanna gets frustrated this time and yells at Mona about how she feels about her ruining her life. She brings up how Mona would be in jail if she confessed about her hitting her with a car and pleads to know what she has done to make her hate her; she even throws a chair across the room. Mona just stays quiet. Wren explains to Hanna what she's suffering is ambiguous loss - the person she cares about is still there, but she's lost them anyway. Hanna finally figures out a way to break through to Mona - giving her a makeover, complete with eye shadow, foundation, and mascara. Mona looks indifferently at her reflection in the mirror. Hanna gets mad again and says "Look, I didn't come here to play beauty shop with you." Mona speaks for the first time since Hanna's visits - "You're getting them again, aren't you? The texts?" Before Hanna can get anything out of Mona, she's shuffled out of the room. Alone in her seat, Mona slides tweezers out from under her and pricks her finger with it, allowing a drop of blood to bloom.

Kingdom of the Blind


mona is finally talking normally, like she used to

Hanna visits Mona again. She is now talking much more and somewhat bubbly. She goes on talking about new pills, water, and gum in a somewhat delusional way. Mona also mentions her parents had come to visit her but they just stare at her like they don't know who she is anymore. She acts clueless when Hanna mentions the new "A," and bluntly asks "Have they found what's left of Alison?" Lucas also visits her after Hanna to see if "she is really mental." He thinks Mona is faking in order to stay out of jail. Caleb later visits her to warn her to not mess with Hanna. As she plays cards she taunts him about past events, then flips over the table and starts screaming. She is last seen lying awake in her bed singing “In the Eye Abides the Heart” to herself, holding one card from her game with Caleb, The Queen of Hearts.


Aria visits Mona (Crazy)

Aria visits Mona

Aria visits Mona at Radley. She tells her that Hanna was sent the Ouija board that Mona and Hanna once used to ask what happened to Alison (who was missing at the time). Aria asks Mona who is trying to hurt them but Mona says that it isn't her and to tell Hanna that she's sorry. After visiting hours are over, Aria leaves only to sneak back in with Hanna. Hanna reveals to Aria that Hanna saw Alison after what happened with the ouija board. Hanna called Alison's parents and told them Ali was still alive, until three days later her body was found. This distracts them long enough for Mona to leave her room and lure them into the Children's Ward. Mona brushes a doll's hair and repeats:

"Miss Aria, you're a killer, not Ezra's wife." - Maya knew.

"Where were we? Maya's away sleeping sweet until Garrett's all rosy count on me." -

"No one to save Ali from evil." - Not safe.

Mona with a doll (Crazy)
Mona is then sent back to her room. Later, Hanna tells Aria, Spencer and Emily that Mona was using a code that they had once used to write mean stuff about Alison on her missing flyers. Using the first letter of each word, they realize that the second code/riddle (see above) translates into "" - Maya's website where she kept blog entries and videos of herself and sometimes Emily. They also wonder what "Not safe" means. Did it mean Alison wasn't safe or they're not safe?

Stolen Kisses

The hospital thinks that Mona has been slipping some of her meds to a visitor. They decide to move her to a maximum-security facility in Saratoga, New York. Realizing that the girls' chances to get more answers about "A" are getting smaller, Hanna approaches Wren about convincing the hospital board to let Mona stay. Wren tells Hanna that he can't do anything about it, so Hanna gives her own formal speech to the board. However, Hanna throws her speech aside and speaks out as Mona's friend to the board. They decide to let her stay.

The Lady Killer

Mona leaving Ridley

Mona leaving Radley

Mona leaves Radley dressed as nurse. Later, she is seen wearing a black hoodie and taking instructions from someone by phone. She goes to "A's" lair and reports someone, who also wears a black hoodie, that she changed plans. near the end of the episode, Mona is talking to another member of The "A-Team", who is revealed to be Toby. She tells him about her disappointment that the plans didn't work out as they should.

This Is A Dark Ride

Mona is seen singing the children's song "Teddy Bears' Picnic" and painting a mask, saying she wanted to do it for an art project. She turns around and a black hoodie is revealed. She says she loves Halloween, because of dressing up and tricking people. She hands the person a mixture of pills and bullets, then says "This is going to be the best Halloween ever." "I bet somebody's life on that." When a nurse is checking on Mona, she tricks them by putting her art project under her blankets, making it seem like she is sleeping. Later, a person wearing the same costume as Caleb begins to dance with Hanna. Hanna realizes that this person is a fake, and tears off their mask, revealing another mask and a blonde wig, made to look like Alison. Later, a nurse checks on Mona, and she is smiling with the second mask she was wearing on the ground, meaning she was pretending to be Caleb.

She's Better Now

Tumblr mej7r2QMaP1rzt41jo1 500

Mona and Jason embrace as she returns to school

Mona is released from Radley. Being forced to go back to Rosewood High by her parents, she visits Hanna and pleads for forgiveness. At school people make fun of her and avoid her, with only Jason having a good attitude towards her. Then, with the creepy Janitor on the loose, Caleb uncovers a secret...Mona was never forced to go back to school, in fact, she begged to return. Soon after she gained back a minor amount of popularity with a crying out video. She is shown looking at Meredith towards the end of episode...who ends up falling into an "A" trap.



Mona wins

Mona joins the Academic Decathlon, which Spencer is in, taking Brad's place (who was injured on that tampered bike). She later competes against Spencer for title of captain, she would win as Spencer was too cocky. She later celebrates with club at the Brew when Hanna tells her not talk to her ever again. Since, Mona was blackmailing Lucas and Lucas even tried to scare her by setting the schools shed on fire. Mona is later seen in her "A" hoodie talking to another person on the phone, as she watches Byron leave.

Misery Loves Company

Mona is seen talking to Toby in the "A" lair. She is seen hacking into something on the computer, then precedes to tell him that she doesn't call the shots. At school, Mona is seen meeting a group of people, acting friendly and innocent. Later, she is seen in her "A" gear and is seen in Toby's apartment, sitting at the table Spencer set up for her and Toby's anniversary, smiling. It could be implied that she placed Toby's Radley I.D. in his desk to be found. She could have also changed his locks. Earlier in the episode, Mona said were all set for "tomorrow" (possibly meaning that the next day was Spencer and Toby's anniversary), meaning that she and Toby planned for him to be exposed.

Dead to Me

Mona tells Spencer that she would hate to see Toby drive all the to the Academic Decathlon competition just to cheer for her. She also says that she's been off her "A" game lately.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Mona is quietly sitting at a lunch table with the rest of the Decathlon members. She doesn't say anything when Spencer accuses her of taking her off the team or when she asked "is there anything else you want to take away from me?" Mona would send the "good doctor" Spencer's way. She is at the Decathlon practice and starts to talk to Spencer about her being cray-cray, her break up, and if she has any friends. Spencer snaps and attacks Mona, Mona would get help up and says she's fine.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Mona, mentioned by Spencer, is in New York during the time Spencer was locked in the sauna. Mona is at the Brew ordering a latte, when Spencer confronts her about "Deepest Sympathy" wreath. She claims she has know idea what she is talking about, but tells her not to put the orchids in sunlight like she did-they didn't make it the through night- before leaving. Mona is at the Brew again when she gets a phone call and leaves, with Spencer following her. She ends up at the woods and briefly disappears, however, just as Spencer is about to lift Toby's helmet off his head, she reappears and says "He's dead." This leads Spencer to chase Mona, Mona would get away.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Nerdy mona camera shot
Spencer has a flashback of Ali and her in Church, and Mona was singing the song "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" enthusiastically. Ali laughs at her. Ali and Spencer leave after Church is over and Ali makes mean remarks of Mona to Spencer. Spencer sees Mona standing alone at the top of the stair to the Church, and feels a bit of remorse.

A DAngerous GAme


After the fire

It is revealed Mona really doesn't know as much as we thought she did. She doesn't know who Red Coat is, and in the end gets a text from "A," implying she may become a victim of "A." The 4 Liars and Mona open the trunk of Wilden's car and they see something that makes them shocked.

A is for A-L-I-V-E

In the opening scene, Mona gets the chip out of the computer in Wilden's police car showing Ashley hitting Wilden with her car. Back at the Hasting's she plays "third degree" and reveals what she knows
and doesn't know. In the morning when the girls wake up Mona has disappeared but then she brings in their favorite coffee drinks and breakfast. She won't hand over the computer chip but agrees to take them to the A lair. In the lair she tells them that Wilden and Melissa were dressed as the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train and has a video showing Wilden, but someone hacks and deletes the file before the second person is shown. They hear voices outside the trailer and find five young girls dressed as each of them with a matching doll, including Mona. The girls say "Ali" has been playing with them since Mona moved in, meaning someone was keeping an eye on her without her knowing.  

