You totally hooked up with him, didn't you?
Kirsten to Spencer

Kirsten Cullen is very good friends with Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery. They play field hockey together and it's implied they were friends before Spencer became friends with Ali (Courtney)


In Pretty Little Liars she is at practice with Spencer and she thinks Ian is hot and Kirsten asks Spencer if she hooked up with him.

In Wicked, it's revealed that Kirsten was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She was adopted, and her birth mom is also from South Africa.

In Heartless, she is among the people at the dinner party for Spencer, where Spencer reveals to her mother that her father had an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis.

In Ruthless, Kirsten and Aria are in the same Art History class which most of it's students find boring. Aria is happy that Kristen is the only other student that actually tried to do good in the class. Aria and Kristen what to work together before their teacher tells them she will pick the student's partners. Kristen gives Klaudia a glare when she smirked at Aria when Aria noticed Klaudia wearing Noel's grandfather's jacket.

In Burned, Kristen and Spencer share a room together on the cruise.