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This article centers around Jenna Marshall, a TV character. For another version check out Jenna Cavanaugh (Book Character).

It seems to me that everyone who saw Ali the night she went missing is waking up dead.
Jenna Marshall
General Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:



October 17th, 1994






Jenna the Jerk (by Alison)
Slut (by Alison)
Jenna Cavanaugh (by Caleb)


Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Daniel Cavanaugh (step-father)
Toby Cavanaugh (stepbrother)


Toby Cavanaugh (one-sided affair)
Garrett Reynolds (ex-boyfriend)
Noel Kahn (ex-boyfriend)
Nate St. Germain (flirted)
Nigel Wright (briefly a significant other)
Shana Fring (ex-girlfriend)


Shana (deceased)
Darren Wilden (deceased)
Lucas Gottesman
Noel Kahn
Nigel Wright
Melissa Hastings
Sydney Driscoll


Shadow (seeing eye dog)


Laurel Tuchman
Logan Reed
Caleb Rivers (former)


Alison DiLaurentis
Mona Vanderwaal (for Noel's affection)
Spencer Hastings (for Toby's affections)


Emily Fields
Aria Montgomery
Spencer Hastings
Hanna Marin
Alison DiLaurentis
Mona Vanderwaal
Caleb Rivers
Toby Cavanaugh
Series Information




Rosewood High School
School for the Blind (one year)


Artistic; flute, Ceramics, Writing
Series Information


- Forced Toby into a sexual relationship with her (Exposed)
- Dated Garrett (Exposed)
- Hired Caleb to spy on Hanna (Exposed)
- The Jason Thing
- Was in Ali's bedroom with Garrett, Ian, and Melissa the night of Alison's murder (Exposed)
- Lied that the surgery in her right eye was unsuccessful (Exposed)
- Drove Emily around for a short while during "That Night" (Exposed)
- Saw Lyndon kill Maya
- Met Shana and Melissa in secret
- She and Shana helped Wilden up after his accident (exposed to the girls and Mona)
- Going blind again (Exposed)
- Became friends with Wilden when she first moved to Rosewood (Exposed to Emily)
- Watched Spencer to see who she was meeting with (along with Shana; exposed)
- Drove Shana out of Ravenswood
- Worked with Mona's Army to bring Alison down
- Knew Sydney since she was at the School for the Vision Impaired (exposed by Sydney to Emily)



First appearance:

The First Secret (chronologically)

Latest appearance:

How the 'A' Stole Christmas(physically)
Last Dance (mentioned)

Portrayed By:

Tammin Sursok

Jenna Marshall is a character on Pretty Little Liars, and the younger stepsister of Toby Cavanaugh. She was the victim of a prank orchestrated by Alison that resulted in her becoming blind. This is known as "The Jenna Thing." She is portrayed by Tammin Sursok.


In October 2008, Jenna moved to Rosewood after her mother married Toby's father. She quickly became popular at Rosewood High SchoolAlison invited her to join her group of friends but she declined. This led to a long-term rivalry between the two. Jenna is a very aggressive and manipulative person. She forced her step-brother, Toby, into a sexual relationship with her and threatened to accuse him of forcing himself on her.

After being blinded by Alison and her friends, Jenna developed a hatred and grudge against all of them. Jenna seems to have been involved with the N.A.T. Club before Alison went missing. She was not sorry for Alison's passing and has continued to keep the Liars on her radar to keep them from revealing her secrets.

In late Season 2, Jenna got an eye surgery and was fully able to see throughout the third season. However, going into Season 4, the operation proved to only have temporary effects as she began to lose her sight again. She used to date popular jock Noel Kahn and used him to regain her popularity in school. 

While she was still blind, Jenna was made to believe that Garrett (whom she dated) killed Alison. Throughout the first three seasons, Jenna thought she knew how Alison was killed. However, what she thought she knew was incorrect. 

Jenna has almost been murdered twice: once in Season 2 by being lured to and locked in a burning house and again in Season 4, after being knocked unconscious and left in a lake to drown by Charlotte DiLaurentis

She was in a coma due to being struck on her head and, after waking up, was living in New York, but is back in Rosewood for Season 5. She was helping Sydney and Mona take down Ali, and grieving over Shana's death.