Mona tries to rekindle the friendship with Hanna and the two go shopping one day after school.  It is clear to Mona that Hanna is just pretending and hands over the computer chip as a gesture of goodwill.  She points out that they once did have a true friendship.

At Wilden's funeral when Spencer goes to check the casket for damaging evidence Mona shows up claiming she must have received the same message from 'A'. They find a cell phone which ends up being Ashley Marin's.  As the funeral begins the girls are asked to sit with Jessica DiLaurentis but they don't leave room for Mona who seems hurt.  In the final scene we see the The Lady in Black in the lair and she places a doll of Mona with the liars in the dollhouse, implying Mona is now one of the liars.

Turn of the Shoe

The Liars are at the Brew, discussing The Lady in Black, Melissa's whereabouts, and the night of the fire. Mona comes into the Brew where the girls are and says that she has been thinking a lot about the Ali thing and Hanna then accuses Mona of putting Hanna’s mom’s phone in Wilden’s coffin. Mona says no and says she will do anything to prove that all the girls are in this together, so Spencer says to take them to A's RV.

Mona drives up to where the RV is, with the girls in separate cars behind her. The girls arrive and Mona opens the

A attacking Mona

gate to where the RV was, and is in shock when the RV is gone, and the girls think that Mona has taken it somewhere else. Hanna and Spencer leave in their car, while Aria and Emily wait, and they watch Mona. Mona gets into her car and then all of a sudden, from the back seat, a hooded figure with an Ali mask starts to choke Mona. Mona tries to reach for the flashlight and Aria and
2013-06-19 09-45-24
Emily see that Mona’s car lights are flashing, so they start walking to the car. Mona finally gets the flashlight and whacks A with it and jumps out of car, and onto to the ground, gasping for breath Aria and Emily run over to her. Mona’s car starts up and A drives the car and tries to run over the three as they narrowly escape by jumping out of the way. According to a text Aria sends to Hanna the next morning, Mona finds her car abandoned being the school an is freaking out. At school when English class ends and Spencer hangs back, Mona says they'll meet her at the courtyard to the surprise of the other Liars.

2013-06-19 11-19-55
As Aria is driving home from her self defense class she spots Mona talking to a cop in front of the police station. Aria drives up to them and acts like she is picking up Mona and tells her to get in. Mona does, and Aria gets mad at her
2013-06-19 11-22-18
saying she can't be seen talking to police in broad daylight because if she can see her, so can A. Mona says she did that to eavesdrop on other cops about any info they have on Wilden's murder. She says she heard them say taped off the south shore of Torch Lake. They found Wilden's footprints there and think he was there the night he was killed. They also found a woman's footprints, high heels. Mona says they are the kind Alison liked to wear.

Cat's Cradle

Mona is eerily absent. The Liars discuss in the opening scene that she was missing from school.  They want to hide Ali's stuff they got from Jessica DiLaurentis before Mona sees it. Emily points out she's more concerned when Mona isn't around then when she's with them.

Under The Gun

Mona shows back up at The Brew wanting to talk to Spencer. Spencer insists that she can say whatever it is in front of Aria and Emily and Mona reveals that Toby gave A the RV lair and Spencer was hiding it from them. Mona may not be A anymore but she can still do reconnaissance and has evidence. Spencer admits what Mona is saying is true. Later at school, Emily goes to Mona saying she "wants in" and wants to know what she found on Toby. Mona says she wishes she knew and points out that she is not the one pulling the strings anymore and all she has is an empty RV. Since A has proof of everything bad she and the Liars have done, with one wrong move everything could go up in flames.

The Guilty Girl's Handbook

Mona is helping Hanna with a plan to save her mom from a conviction, but since Caleb doesn't trust her, she proves her loyalty in an unexpected way by admitting she was the one who killed Wilden.

Into the Deep

In this episode Mona sticks to the fact that she killed Wilden. And puts up quite a performance when she is interviewed by a detective. However Mrs Hastings reveals that some of the evidence does not match with what Mona is saying. Mona is later take n back to Radley where she devilishly smiles at a piece of carved writing stating 'will the circle be unbroken'

The Mirror Has Three Faces

n Radley, Wren passes Mona a sketch of a happy-looking family on a farm and asks for her emotional response. Mona says that it's a happy picture and Wren asks her how it makes her feel. She replies, "happy", and he asks what her response is. She makes a sarcastic comment about the artist's drawing ability.

Wren wants to know how she feels about what she's said she's done. Mona says that "Look, those girls used to make me feel bad. But recently I've realized that... we're on the same side." She says that she wanted to make up for all the bad things she's done, and that Wilden was bothering them so she got rid of him, and she'd do it again. As he takes notes, Wren says he doesn't think she got rid of anybody, and he'd like to know if she's going to be honest with him. Mona asks why would she ever be honest with him, to which he says that she used to be. Mona replies that that was before she realized where his loyalties were. Wren says he doesn't know what that means but he thought that they'd trusted each other when she was first a patient there. Mona says that that was before she found out that he was keeping secrets from her. "By the way, you forgot the 'g' in 'diagnosis'."

Wren's notes on Mona read: "Dianosis: Extreme distrust and paranoia. Delusions of persecution." He says she's the one who's been keeping a secret, and he knows that she knew that he would figure it out. Mona asks figure what out, and Wren says "You stopped taking your medication."

EscApe From New York

Mona is seen watching a news update in The Brew which shows The Liars, including Alison, as missing. Displeased, she turns to put on her jacket, and tells someone in a red jacket, that "this changes everything". Mona is next seen talking to someone on her cell phone, before telling Lucas that the Liars are not in Philadelphia, they're in New York.

Mona has congregated an army of people who were victimized by Alison prior to her disappearance, to fight against her return. The group includes Lucas, who was the first member, Paige and Melissa.

Whirly Girlie

Screenshot (5)
Mike spots Mona outside the Brew, picking up a large box, and runs over to greet her. Upon asking if she needs help, to which she declines, Mona tells Mike she has bought whistles for every girl in school, so they can protect themselves, in case Alison's rumoured 'kidnapper' is still out there, "looking for his next victim". Before leaving for her meeting with Principal Hackett, Mike tells her that he misses her.

Aria comes home to find a Mike and Mona sitting next to each other holding hands. Mike leaves the room for a brief moment, telling Mona he will take her home, but Mona insists Mike drops her off at the library, for research. Aria claims that Mona is doing her 'research' in her house, but Mona refutes this, by telling her Mike invited her over. Mona then hands Aria her own whistle, claiming that she doesn't want what happened to Alison happen to another girl. Aria interrupts this as a threat, and tells Mona that the Liars know exactly where Mona was on the night Ali disappeared. In return, Mona asks Aria how Ezra is doing, letting Aria know that she knows what happened in New York and that their cover story is a lie.

Alison is at the mausoleum, to say goodbye to the girl who died, when Mona comes up behind her. Mona tells her that it was she who sent the threatening text, and that she should of signed her real name, telling Alison that "I don't have to hide, you do. And you're gonna wish you stayed dead," before walking off.

Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars S05E03 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 1272
Mona finds Aria at her locker and present her with a 'Get Well Soon' card for Mr Fitz, and asks "you know what happened in New York". Aria tries to tell her that Ezra was mugged, but Mona innocently tells her that he was shot, but now he is back. Not at school, but in Rosewood. Aria doesn't want to sign the card, but Mona insists she does sign, even if it is for the sake of appearances. Hanna then walks up and takes the card from Mona, quickly scribbling her name. Mona goes on to ask Hanna and Aria what it will be like when Alison comes back to Rosewood High, as she would no doubt want to pick up where she left off.

In a flashback, Mona approaches Hanna outside of Lucky Leon's and comforts her about Alison’s disappearance. She says that being missing for two months is not a sign that Ali will return and that someone needs to take her place.

In a second flashback, Hanna and Mona are in Hanna's bedroom, with Hanna having lost her extra weight over the summer. Mona tells Hanna that her new appearance calls for a new wardrobe and when she picks out a top that used to be Alison's, Mona urges Hanna to try it on.

In a third flashback, Hanna and Mona are strutting their new looks through the halls of Rosewood High, gaining everyone's attention.

In the present, Hanna spots Mona in the Brew and approaches her. Hanna tells her that Mona essentially turned her into Alison, but Mona tells Hanna that she wanted the change as much as she did.

Thrown From The Ride

Pretty Little Liars S05E04 Thrown from the Ride 139
Mona picks up the book Letter’ that Hanna had just thrown back on the table, and asks who is throwing out ‘The Scarlett Letter’. Mona suggests that the girls should get it for Ali, since she’s planning on coming back to school, and she’ll probably need it to catch up. Hanna says Alison will get her own copy, but Mona insists on giving the copy she’s holding to Ali, “Shana won’t be needing it”. Turning to face Aria, Mona goes on, “she transferred back to Georgia, right?” Aria doesn’t answer, so Hanna steps in saying she hardly remembers the girl. Mona doesn’t blame Hanna, “people come and go so quickly around here. Shana gone, Ali back. One girl checks out and another one checks in”.

