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Mary's Second Child
Real Identity: Unknown
General Information




Mary Drake (Biological Mother)
Charlotte DiLaurentis (Sister)
Kenneth DiLaurentis (Uncle)
Jessica DiLaurentis (Aunt; deceased)
Jason DiLaurentis (Cousin)
Alison DiLaurentis (Cousin)


The Liars (assumed)
Charlotte's Killer
Series Information


- Is Mary Drake's Biological Child (exposed to the Liars)



Mary's Second Child is the unknown brother or sister of Charlotte DiLaurentis and second child of Mary Drake.

In "Original G'A'ngsters", the Liars found out via a file that Mary Drake gave birth to two children: Charlotte and another baby. The gender of this baby is unknown, but the file states that this sibling is the age of the Liars.

It is unknown who the father is, though there is a chance they share the same father with Charlotte.

Dr. Cochran, who worked at Radley at the time, delivered both Charlotte and the second child. He gave the second child to a county family services employee.

In "The Wrath of Kahn", it is revealed that Noel Kahn's father, Steven Kahn, was the judge who presided over the child's adoption.





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