Jenna walks in

Jenna is seen being guided into Alison's funeral by Toby, much to the surprise of everyone. She is later lead out to a car by Toby moments after Wilden confronts the girls.

The Jenna Thing

Jenna walks in the Apple Rose Grille while the liars are there. When she sits down, they silently get up and leave.

Jenna (1)

Aria invites Jenna to sit with her and the others in the school cafeteria. It is an awkward lunch, as Jenna purposefully frightens the girls makes reference to the group's changed dynamic since Alison's death. Jenna tells them that Alison came to visit her while she was in the hospital. She says that everyone misunderstood Alison but that she knew exactly who Alison was. The girls are silent as they flashback to the fateful events of that night. At one point, Jenna breaks the silence by picking up Spencer's beeping phone, when she receives a text, with Spencer paranoid to receive a text from "A" with Jenna in such close proximity. Obviously, no one found out about "The Jenna Thing," but with Toby knowing, they could never be sure about when the secret was going to slip and if "A" would ever play that card.


When Spencer is out for a run she sees Jenna sitting on a bench. Jenna is using a phone for the blind and says "Send text now." She turns and looks at where Spencer is standing.

To Kill a Mocking Girl


Jenna walks into school with Toby in tow.

Jenna (2)

Jenna is walking down the hallway while the girls are whispering to each other. She comments such as "Whisper, whisper, whisper. Almost feels like Alison's still here,"


Later when Emily comes to thank Toby for helping her with Ben, Jenna is present which is unknown to Emily. After Emily leaves Jenna questions Toby about the reason why Emily is thanking him but he tells her it isn't what she's thinking.

Reality Bites Me


Jenna is seen by Hanna on her way to work at Dr Ackard's office. Jenna enters the elevator and puts on her lipstick. SHe asks Hanna if she likes the color. It is unknown if Jenna knew she was talking to Hanna.

There's No Place Like Homecoming

Jenna (3)

After the homecoming dance, when Emily is home from being hospitalized, Jenna visits Emily with her seeing eye dog, Shadow. She comes under the guise of being sympathetic to Emily's plight, bringing cookies to bed-ridden Emily (which Emily does sample, despite Spencer's distrust towards them later). She knows that Toby's psychological profile is missing because the cops went looking for it, and knows that the Liars have the file, having overheard them talking about it at Homecoming. She wants Emily to return the file to her, so that she can protect her secret of having forced her step-brother into a sexual relationship. Emily is open to fulfilling Jenna's request, as she feels partially responsible for Jenna's accident, something Jenna does not fail to mention repeatedly. Emily tries to get the file back, but cannot contact the girls while her mother is around. Aria throws the file into the river. (It seems the file makes its way into "A's" hands anyway, when a figure is seen gingerly retrieving the pages from the water.) When Jenna asks for the file after Emily is back at Rosewood High, Emily vaguely tells her that the file is gone, and Jenna is put off, being put in the position where she is forced to trust Emily.

Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone

Jenna (4)
Although Jenna is resentful towards Alison and her memory, Jenna volunteers a speech at Alison's memorial dedication. She shares only kind words, mentioning Alison's visit to her in the hospital, claiming that Alison made her stronger and more in touch with her identity. It is unknown if she did this because she wanted to throw off the Liars or because she meant it.

Salt Meets Wound

Jenna (5)
When Jenna discovers that Toby likes Emily, she is very jealous. Jenna tells Toby she turned him in to the police so he would come home and continue their relationship. Jenna also proves she can be slightly abusive and controlling, as she slaps Toby when he tells her he will "never touch her like that  again.", and asks who he thinks he's talking to.

The New Normal

Come with me

"Pick me!"

When Toby's house arrest bracelet is to be removed, she hails a taxi cab, so the two can ride there together. She is very upset when he declines her offer, choosing to go with Spencer in her car, rather than with her.