Mona and Lucas are in a darkened classroom at Rosewood High, where Mona calls Lucas naive for thinking they can just call everything off. Lucas tells her he’s having second thoughts, but Mona tells him what they’re doing isn’t punishment, it’s a preventative measure. To get him back on her side, Mona tells Lucas that Alison’s story is just that, a story, and she can prove it.

As Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily eat lunch outside, Mona keeps an eye on them from the stairs at the entrance of the school.

Mona watches as Paige, Emily and Sydney talk and eat pizza, before making eye contact with Paige who notices her a few tables over.

Mona approaches Paige who is putting some things in her car. Paige asks what Mona is doing as they have nothing to talk about. Mona disagrees and Paige tells her that her answer is still no. Mona tells Paige that she heard Alison’s dad wanted to take her away from Rosewood, Ali doesn’t want to go, but maybe they could change her mind. Paige again tells Mona that her answer is no. Mona tells her that she doesn’t get to be some kind of social Switzerland, “if you’re not with me, you’re against me”. Paige says she not with anyone, but Mona tells her she is, “sure you are. At least you want to be. And Emily’s with Ali”.

Miss Me x 100

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Mona
As Alison walks into school, Mona stands at the top of the school entrance stairs with Lucas, watching on.

After Alison closes a rattling window in Rosewood Church, she turns to find Mona standing behind her. Alison tells her that she doesn’t scare her, and Mona in returns tells Alison that she’s not as good of a liar as she used to be. As Alison walks away, Mona says that she knows Alison and the others were in New York the night Shana was murdered, and she can prove it. Alison asks Mona what she wants, and Mona tells her that she wants Alison to leave town, to which Alison assure Mona that she is no threat. Mona says that while Alison may have convinced Hanna and the other girls that she's changed, and maybe she is trying to be a decent person, but it won't last long. Alison demands to know what Mona is suddenly the victim of, and reminds Mona that she almost killed Hanna. Mona tells her no one feel worse about that than herself, but she’s all better now, “even the doctors say so”. Alison doesn’t believe her, and says that if Mona could prove that they were in New York, she would have done it already. Mona tells her “no one wants you here”, but Alison tells her she’s wrong and that everyone wants to be her friend. Alison goes on to say that all she had to do was apologize to Cindy and Mindy and they were practically begging her to sit at their lunch table, so it won’t be long until she wins over Mona’s army of losers, while reminding Mona that Alison made her Mona Loser once, and she can do it again. Angry and upset, Mona slaps Alison. Recovering from Mona's hit, Alison slaps her back, cutting her face and demands Mona to leave her alone before she turns and walks from the Church.

When Alison and the other Liars walk into the cafeteria at Rosewood High, Mona and her army band together and confront Alison. When Spencer says they’re not afraid of Mona, Mona steps in front of Cindy and Mindy, “afraid of me? What lies has she told you? Alison attacked me last night, and when she started saying things like she could make me disappear, I turned my phone to video”. Passing her cell phone to Spencer, the Liars watch Alison’s verbal attack on Mona which included Alison slapping her.

Pulling up to a picnic ground, Sydney and Jenna step out of Sydney's car. Walking over to Mona, Sydney informs her that the Liars do not want things to go back to the way they were. Jenna says that they remember the way Alison treated them, like they were her dolls. Mona is happy by this and thinks that maybe they can get rid of Alison. The three girls turn to look as a third car pulls up.

The Silence of E. Lamb

Pretty Little Liars S05E07 072
As Mona is walking down the stairs in the hallway of Rosewood High, Emily approaches her asking what she knows about what happened to Paige, and Mona exclaims, “oh, the rat?”, before saying it makes her irked just to think about it. Greeting Sydney, Mona says that it’s such a creepy thing to do to someone as sweet as Paige, and asking Emily how Paige is, Emily tells her she stayed at home today, scared, only for Mona to say a dead rat has “boy written all over it”. When Emily asks her any particular boy, Mona tells her none come to mind, and when Emily suggests Noel Kahn after spotting his name on one of the books Mona is carrying, Mona tells her he leant her his notes, “as a favor”, before excusing herself and walking off.

Mona is watching the Cavanaugh house when Emily walks past, commenting that she’s a little out of her neighborhood, and Mona tells her that “sometimes I just like to walk”. Saying that it’s pretty awful, how things change so quickly in “this town”, Mona goes on to say “somebody’s your girlfriend, then they’re not. One day there’s a house, then the next day, it’s gone. Poof”. After Emily says to Mona that if she or one of her goon squad played that trick on Paige, but before she can finish, Mona cuts in, telling her that she can call her a lot of names, “but don’t call me an amateur. A dead rat, really?” Telling Emily to give her love to Alison, Mona turns back to take one last look at the Cavanaugh house before walking away.

A Dark Ali

Pretty Little Liars S05E10 Mona
Sitting in the music room of Rosewood High, Mona goes through her runs while waiting for her choir solo audition, and as she spots Hanna, she waves.

Mona is singing a song, still waiting for her audition, when Hanna snaps, telling her that they get it, she can freaking sing. As Ms Adinolfi calls the next group of people for their auditions, including Mona and Hanna, Mona faints.

Regaining consciousness, Mona asks Hanna what happened, and as she tries to sit up, Hanna tells her to lie back down and explains that she fainted. Mona asks Hanna where her bag is, and when Hanna says that it’s over there and that Ms Adinolfi is on the phone with Mona’s mom, Mona tells Hanna to give her bag to her, “I need my bag”. While Hanna is getting Mona’s bag for her, Mona calls out, “Hanna, my bag”.

Mona is sitting in a car outside Rosewood Police Department when Hanna gets in and comments that she recovered quickly. When Mona questions that Hanna followed her, Hanna tells her she did, before asking whose car they’re in and if it’s a rental. As Mona tries to say something, Hanna says that there was a mug shot of Cyrus Petrillo in her bag, and either Mona set this whole thing up or she’s been blue-scarfing the inside scoop. Correcting Hanna, “snarfing, blue-snarfing”, Mona says that she didn’t set “this” up, she’s trying to find out who did. Hanna tells Mona she is to, and when she picks up a two way radio, asking what it does, Mona tells her to get out. Hanna mentions that they both know Alison brings the ‘A’ out in her so whether Mona set it all up or not, she doesn’t trust her. When Hanna says she’s not leaving until she finds answers, Mona starts packing up her things and says that if Hanna won’t leave, she will. Hanna asks if she’s sure she wants to do that, and following Hanna’s eye line, Mona watches as Lieutenant Tanner, Kenneth and Alison get into a car. As Hanna asks what they’re doing and what they do now, Mona reopens her laptop and says “we do nothing”. Hanna says that they have follow them, and for Mona to do something, to which Mona tells her that there’s no need to follow, “we just got access to Tanner’s phone”. Listening as Tanner tells control she’s transporting witness to 5th street house, Mona tells Hanna to take off her seat-belt, “we’re not here to follow her”, and passing Hanna the mug shot of Cyrus Petrillo, she adds, “we’re here to follow him”.

Hanna asks Mona how long until they release Cyrus, and Mona tells her that according to Tanner’s emails it could be any minute, “he could go out the front or the back”. Hanna comments that she would say they split up, but she doesn’t trust Mona telling her what she saw, and Mona tells her that the feeling is mutual. Hanna questions why Mona told Ms Adinolfi she fainted because of a panic attack, and Mona tells her that’s because she did. As Hanna questions since when does Mona have panic attack, Mona wonders since when does Hanna get sauced before third period. When Hanna doesn’t answer, Mona says that she’ll say it if Hanna won’t, “since Ali came back”, and then explains that’s why she went on the offensive, “she scares me to death. I just didn’t want to face her alone”. After Hanna gets a phone call from Caleb, Mona comments that Hanna is lying to her boyfriend again, “nice”, but Hanna retorts by saying as if Mike Montgomery knows a single real thing about her. As Tanner’s voice comes over the radio, Mona turns up the volume and they listen as Tanner says that the witnessed identified 5th street house and for them to not release the suspect.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Pretty Little Liars S05E11 Mona
Sitting on the floor of the Montgomery living room, Mona tells Mike that everything about the Manhattan Project is fun and it’s the place where the Cold War started. Mona adds that “J. Robert Oppenheime is dreamy”, and laughing, Mike says that he doesn’t think he can put that in the report. Looking up when Aria irritably says hello, Mona and Mike greet her, before Mona asks Mike if he wants some more hot chocolate. Standing up, Mona asks Aria if she too would like a hot chocolate, but Aria tells her no.

