I'm better now that you're here.
Hanna to Jordan

Jordanna is the name of the romantic relationship between Hanna Marin and Jordan which occurs after the time jump.

Season 6

Charlotte's Web

In Charlotte's Web, Jordan makes his first appearance when he flies from New York to Rosewood to see Hanna. She worries about work and he reassures her that nothing is as important as she is. He orders champagne as well as a variety of foods imported from different parts of the world which makes Hanna smile. Jordan also lets her in on the good news that his uncle is letting them use his estate in the Hamptons for their upcoming wedding. Hanna is still jumpy over Charlotte's death and Jordan comforts her as they embrace.

Later, Hanna and Jordan show up for Ali's dinner together where Hanna introduces Jordan to old flame Caleb. They seem to get off to a friendly start as Jordan tells Caleb about how Hanna didn't want to let go of an old table that is supposedly an old inside joke between them. Caleb laughs and later mentions to Hanna that he is happy for her, seemingly putting to rest any discomfort between them.

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