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  • I think your theories make the most sense and I'm hoping that they are true becuase I've thought similar things. 

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    • thank you. i hope I'm even close. there are some theories on here that I 100% do not accept nor believe but im also about 90% annoyed with this show and dont care about who is AD

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  • Interview
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  • Bathtub incidents:

    i  Jessica puts Teddy in the tub. Teddy dies and Mary goes to Radley.

    o    (Teddy is the neighbor’s son in Mary’s memory)

    i  Charles puts Alison in the tub. Alison lives and Charles goes to Radley.

    What if:

    i  Jason Hastings-DiLaurentis almost killed Alison DiLaurentis-Rollins

    o   Blamed it on Charles Drake who was sent to Radley.

    i  Charles met Bethany there and they organized a plan to get out and get back at Jason.

    o   How did Bethany become convinced?

    -       Because Alison’s mom began sleeping with Bethany’s dad.

    o   They both got out. Bethany was killed but Charles assumed the role of a, fake, lost sister named Charlotte.

    i  Alison is the only DiLaurentis.

    “Maybe it’s like mother, like daughter” – Jessica and Alison? Jessica and Charlotte? Bethany always drew the woman as a blond so Jessica would be the mother.

    i  Why did Bethany call Mrs. D a liar? About what?

    o   Did Mrs. D deny the affair with Bethany’s father?

    o   Did she find out that Charlotte wasn’t REALLY her daughter?

    i  Why would Bethany wonder about Jessica’s child?

    o   Did she think that Alison would trick her in some way?

    i  Who sent Bethany the yellow top and ask her to come on Labor Day?

    o   If Alison sent it, maybe she wanted to get rid of the daughter of the man her mother was sleeping with.

    -       Alison said she doesn’t even know who Bethany is.

    o   If Charlotte sent it, maybe her intention was to kill a no name, Sara Harvey, and get Bethany out of Radley for good.

    -       Things didn’t go according to plan.

    -       Sara was seen AFTER Labor Day.

    o   If Jessica sent it, maybe she wanted the daughter of her lover to have a night of freedom or trying to win her over (since she freaked out over the “call me aunt Jessie”).

    -       Bethany’s intention was to kill Alison to get back at Jessica. Which didn’t happen.

    i  CeCe said that her clothes were missing (Bethany took them). And that Bethany got out of Radley that night under the guise of Charlotte to kill Jessica for her affair with her father.

    o   Then no one sent clothes to Bethany. True or False?

    -       Different variations of the story place CeCe in the yellow top. This isn’t possible if Bethany took the clothes.

    o   The clothes that Alison got were sent to her by

    -       Bethany so that she could organize a switch.

    -       CeCe – free Bethany

    -       Jessica – win Bethany with a night of freedom

    Labor Day

    i  Drunk Jason saw Alison from behind. Then he saw CeCe when she turned around. CeCe said it must have been Bethany who he saw. And Alison says it wasn’t her.

    o   Did Melissa speak to CeCe, Bethany or Alison?

    -     With Alison because Alison was trying to patch things over with Melissa but Melissa didn’t believe it and she killed Alison (or thought she killed her). 

    -       With CeCe because Melissa organized the plan to have CeCe pretend to be the sister.

    -       With Bethany because they wanted Alison gone as revenge for Jessica sleeping with Bethany’s dad.

    i  Mona killed Bethany thinking she was Alison

    o   Did Mona want to scare or kill Alison?

    o   Why would Mona be A and try to bring Alison back if she wanted her gone in the first place?

    i  Charlotte hit Alison thinking she was Bethany.

    i  Hanna was driving the car when Elliot was chasing Alison through the forest and “accidentally” hit Elliot. Elliot died immediately.

    i  Mrs. D had an affair with Mr. H. which resulted in the birth of Jason.

    i  Mrs. D also had an affair with Bethany’s father. What if Bethany’s father was MR. H?

    o   Bethany could be Melissa.

    o   Jason could be Jason Young. 

    i  If Bethany’s father IS NOT Mr. H

    o   Spencer could be Spencer Young. Sister of Bethany and have been adopted.

    -       Jessica would have had to pretend to be Mary (if Mary is telling the truth about Spencer)

    i  What if Jason killed Charlotte? Or he had Archer charm Charlotte and then kill her?

    o   Remember, Charlotte could be a nobody pretending to be Charles.

    i  Did Charlotte know about Spencer?

    o   Does Charles know about Spencer?

    i  Birth certificate says Charles born = May 1988. If Mr. D was telling the truth in age difference, 15 months, Jason was born August 1989 or February 1987.

    o   Who says Charles is the oldest or youngest?

    Let’s try and see this from Melissa's point of view – if she knew

    i  Spencer WAS NOT a Hastings

    i  Jason WAS a Hastings

    i  Spencer WAS NOT her real sister

    o   Might explain their constant fighting

    i  IF Spencer knew of the injustice done to Mary, her mother:

    o   Spencer and Melissa devise a plan to get back at Jessica by killing Alison

    -       They needed Bethany  to make it appear that Alison was still alive

    i  Melissa burying Bethany could have been on purpose, part of the plan, if she assumed that it was Alison who was dead.

    The -As

    i  A (Mona), Mona knew Alison was alive and needed the liars to bring Alison to her so she can kill her like she had intended on "that night".

    o   Why tell her to run away in the first place? Why not just kill her in the motel?

    i  Big A (CeCe),

    o   Why torture the liars?

    -       "I love my dolls". I don't get it. Does she torture her dolls? Maybe Charlotte really was a Radley patient. I think that would explain the fact that she associated dolls to humans.

    i  Uber A/AD. SOMEONE killed CeCe or she killed herself. I am still hesitant to say that Uber A/AD wants to know who killed her.

    o   What DOES Uber A/AD want? 

    -       I would say they want to be found out in a way but then I remember that the cellar with the files was blown up. Although that might not have been Uber A/AD. 

    o   What if Uber A/AD is looking for the second child too? 

    -       Would that make Uber A/AD Charles?


    i  Sasha Pieterse is really Charles Drake-DiLaurentis Rollins.

    o   The real Alison DiLaurentis was drowned.

    -       Charles Drake went to Radley.

    o   The Charles identity died in 2004 (DOB 1988+DOD @16) and came back as Alison DiLaurentis.

    -       He never went back to Radley.

    i  Vanessa Ray (CeCe) is really a character named Charlotte. She assumed the role of female Charles.

    i  Dre Davis (Sara) is really Sara Harvey.

    i  That night there was only one grave. Not two.

    o   Walking around in the yellow top: Sasha Pieterse (Charles as Alison), Vanessa Ray (CeCe), and Bethany Young.

    -       Sasha Pieterse hits Bethany Young because Bethany framed Charles for killing Marion.

    i  As to who buried Bethany, I don’t know.

    o   Melissa could have done it because she was in on the plan to kill “Alison” as stated above

    o   Jessica could have done it because the thought she was protecting Charles (remember Charlotte is acting as female Charles)

    i  “Full Circle” could mean than the new bitchy girl Katherine is the leader of her own “liars”.

    i  The NAP could have been the last “liars”.

    o   The leader would be AD.

    o   Melissa sometimes seems to be in charge of everyone. BUT if she was FORCED to wear the black swan outfit, someone is higher in charge. Was she?

    -       Ian?

    -       Wren?

    i  Jenna is Bethany

    o   “She always gets what she wants” – Toby about Jenna

    -       Jenna wanted to have her own group. Not become one of Alison’s drones.

    i  Toby is Charles

    o   Jenna is living with Toby because she wants to be with Charles.

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