In the movie theater, Mona looks up to Aria when she arrives. Byron explains to Aria that her mom had to cancel, and Mona comments, “lucky me”, before patting the seat next to her. As the doors of the theater open, Mona looks over her shoulder and watches as Paige and her date make their way to their seats.

As the film is showing, Mona looks adoringly towards Mike. While captivated in the film, Aria leans over to Mona and whispers something in her ear. Suddenly taken aback, Mona whispers an “excuse me” in Mike’s ear and gets up to leave the theater.

Dabbing away tears in the ladies room, Mona tells Aria that she is very good, she knows where to put the knife “and you’re not afraid to twist it”, when Aria comes looking for her, “Alison underestimated you”. As Aria says that she’s sorry, Mona tells Aria not to insult her, and that she’s right, Byron should hate her, “he should throw me out of the house. After all the things I’ve done to you. The way I treated Mike”. Mona comments that Mike deserves someone better than her, someone nice, “which I am not”. As Mona says that maybe she should have just died when she fell off that “stupid” cliff, Aria tells her not to say that, don’t ever say that. Mona explains that she was just trying to protect herself, that’s all she’s ever been doing, “protect myself from her”, and when Aria asks if that’s why she built an army, Mona says that it’s hard to keep the troops in line when Alison offers them candy and a smile and that lilting little laugh. Fluffing her hair and wiping away fresh tears, Mona tells Aria that maybe she won’t believe this, but she’s going to say it anyway, “when she finishes with me she’ll come after you and the others. She can’t trust you anymore. Not after Cyrus and… not after New York”. Taking a step closer, Aria asks questions her about New York, and Mona says that she knows some things, and she can guess at some others. Mona says that she has to ask Aria something, and when Aria asks her what, Mona questions if she thinks Mike really likes her.

Taking This One to the Grave

Pretty Little Liars S05E12 Mona
In her bedroom, Mona is listening to some music while reading a book when her mom knocks on her bedroom door. Leona tells Mona that she has company, and when Mona asks who it is, Leona tells her that she should come see for herself.

Walking down the stairs, Mona finds Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer standing in the foyer and asks, “why the grim faces? Did somebody die?” Looking to the other girls, Hanna tells Mona that they need her help. After quick looking to see where her mother is, Mona asks what “she” did to them, to which Hanna says that she has done nothing… yet. Aria mentions that they think it’s about what she’s about to do, to which Emily says they’ve just found out Alison is at the police station and that she’s talking to the cops. When Mona guesses that the girls don’t know what Alison is telling the police, Spencer says that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. As Hanna questions whether Ali said that, both Mona and Spencer reply, “no. Churchill did” in unison. Hanna says that they’ve been lying for Alison ever since she got back, and therefore they need to know what story she’s telling the cops. Confused, Mona asks why they don’t just ask Alison, to which Emily says that they don’t believe that Alison will tell them the truth. Mona questions why they think that they can help them, and after the liars exchange a look with one another, Aria comments that it’s because she’s Mona.

Staring out her living room window, Mona tells the other girls that Alison “stole my life from me” when she crowned Mona “Rosewood’s biggest loser”. Turning back to the girls, Mona explains that Alison was so convincing that even Mona was starting to believe her. Hanna questions whether this means that Mona will help them, to which Mona says that she knows she owes the girls for everything she’s done to them, “but I’m already number one on her hit list. If Alison finds out I’m siding with you guys, I’m afraid to think of how far she’d go to stop me”. When Spencer questions if Mona is really that scared of Alison, Mona asks, “aren’t you? Isn’t that why you’re here” Leona walks in saying that she doesn’t mean to interrupt their girl talk, but she wanted to bring some cookies out while they were still warm. As Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria start to stand up, Mona asks them if they’ve ever been so focused on something that it takes over everything else, “turns you into someone that you’re not”. Pausing slightly, Mona says that she took all her Ali anger out on them and she’s sorry for that.

After standing with Hanna while she waited for Leona to bring her back a Tupperware container of cookies, Mona says that she’ll see Hanna at school, before walking away and back up the stairs. Pausing halfway up the stairs, Mona listens on as Leona asks Hanna if it’s starting again with Alison now that she’s back.

Pulling out her phone, Mona begins in dial a number as she walks into her bedroom and closes the door. When someone answers, Mona tells them to “send out a code A, she’s plotting something big”.

Knocking on the door of the Brew, Mona walks in when a worker opens it, telling him to lock it as she thinks someone is following her. Looking around the Brew, Mona questions where everyone is, and stepping out of the shadows, Lucas tells her that they’re not coming. Mona asks why, and Lucas says that Alison got to them, and they’re now convinced that Alison is the saint, and Mona is now crazy Mona. Lucas goes on to say that that’s why they’re calling her now. Nodding and becoming upset, Mona turns her head to look in a mirror, “you think you can be crazy and not know it?” Lucas says that if she starts to believe that, Alison wins, to which Mona tells him that she’s talking about Alison and that she thinks she’s gone full on socio.

In the girls bathroom at Rosewood High, Mona tells Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria that Alison volunteered to take the polygraph. Emily asks how she knows that, to which Hanna, Aria and Spencer tell her that she’s Mona. Mona explains that after they left last night, she did some recon. Spencer interrupts, saying that Alison would never put herself at risk unless she believed her story. Mona goes on to say that if you believe a lie, it becomes the truth, “and why lie to yourself, unless..” After Mona trails off, Hanna comments that Alison only would if she did something so bad, she doesn’t want to believe she did it. Mona suggests that Alison may be playing a game, to which Aria questions whether Mona thinks Alison took the lie detector test for fun. Mona says that she thinks Alison took it because she’s not having fun anymore, “she can’t play with her dolls if you won’t let her. This is how she’s ending the game”. Hanna wonders what game, and when Emily says the game, Mona goes on, “the one she stole from me”. Aria questions if Mona thinks Alison is ‘A’, and when Mona nods, Hanna comments that she’s not the only one having bad thoughts. Mona mentions that Alison assembled the perfect group, “smart; loyal; admiring; and compassionate”. Aria asks what the perfect group is for, before Spencer realises that it’s the perfect group for a sociopath to manipulate. Mona explains that Alison would have gotten bored with any one of them, but all together… Spencer interrupts and says that they’re all a challenge. When Aria says that she never knew why Alison chose her, what made her so special, Mona tells her that when you don’t feel anything, it must be really fun to mess with somebody who feels a lot. Going on, Mona says that Alison picked Aria because Aria cares, “and she can’t”. Spencer tells the girls that if Mona is right, if Alison is ending the game because they cut her off, then she went to the cops to convince them that she’s innocent, and that they’re the guilty ones. When Aria asks what they’re guilty of, Mona tells her “everything”. Mona says that she can find out what Alison told the cops, “maybe it’ll give you guys a fighting chance to get your story straight”. As Mona turns to leave, Hanna asks why she’s helping them, and turning back, Mona says that she got early acceptance letters from three colleges, “but I still have to survive senior year”, and that she can’t do it alone. Emily comments that they need to her, but this doesn’t suddenly make them besties, only for Mona to tell her that she doesn’t want to hold Emily’s hand in the hallways. Mona tells them that no one can know that she’s doing this, otherwise the deal is off, “and that includes your bed buddies”. Mona tells them to do whatever they were going to do today and to act normal. As Cindy and Mindy walk in, Mona greets them, “happy almost turkey day”, while the other girls try to make themselves discreet.

In the hallway, Mona notices Leona walking towards her, and Mona asks her what she’s doing there. Leona tells her that she was just in the cafeteria dropping off the food for the holiday drive, and that Mona forgot to bring the bag this morning. Mona apologises, telling Leona that her brain is already on Thanksgiving break, to which Leona tells her that it’s no big deal. As the school bell rings, Leona tells Mona not to be late for class, and Mona says that she’ll see her tonight. Continuing to walk through the hallway, Mona stops when she notices Alison gathered with a group of four other girls, standing at the other end. When Alison notices Mona, she smiles towards her. Alison is asked to report to the principal’s office via the PA system, and Alison gives Mona a laughing smile when she passes Mona, before each look back on the other after they have passed.

Sitting in a toilet stall at the Rosewood Police Department, Mona receives a text message from Lucas telling her to ‘Go’. Hacking in the police database, Mona’s copy attempts fail when an admin password is required. Typing something in, Mona gains access to the files and begins the download process.

