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Ken Rabin
General Information



Hair Color:


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Marital Status:



Danby University Scout
Series Information


High school athletes; college potentials
Series Information



First appearance:

The Goodbye Look

Last appearance:

The Goodbye Look

Portrayed By:

Greg Cromer

Ken Rabin is the Danby University Scout who visits Rosewood High School during a swim match. He witnesses Emily's win and schedules a meeting with her, when he discusses Emily's prospects at earning a swim scholarship to Danby. He expresses his concern in changing districts during her final year at school and impresses upon her the importance of continuity when competing for colleges' attentions.

When Emily hears that her mother will consider allowing her to stay in Rosewood if it means improving her chances of winning a swim scholarship, she insists that Emily procure a commitment letter from Ken in order to guarantee the decision. However, Ken is not willing to make official promises and so drafts a maybe-letter on official Danby stationary instead. Emily forges a similar letter, signed by Ken, falsely guaranteeing her own acceptance, which "A" does the courtesy of delivering to the Fields' mailbox.


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