Extended Quote is the conversation that takes place between Hanna and Alison in Hanna's hospital room in "Moments Later." 

Season 1 

Alison: Did you miss me?
Hanna: Ali? They said you were dead.
Alison: Yeah, I heard that too, but here I am.
Hanna: What happened to you?
Alison: It's complicated, Hanna. Really complicated. Worse than algebra.
Hanna: What happened when you left the barn? We all wanna know.
Alison: You already do. The four of you combined. You remember more about that night than you think you do.
Hanna: Where did you go? To meet a boy? Noel?
Alison: Noel? (scoff) Please.
Hanna: Please, just tell me the truth.
Alison: It won't make any difference darling.
Hanna: How can you say that?
Alison: Because I know. You think the truth is some big shiny disco ball of purity? Then go ahead and try it. Be honest see what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am. Take it from me you are always better off with a really good lie. [Looks at pocket watch] Gotta go.
Hanna: Where?
Alison: I was so scared you were gonna die. That's why I came back. I didn't care how dangerous it was I had to see you. You know I really should do something about A. That bitch is genuinely getting on my nerves.