In the Hastings’ kitchen, Mona, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily watch Alison’s polygraph test where she says that Aria, Hanna and Emily were in the barn that night and that they were all still asleep when she left. When asked where she last saw Spencer Hastings, Alison says that Spencer came to her house. The conductor questions that Alison was the leader of the group, and Alison tells him she unofficially was. He proceeds to ask if her friends would do anything to help her, if she needed them, and Alison comments that she thinks so. When asked if Spencer was a loyal friend, Alison says she was as far as she knew. The conductor proceeds to ask why Spencer was at Alison’s house, and Alison says that it was her fault and that she pushed Spencer to that place. When asked what place, Alison explains that Spencer was angry. The conductor asks whether Alison knew that Spencer was abusing amphetamines, and when Alison tells him that she found out that night, he questions if that’s because Spencer was under the influence, to which Alison says that Spencer dropped her pills and that she saw what they were. Alison is then asked if she would say that Spencer was desperate, and when Alison asks what for, the conductor questions if Spencer was desperate enough for Alison to keep her secret. Alison explains that Spencer was emotional, but Alison promised her that she wouldn’t say anything. The conductor questions what in return for Alison’s silence was Spencer willing to do, to which Alison says that she wouldn’t know, they never discussed it again. The conductor then proceeds to ask if there is something else Alison would like to tell him, and Alison takes the opportunity to say that she didn’t have anything to do with Bethany Young’s murder.

Emily comments that nothing Alison said was really that incriminating, however, Mona says that she thinks that the questions they’re asking tells them more about their investigation than what Alison’s answers do. Hanna asks how so, and Mona as a way of answering, Mona reiterates the questions asked, “was Spencer a loyal friend? Was she desperate?”. Spencer questions what she was desperate enough to do what, but pulls herself short when Caleb walks in. Caleb however tells her that the police are questioning whether or not Spencer was desperate enough to kill Bethany. When Hanna tells Caleb that he was supposed to keep it a secret, Caleb mentions that Mona came to him. With a grin, Mona says that she knew Hanna would tell Caleb, so she asked for his help. Caleb mentions that he unlocked to more files, before commenting that Mona’s software slays. When he asks if the decoding program is military grade, Mona simply tells him, “you don’t want to know”. After the girls read over an affidavit Caleb unlocked, which details Alison being let off the hook for Bethany’s murder, and Spencer now being the prime suspect, Aria questions why the police would think that Alison would want Bethany dead. Mona asks whether Caleb said Holbrook sent the document to the DA, but before Caleb has a chance to answer, Spencer says that she knows how this works, and that they submit an affidavit so they can issue an arrest warrant. As Spencer goes to call her parents, Mona wonders if she wants to know what the cops know, “that affidavit was sent the day after they saw Bethany’s Radley files”. Emily picks up on what Mona is trying to say and comments that there must be something in the files that link Alison to Bethany. As the girls rally around Spencer, Mona looks despondently away, and Caleb notices Mona’s reaction of feeling left out. Looking over to Mona, Spencer says that they should go back to Radley, together.

Dressed as nurses, Mona and Spencer walk towards the back entrance of Radley Sanitarium after Caleb has hacked into Radley security.

Inside Radley, Mona and Spencer walk through the corridor, even going as far as greeting a patient. As Spencer’s phone beeps, Mona comments that Emily hasn’t checked in, so therefore Spencer better make sure that the text is not from ‘A’. Spencer comments that Mona means Alison, before checking her phone, and saying that it’s from Toby. When Spencer says that she should have told him what they were doing, Mona tells Spencer, “not to poke where I don’t belong, but if I were graduating from po-po school, I wouldn’t want to know my girlfriend just broke into Radley”. Spencer mentions that she has to make it to that ceremony, to which Mona tells her they should stop chatting and “HTHU”. Starting to walk down the corridor again, Mona tells Caleb that they’re in the east corridor hall approaching the security door.

Mona and Spencer approach the day room, and when Aria notices them, she nods for them to move forward to the nursing station, before knocking a jar of red paint to the ground. As Aria stalls the nurse from going back to the nursing station, Mona and Spencer grab the main set of keys from the desk, and continue on their way.

When Hanna tells Mona and Spencer that they have company, Mona reminds “H” to use her codes. Hanna tells them that they have a red light, but Mona tells her that they’re in, when they enter the file room. Hanna repeats that she said red light, as in the cherry on top of a cop car, and with a sharp intake of breath, Mona turns towards Spencer.

Mona and Spencer are going through Bethany’s file, and Mona mentions that it looks as though they recorded every one of Bethany’s sessions. Spencer asks Mona what her choices are, and after taking a moment, Mona tells her, “Yale, Harvard and Dartmouth”. Spencer questions that Mona got early acceptance in all three, to which Mona tells her, “Brown too, but they’re not offering me a full ride, so… I’m passing”. Mona asks Spencer if she has any early acceptances, only for Spencer to say that she hasn’t heard from anyone yet. Mona says that if there’s anything she can do to help, but Spencer says she thinks that Mona has done enough. As Mona starts putting the tapes in a bag, Spencer questions whether they’re stealing the stuff, to which Mona says that they’re borrowing it. Spencer tells Mona to wait, and see if she can find a tape for August 8. Mona finds the tape and passing it to Spencer, Spencer puts it in a recording device. The girls listen as Bethany claims that she thought she really liked her, but everything she said was a lie. Mona asks Spencer who Bethany was talking about, and reading over the file, Spencer sits back and says Mrs DiLaurentis was having an affair with Bethany’s father. Bethany then questions if it’s like mother, like daughter, and after Mona exclaims, “oh my God”, Spencer questions if Alison knew Bethany.

Leaving the file room, Mona and Spencer see Holbrook interviewing two Radley staff members. As Mona tells Hanna that they need to find another way out, Hanna says that they can use the back staircase and that she and Caleb can trip the emergency exit.

Mona and Spencer emerge from the emergency exit and walk towards Hanna’s car.

Sitting on her bed, Mona is going through Bethany’s Radley files, while listening to the recording from August 8. Leona calls out to Mona, and Mona tells her that she’ll be right down. Pausing the recording, Mona gets up from her bed, when her phone rings with an incoming text. Grabbing her phone, Mona sees that it’s from Hanna, telling her that the cops have just arrested Spencer.

Loading the car outside the Vanderwaal house, Leona wonders if she told Mona that Lesley is going to be there. Turning to face her mom, Mona says that she talked to Lesley last night and she said she was stuck at school. Telling Mona to pretend she didn’t just ruin the surprise, Leona pulls down the lid of the trunk. Asking Mona to promise that she’ll be on the road within the hour, Leona hugs her daughter, and says that she doesn’t want Mona to get stuck in traffic. As Mona says that she will, she just has to finish her report and then she’ll be on her way, the mother and daughter give each a couple air kisses, before Leona gets into her car and drives off. Walking back towards the house, Mona hears a rustle in the bushes. Once inside, Mona peers through the curtains on the glass panels in the door, before locking the door and heading back up the stairs.

Calling Aria, Mona explains that Alison lured Bethany to Rosewood. When Aria asks why, Mona explains that Alison knew about the affair, “Alison set her up. She was jealous, and she wanted Bethany dead”. Mona goes on to say that Alison is ‘A’, and now she can prove it.

Staring into a mirror in her bedroom, Mona tells her reflection, “game over Alison. I win”. Hearing the floorboards creak, Mona calls out, “mom?” Turning as her door opens, Mona gasps, while grabbing hold of her dresser in shock.

Outside the Vanderwaal house, Detective Holbrook approaches the waiting press, telling them that while the investigation is ongoing, they have ruled it a homicide. Although they did not find a body, the amount of blood would indicate the victim's wounds were fatal. Holbrook then declares that Mona Vanderwaal was murdered.

Outside of the Fields’ house, ‘A’ approaches the nativity set and takes Jesus out of the crib, replacing him with the Mona doll. Walking back to their car, ‘A’ lifts the trunk and places the Jesus doll next to Mona’s dead body.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Pretty Little Liars S05E13 Mona
In a flashback, Mona and Hanna are at the snowflake wishing tree. Hanna asks Mona what she wished for, and Mona tells her that Hanna is her first friend, “I wished for us to always stay close”. Hanna tells her they will, besties forever, she promises. Mona then asks Hanna what she wished for, and after Hanna tells her she wished for Jimmy Choo’s, Mona tells her she’s getting those. When Hanna questions that she is, Mona comments that if Santa doesn’t bring them, “we’ll steal ‘em”.

