Kenneth Clark was the father of Tabitha Clark and the widower of Gayle Riggs.

Physical Appearance

Kenneth is a tall man who wears glasses. He is often seen with a stressed, slightly unkempt appearance due to the loss of his wife and daughter.


Kenneth Clark is described as a wealthy "captain of industry" in Stunning and is originally from New Jersey. He is devastated by his daughter Tabitha's death and wants to strengthen the punishment for bars serving alcohol to teenagers.

He suffers another loss when he finds out that his wife Gayle has been murdered at their new home in Rosewood. At the police station, Kenneth reveals a plethora of information about Gayle. He also finds out a secret about his wife: she tried to bribe Emily Fields for her baby. Kenneth never wanted to adopt, but he and Gayle had gone through multiple fertility treatments to try for their own child. He notes that just in the previous week, he and Gayle received the good news that she was pregnant.

Apparently Gayle and Tabitha didn't get along. Kenneth admits that his wife persuaded him to send his daughter away for her behavioral problems. He regretted it deeply. He also regretted chastising Gayle about her spending habits. At the funeral he praises his wife and vows to find her murderer. Kenneth also drops the bombshell of having an autopsy conducted on Tabitha; He states that there was no alcohol found in her system and that she was murdered.