As the Ghost of Christmas, Mona appears in the DiLaurentis living room and startles a dreaming Alison, “I know you told me to never leave the house without my face on, but as a corpse, this is the best I can do for your Ice Ball”. Alison tells Mona that this isn’t real, and looking over to a younger Alison who is playing the piano, Mona comments that Alison was quite the pianist. Alison questions if the young girl is her, and Mona asks, “you don’t remember?” When Alison shakes her head no, Mona says that it’s not pretty, but she needs to see it. Alison questions what she has to see, and Mona simply tells her, “wait for it”. Mona and Alison watch as a young Alison lifts the piano lid after she is unable to play a key, and finds two presents hidden inside. After a young Alison finds two yellow dresses and Jessica makes her promise that she’ll only tell Kenneth that there was one dress, Mona comments, “and the monster was born”. Alison asks Mona who the other dress was for, and if it was for Bethany, but Mona tells her that it’s “not going to be that easy, bitch”.

Mona starts singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing as she sits next to Alison on a sofa, waking Alison up from her slumber in the process, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Glory to, the newborn King”. Mona then asks Alison how the party was, and when Alison doesn’t answer, Mona tells her that ignoring her won’t make her go away, “it’ll just make me mad”, before she disappears into thin air. Starling Alison as she reappears at her side, Mona laughs in Alison’s face, before Alison says that she’s scared, and questions if that is what Mona wanted to hear. Sighing, Mona says that it wasn’t as gratifying as she thought it was going to be. Alison then asks what Mona wants her to do, what Mona wants her to say to make her go away, but Mona tells Alison to “wait for it”. Mona focusing her attention on the movie playing on the television, and Alison asks if they have to watch the movie, it’s depressing. Mona says that if Alison thinks she’s depressed now, “look over there”.

In the Rosewood Church, Mona lets Alison find Alison’s dead body in a casket, before Alison asks Mona when she died. Mona asks if it matters, and when Alison says that it does to her, Mona mentions, “and only you”. Mona says that Alison’s deceased body looks pretty good considering that they never found Alison’s legs. As someone else enters the Church, Mona disappears.

Alison is screaming Mona’s name in her sleep, and appearing at Alison’s bedside, Mona tells her to “wake up, bitch”. Saying that it’s Christmas, Mona tells Alison that she promises that she doesn’t want to miss it, before again disappearing into thin air.

Through a Glass, Darkly

Pretty Little Liars S05E14 Mona
Four months after Mona was murdered, a funeral service for her takes place in the Rosewood Church. Mona’s body has still not been found, and instead, her coffin has been filled with keepsakes – stuffed animals, photo albums, and an old retainer.

In a flashback, Mona sits on her bed while Hanna holds onto Henry James’ ‘Terminations’. Mona asks Hanna if she wants to borrow the book, and when Hanna says that she can’t read it, Mona tells her she should, “Henry James understood girls”. Hanna comments that the book is more of Spencer Hastings’ type, to which Mona tells her that she’s smarter than Spencer Hastings. When Hanna says that she isn’t, Mona insists that she is, “you just pretend like you aren’t. It’s another way to hide”. Mona questions, “haven’t I taught you anything?”, before telling Hanna that she doesn’t have to hide from anyone anymore, “let other people hide from you for a change”.

Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

Pretty Little Liars S05E18 Mona
In a flashback, Mona holds a flashlight up to her face as sits on her bed reading to Hanna, “and, though my heart be broken, here is a ring, as token. That I am happy now! Would God I could awaken! For I dream I know not how! And my soul is sorely shaken, lest the dead who is forsaken. May not be happy now”. Hanna questions why she likes this stuff, to which Mona tells her that she “loves this stuff”, and it’s like maple syrup, “all sticky and sweet”. When Hanna says that it’s also creepy, Mona turns the flashlight back on, lightly her face, “it’s the creepy part that makes it fun”. Getting up from her bed Mona puts the book away, before turning back to Hanna and telling her that she has three wishes, “what do you want?” Saying that Hanna can’t wish for more wishes, Mona listens as Hanna mentions that she doesn’t like wishing games as they just remind you of what you don’t have. Mona comments that Hanna is “such a thud”, before questioning what’s the point of breaking your shell if you turn into such a dull omelette. Hanna mentions that Mona makes better wishes anymore, and saying that that’s true, Mona tells Hanna that she would wish for a stopwatch. When Hanna questions her, Mona explains that when you press down on the stem, not only does the watch stop but all time stops, “everything freezes and you can walk around and take anything you want from the stores. And go into people’s houses, even when they’re there. And spy on them. You would have all the control, and nobody would ever know it was you. They wouldn’t even know they were being controlled. That’d be the best part”.

Lying in bed asleep, Mona stirs when Hanna questions that with the stopwatch all the time is stopped, you would be getting older, but no one else would. Mona tells her that she’d fix that, and when Hanna asks how she would do that, Mona says she’d fix it so that everyone else would get old, “but not me”. Hanna questions that wouldn’t the people notice that she’s not getting older, to which Mona comments that that would be there people. Hanna then supposes that Alison came back, a long time from now, before questioning whether they’d recognise her. Saying that they would recognise her, Mona listens as Hanna questions if they still would if Alison had changed her hair, or the way she looked. As Hanna asks whether Alison would want to come back in disguise just to check up on them, Mona sits up and tells Hanna that even if Alison did come back, she wouldn’t recognise them, “she’d come back to a town full of strangers who’d have forgotten all about her”. Mona then says that Alison would go crazy and they’d throw her into Radley, “and no one ever gets out of there”. Hanna tells Mona not to say that, to which Mona smiles and comments that it’s just another scary story, “like in the book. Just a story”. Lying back down, Mona tells Hanna to go to sleep, but she herself just lies there awake.

Pretty Isn't the Point

Pretty Little Liars S05E20 Mona
In a flashback, Mona is on her phone with Lesli, “when did he get the axe? I can’t keep up with you Lesi, I swear we’re going to need the entire weekend just to catch up”. As Mona opens up the systems unit for her desktop computer, it is revealed she’s converted it into a cooler where she’s keeping vials of blood. Adding another vial to the collection, Mona tells Lesli to “just try”. Mike walks into the bedroom, and startled, Mona tells Lesli that she’ll have to call her back. Mike notices the blood vials and asks what it all is, and after having picked up one of the vials, Mike wonders what the hell is going on. Taking the vile back, Mona tells him not to touch it, “just leave it alone and I’ll explain”. As Mona goes to close her bedroom door, Mike questions what she’s doing, and Mona tells him that she’s been offered the chance to make things right for Aria and her friends. Mike questions what Mona is talking about, and Mona says that she’s talking about exposing ‘A’ and finally bringing that person down. Looking back over to the cooler, Mike wonders if it’s Mona’s blood, to which Mona says that it is, “and soon it’s going to be smeared all over this house”. Mona goes on to say that Alison DiLaurentis will look responsible for killing her because ‘A’ wants to see Alison locked up. Mike wonders why Mona would want to be a part of all this, and Mona says that it’s because ‘A’ came up with this plan, “and it’s brilliant”. Telling Mona to stop, Mike questions that she’s been talking with ‘A’, to which Mona explains that she hasn’t directly, “but I will, eventually”. Telling Mike that she has to earn it, Mona says that to do so, she has to commit to this plan 100%, “that means I go away. And when I find out who ‘A’ is, I come back, Alison gets out of jail, and your sister and her friends are finally safe”. As Mike, disbelieving what he’s hearing, starts to walk from Mona’s bedroom, Mona adds that she’ll be everyone’s hero. Walking back over to her, Mike wonders what Mona means by going away and for how long, to which Mona tells him that he needs to look at the big picture, “it’s only temporary”.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Mona takes off mask

Inside A's dollhouse, the liars hear a piano sound playing. They enter the room the sound is coming from and see someone sitting at the piano wearing an Ali mask. When the figure takes off her mask it is revealed to be Mona. Mona had never died, she was just captured in the dollhouse. Mona helps explain the dollhouse to the liars, but for most of the episode she pretends that she thinks she is Ali. It is only while they are escaping (when there is no power and A cannot hear them) that she reveals that she knows she is Mona and A is forcing her to act like she is Ali. When A is revealed to be Charles and Mona sees his lair, she says "A has a soul."

Game On, Charles

6x01 Mona
She, like the girls, was trapped with the girls outside the dollhouse until A lets them back in after days. When A gases the hallways he kidnaps Mona. She appears again in a Candy Stripper uniform and tells the girls that the girls that three rings means go to their rooms or else.

Three weeks later, she is trapped in a hole and is emotionally unstable. She is rescued by the girls and is later seen with an ambulance.

She's No Angel

Mona returns to Rosewood and reveals to Hanna that she is afraid of Alison planning some revenge, since Mona was the one who sent her to jail. Hanna declares that Alison changed and they all got bigger worries now. Mona states that she also might get punished by the police for trying to fake her murder, but Hanna tells her that they are looking for Charles now. As Mona is afraid to go to the police department on her own, she asks Hanna to drive her.

On their way to the Rosewood PD they stop by the Brew to get some coffee. Mona tells her friend to hurry, since other people stare at them. Lesli walks over to them, she's angry with Mona for being summoned by the police, because they made her an accomplice for the faked murder. She tells her that all she worked for is now in jeopardy, because she thought Mona is a victim. While Mona listens quietly how Lesli blames everything on her, Hanna steps in, saying that Mona never tried to hurt her and she doesn't like her tone. Mona apologizes to Lesli, but she doesn't care and tells her to never contact her again and walks out.

At night Mona is seen by Spencer throwing a letter into the DiLaurentis' mailbox. As Alison doesn't answer her phone calls, Mona tells Spencer that this is the only way to contact her. Spencer tells her about the dream she had of a little girl dancing in a creepy room, and asks if it could be possible that there was another young girl in the Dollhouse and if she saw a similar room. Mona denies both, saying it only lives in Spencer's head. When Spencer leaves, Mona thoughtfully looks after her.

Later Hanna and Spencer find Mona in Radley, who is about to steal Lesli's files. It gets revealed that Lesli stayed in Radley long enough to know Mona and Charles.

When Mona calls Lesli to tell her that she failed getting the files and the Liars know about Lesli's stay at Radley now, Lesli freaks out. She declares that she only asked for one thing, but Mona screwed it up.

No Stone Unturned

6x06 Mona
While Aria, Hanna and Spencer are at the lab, trying to lure the animals, which Hanna let out, back into their cages, the lights go off. A light turns back on and Mona stands in front of the girls. She tells them she turned of the lights, so the campus police won't find them. However, the girls think she is working with A, who they strongly believe is Lesli. Mona reveals that two people escaped Radley the night Alison went missing: Bethany and Charles. Spencer gives Charles' medical files to Mona to prove that he is dead, but Mona quickly shoots the idea down upon seeing the medications Charles was on. She explains that no one would want his organs and he wasn't an eligible donor. The girls claim that they have a picture which shows that A is a girl. Mona says that if they have a picture, it's because A wanted them to have it. Campus security shows up but the girls stay hidden.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

6x07 Mona
Mona is in her room with Aria, Hanna and Spencer. Even though Lesli promised to be there, she didn't come. Lesli texts Mona, telling her she is afraid this kind of confrontation might set her stability back. Aria wants to drive to Lesli's, because she is sure, she knows more about Charles. Mona tells her, if Lesli did, she would have told her and Mona would have told them. Spencer asks if she saw a guy, who could have been Charles, the night Alison disappeared. Mona states she wished she had seen somebody, but she didn't. Aria asks her, who she met at Radley and who might have stolen the game from her, but Mona doesn't remember who she was talking to, because she has been on drugs.
6x07 Mona Mike
Mike visits Mona to bring back the dolls from Aria. He wants to talk to her, but Mona refuses and asks him to leave. She says, she knows what she put him through and she made the wrong decisions. Mona declares she might have deserved to be in the dollhouse. Mike states what she did, doesn't matter to him, because all that matters is that she is alive. After telling Mona that she has to forgive herself, he takes her hand and asks if she wants him to leave. She shakes her head and they lean in for a kiss.
6x07 MonaAli
Later, Alison is in front of the hotel, where Mona picks her up. Alison is thankful for driving her and Mona states she owes her more than a car ride. Even though Mona tells her not to, Alison decides to call 911, because she can't reach Jason or any of the others.

Game Over, Charles

The Liars and Sara follow a person in a red cape, who reveals herself as Mona. She informs the girls that she has been following Alison since yesterday's morning but lost her when they stopped Clark, who she knew was a cop. Mona states that she has been snarfing Alison, since she came back to town and that she started receiving texts from Charles the day before. She finds out that the signal source is coming from the Carissimi group and they go there.

At the Carissimi group the girls listen to Charlotte's story. When it is revealed that Charlotte hit Alison, Mona tells the liars that she was the one who hit Bethany, because she thought it was Alison.

As they find out that Charlotte brought her family to Radley, the girls rush to get there, but Mona stays and says that she needs to know how the story ends.

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Five years later, she is present at a rally for Veronica Hastings campaign where she and Spencer talk and she asks if Spencer if she still has nightmare from the Dollhouse because she still does.

Mona is present at the hearing to decide whether Charlotte should be released or not. To everyone's surprise. She tearfully says that Charlotte deserves to be at home with her family.

The Gloves Are On

It's reveal by Damien, a reporter, that Mona initially wanted to work on Mrs. Hastings' campaign but was turned away, so she went to work on Mrs. Hasting's opponent's campaign instead.

Do Not Disturb

Mona recovers Yvonne's phone after Spencer uses it to look for evidence. When asked if she set this up to spark a conflict between Toby, Yvonne and her, Mona compares it to high school drama saying "We don't do those kinds of things anymore, do we Spencer?" before walking away.

Where Somebody Waits For Me

While at a boutique, Mona reveals to Spencer that she told Yvonne to leave her phone at their meeting to prove that she couldn't trust her, but didn't tell Yvonne that Spencer took the phone. Mona tells Spencer that she's sorry about Veronica and prays that she'll be okay, causing Spencer to ask why she went through all the trouble. Mona says that the campaign plans on leaking the report, which is wrong, and that she doesn't believe that Yvonne or her mom knows. Mona quickly realizes that Spencer had no idea that Veronica was sick and apologizes.

Burn This

Mona approaches Spencer and angrily confronts her about the leak about Yvonne's abortion. She does something genuinely good and ends up paying for it. Mona adds that the Phillips campaign is now going through everything and Mona files of Veronica are discovered which causes her termination and damaged credibility.

There's a knock on the door and Hanna answers it to find Mona attends Hanna's shower with a wedding dream book that they made the summer of eighth grade as a present. who offers her a present. After Aria gets burned, her shower gift is shown to be among the damaged gifts. Saddened, she feels her good intentions that look like trash. Emily sees her key chain which looks like the one a witness described for the police about Charlotte's mysterious caller. She gets in the car with Emily.

Did You Miss Me?

She reveals to Emily that she called Charlotte to meet her at "The Two Crows" to talk about what Charlotte still had on her, but Charlotte never showed up. Later, she encounters Sara and tells her to leave the girls alone. However, Sara taunts her by telling her no matter what good deeds Mona does, none of the girls are never going to trust her and without her games Mona will be alone forever.

Hush Hush Sweet Liars

She goes to the Hastings' campaign to make amends and later help the girls, Caleb, Toby and Ezra set a trap to catch Uber A.

Tick Tock, Bitches

Mona is seen outside of the Rosewood Police Station with the rest of The Liars (minus Hanna) and the Love Interests, as they converse, searching for Hanna. After Toby returns from the Police Station, all of The Liars: Mona included, get the A text concerning Hanna's possible death. She follows the rest of the girls up the belltower, to find the corpse with the Hanna mask hanging from the ropes. She stands farthest back in the group, watching painfully as they pull her body off.

Mona next appears in the Hastings' Living Room with the rest of The Liars and current 'Love Interests' to help find Charlotte's Killer for A.D. After Ezra questions the group whether or not they will be able to find the identity of Charlotte's killer within 24 hours, Mona tells the group that "This is the first time we've all been working together, that's what makes it different." Mona also suggests that Mary has to be working with somebody, because while they saw her walking around the woods, somebody else stole Hanna from the Motel room at the resort. Mona also adds that she's sure each one of the people in that room have some idea of who killed Charlotte.

After the scene of Hanna in captivity, Mona is at the Hasting' kitchen island reading off the names on the slips of paper in the bowl. This is their method of getting an anonymous popular vote of who they think killed Charlotte. While they are conversing about a possible motive for Alison murdering Charlotte, Mona adds that "Maybe her goody-two shoes act became too much for her to handle." and that "Maybe she snapped." Mona also adds that she's "all over' Mary Drake and that she thinks that she is the fastest route to Hanna. Caleb agrees, and Mona says that they will work together. After that, the Liars, Mona included, get a text with a multimedia attachment picture of Hanna stripped almost naked and with a bloody lip. Mona shows Caleb the picture of Hanna upon request.

She's next sighted at the Lost Woods Resort in the next scene, looking at Mary Drake carrying duffel bags from a van into the Resort. Toby, Caleb, and Spencer are with her. She tells the other 3 to "come on" and "let's go" and they follow her back to the Jeep. Caleb says that there is no reason all four of them should tail her so Spencer and Toby go back to the Motel, and Caleb and Mona get into the Jeep to tail Mary Drake. They tail her to a lot where a few men are loading up misc. supplies into her van, and then to what Caleb predicts to be Alison's house. Mona tells him to cut the lights, which he obeys. When the van pulls past the DiLaurentis house, Mona remarks that Mary is "going to Spencer's house."

Mona, along with Caleb, tail Mary back to the resort and watch her as she paces around her room. She shushes Caleb as she picks up a phone call coming into Mary's phone. She's able to determine that the call was made from Snooky's on Hollis' campus, and that the caller has a British or Aussie accent.

Appearances (93/160)

Season 1 (11/22)

Season 2 (15/25)

Season 3 (15/24)

Season 4 (13/24)

Season 5 (16/25)

Season 6 (11/20)

Season 7(12/20)


  • It is unclear whose side she is on-A's side or The Liars. However in the Season 5 mid season finale "Taking This One to the Grave," Mona was revealed to be on The Liars' side as she was helping them find out about Bethany Young.
    • It was later revealed that she was helping 'A' to make the Liars think that Alison was 'A'. After the Liars (included Mona) were rescued from A's dollhouse, she is back on the Liars' side to help them find out who Charles really is.
  • Janel Parrish had a recurring role for the first two seasons, but was upgraded to a series regular for Season 3.
  • In "Touched by an 'A'-ngel," we learn that Mona can speak French conversationally, which is also referred to in the end of the episode "Je Suis une Amie." She was also part of Rosewood High French club as we learn in Now You See Me, Now You Don't.
  • Mona wanted to be friends with Hanna after she saw her bow after doing a backflip on the trampoline and puking.
  • In "The Naked Truth," we learn that Mona can do perfect impressions of people. We also learn that, like Caleb, she is an expert hacker. She was able to easily access the school's private database, even though she did not know the password.
  • The lyrics Mona sang in "Kingdom of the Blind," are:
In the eye abides heart
Every pure and tender feeling
All emotions worth revealing
Through the eyes their charm impart
which is a song by Beth Nielsen Chapman; the song was written in 1841 and was originally composed in German as “In den Augen liegt das Herz” by Franz von Kobell. 
  • Mona secretly gave Hanna a website and other words like "Maya knew." and "Not safe."
  • In Crazy," Mona says "I miss my dolls." In "The Lady Killer," once Mona gets to visit the new lair, we see her dolls of the girls in the dollhouse and their accessories laid out in front, as if she had just been playing with them.
  • At the end of the video Mona made in "She's Better Now," Mona is heard talking to an unknown person, who seems hesitant, and asked him/her to back out if they can't take it.
  • Although Mona and Hanna broke friends often, they were friends when she died and Hanna was extremely upset as she was crying more than the other girls when Mona was pronounced dead.
  • Mona's personality is slowly revolving around Spencer (she joins the Decathlon Team, she starts to dress like her [scholarly and preppy], she listens to classic music, and even "admires" and "respects" her). They even have similar jobs after the time jump. 
  • Mona's last name was spelled Vanderwall in Season 1 and 2 but it was changed to Vanderwaal in Season 3 for unknown reasons, most likely because that is how Sara Shepard spelled it in the series.
  • Mona is the one who convinced Alison to disappear.
  • In in Season 5 summer finale, Taking This One to the Grave, Mona was believed to have been murdered in her home by an unknown assailant.
  • In Pretty Isn't the Point, Mike reveals that Mona intended to fake her own death as part of a plan to expose A, but A may have double crossed her and actually murdered her.
  • In Welcome to the Dollhouse, it is revealed that Mona is in fact alive and being held captive by 'A'.


  • Janel Parrish originally auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings. After being informed she did not get the part, she re-auditioned for the role of Mona, and got the part.
  • In "Never Letting Go," Mona mocks Aria at the fashion show dress rehearsal while Aria is practicing her catwalk: "Are your legs always that short, Aria?" In the same episode, Spencer alludes to Mona being five feet tall. Mona's and Aria's wikia page both show that they share the same exact height: 5'2"!
  • Mona along with Hanna has appeared in character in commercials for TRESemme hair products including TRESemme Climate Control Mousse and TRESemme Fresh Start.
  • Mona is up on her Wizard of Oz references, as she tells Lucas in "The Perfect Storm" to ask the wizard to make him a man. "A" is up on their Wizard of Oz references too, custom designing a fortune cookie that reads "There's No Place Like Homecoming." (Dorothy's words at the end of the film: There's No Place Like Home.") Also, in "Can You Hear Me Now?," "A" sends a flier towards the Pretty Little Liars that reads, "Ding Dong, the Bitch is Dead," a reprisal of the film's song "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead."
  • Janel Parrish revealed in an interview that she did not know she was "A" until a week before they started filming for the finale, but she was always hoping that she was "A."
  • Mona is released from Radley in "She's Better Now" which implies what the title meant.
  • Mona's favorite Holiday is Halloween, she likes it better than Christmas because it involves more makeup.
  • Mona got kicked off the A team at the end of the Season 3 finale and is now considered to be part of the liars.
  • "A" puts a doll of Mona with the liars in the doll house in "A is for A-L-I-V-E."
  • Mona is one of the two female characters with history of mental illnesses. The other one is Meredith Sorenson.
  • In "EscApe From New York," Mona formed a group (including Lucas GottesmanMelissa Hastings, and Paige McCullers) of people who have been mistreated by Alison in the past. It is known as "Mona's Army".

Book Comparisons

Main article: Mona Vanderwaal (Book Character)
  • In the show, Mona has dark hair and brown eyes. In the books, she has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • Mona, in the books, witnessed The Jenna Thing and received burns from the accident. While in the show, only Toby saw what The Liars did.
  • In the books, Jenna and Mona were friends, but in the series they hardly knew each other.
  • In the TV series, Spencer is the first to find out that Mona is A. In the books, it was Hanna.
  • In the show, Mona dated Noel. In the books, she hooked up with Noel's brother Eric, before her death in Unbelievable.
  • Mona dies after her reveal as "A" in the books. In the TV show, Mona survives the fall and is admitted to Radley Sanitarium and becomes an ally to the liars after the events of A DAngerous GAme.
  • In the books, Mona becomes "A" as revenge for the Liars taking part in the blinding of Jenna Cavanaugh. In the TV show, Mona starts being A and also created the "A-Team" because she feels that the Liars (possibly including Alison, as she received notes from "A" as well) "took" Hanna away from her.
  • In the books, Mona is the first A, and seems to have no accomplice. In the show, Mona started the A-Team, and while she was in Radley, Charlotte DiLaurentis stole the game from her.
  • Mona dated Lucas before Ali disappeared in the books. This never happened in the show.
  • In the books Mona was much more reckless, getting wasted, helping Hanna crash Sean's car, and showing her underwear to guys for fun.
  • In the books, Mona's friendship with Hanna was just a ploy to get information, whereas in the show, they had a real friendship with Mona seemingly atoning for being A.
  • In the show Mona and Mike are dating, however in the books they barely interact.
  • In the book, Mona is killed when she accidentally falls of a cliff after a fight with Spencer at the quarry whereas in the TV show, Mona is still alive. In the TV show she also fakes her death.


Mona [to Hanna]: This sounds totally gay, but if I saw you struttin' it in that dress and kickin' up those heels, I would think about doing you.

Hanna: We had so much fun last summer.
Mona: And some of it was even legal.

Mona [to Lucas]: You can go now. This beauty doesn't need a beast.

Mona: I was eating three almonds a day, and you were getting liposuction?

Mona [to Hanna]: I'm making sure you don't host a pity party for yourself and invite a cheese cake.

Mona [about her birthday gifts]: Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it. And if not, I'll return it.

Emily: I can't blackmail a school official.
Mona: Honey, you can't be a shark if you're toothless.

Mona: People are toads.

Mona: Frankly, I'd like to take that cane and whack her like a pinata.

Mona [to Spencer]: You're not the only genius in this car. You bitches underestimated me.

Mona: It's easier to forgive an enemy, than it is to forgive a friend.

Mona [to Spencer]: I admire you Spencer, so I'm going to let you choose how this ends tonight. You can join the 'A-Team' or disappear.

Mona [to Aria and Hanna]: Miss Aria, you're a killer, not Ezra's wife.

Mona [to Emily, Spencer and Aria]: Look, I'll take heels over a hoodie any day of the week. But just because I'm not A anymore, doesn't mean I can't recon your asses when I need to.

Mona: And who's looking cray-cray now, Spencer?

Mona: Looks like someone's been skipping their anger management class.

Hanna: You were on the Halloween train dressed like Caleb.
Mona: To think we were this close to our first kiss.

Mona [to Alison]: I don't have to hide, you do. And you're gonna wish you stayed dead.

Mona [to Aria]: Alison is "A"! And now I can prove it.

Mona: Game over Alison. I win.

Mona: Mona? I know it's been awhile, but I haven't changed that much, have I? You guys it's me. Alison.

Mona: It thinks it beat me! But I am still here! I am the one who;s winning the game!

Mona [to Emily]: Seems whatever I do ends up this way. Good intentions that look like trash.



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