The Badass Seed

Jenna (7)
Jenna offers to play flute for the school play, "The Bad Seed" and tells Mr. Fitz that she is fascinated with the play and its theme, the nature of evil. She is seen talking to Ian in the episode by a similar name, , taking a "Neuman's" shopping bag from him, the contents not revealed.

Jenna (8)
With Mr. Fitz as her guide, Jenna writes an essay to be submitted to an essay contest with vague references to the event that blinded her. The essay centers around a blind girl that senses more than seeing people do. It seems from the essay that the incident that blinded her was not an accident, although it leads Mr. Fitz to believe her brother is guilty, not the girls. Ezra is fascinated by the story and believes it has a winning chance. At the end of the episode, Aria confides to Mr. Fitz about who the real perpetrators were. Jenna makes references to Aria's romantic relationship with Mr. Fitz, scaring Aria, because it is unclear how she knows about the couple.

Someone to Watch Over Me

Images (9)
Jenna is seen with the owl that Hanna thought was a gift for her from Caleb. However it is a flashdrive that Jenna gave to Caleb to put information on and return to her. As the girls put the pieces together they realize that Jenna had been paying Caleb to spy on Hanna and look for a key in her house that she thought Alison had given to one of the girls. A hurt Hanna slaps Jenna for what she did and Jenna cries for it.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Later, after discovering Jenna and Toby's relationship caught on tape, the girls realize what Jenna was seeking in hiring Caleb. They decide to approach her for answers. Jenna is very frightened, because she knows that she could easily go to jail for her crimes, so she seems genuinely contrite. She reveals that Alison indeed visited her in the hospital, but to threaten her to never tell anyone about her role in the prank or risk Alison's revealing the footage of Jenna sexually abusing her step-brother. Her supposed last words to Jenna were, "If you ever come back to Rosewood, I'll bury you." They feel her story explains why she would have spoken at Alison's memorial and attended her funeral, returning to Rosewood for Alison's burial instead. They are thus far satisfied by her story. However they did not know the extent of Jenna's deceptions and actions at that time.

It's Alive

Jenna (9)
After Spencer's near death experience, the girls are taken to the precinct for questioning in. However, before taking the girls to the station, Garrett pulls over to review with the girls his expectation that they omit his involvement with bribing Ian from the story. Mysteriously, Jenna is secretly standing nearby as Garrett preps the girls for interrogation.

My Name Is Trouble

Jenna and aria share a moment, anita

Jenna and "Anita" share a moment.

Jenna takes a pottery class at Hollis College, alongside Aria. Aria pretends to be Anita, so as to hide her identity from Jenna. It is interesting to note that when she was talking to Aria, thinking she is Anita, she shows a much sadder and more vulnerable side then she usually does. She has made a beautiful pottery piece, but is frustrated that she cannot see anything, not even the shadows it produces when lit. Aria tries to comfort her and praise her work, but when Jenna discovers that it was Aria, she goes ballistic, screaming at her to get out.

Surface Tension

Jenna (10)
Aria finds that pottery piece among Mike's belongings. She assumes that Mike stole it from the Cavanaugh house, but he is sure that he stole it from Garrett's apartment. This causes Aria to realize that Garrett cannot be trusted.

Save the Date

Jenna (11)
The girls see Garrett pull up to Toby and Jenna's House in his car. It could go either way, considering Garrett's parents live across the street. However, Garrett heads for Jenna's place, and the girls follow to watch. Inside, Jenna removes her robe to reveal the black lace lingerie she was seen buying in an earlier episode. She removes her glasses, and the two start to kiss passionately.
Garrett and Jenna do a lot of spying together in Garrett's sports car. There, they constantly refer to "The Jason Thing," an ill-defined incident that may or may not be linked to Alison's death. When Jason kisses Aria, Jenna expresses her fear that the two will hook up, and Jason will reveal his secret to Aria.
Jenna (12)
The latest development is the possibility that Jenna will have a cornea replacement, which means that she may regain her vision at some point in the near future. Toby fills Spencer in on the details of the matter after she overhears Jenna discussing the possibility with a nurse, while all the girls are in Rosewood Community Hospital.

I Must Confess

Jenna (13)
Jenna teases the girls after the assembly, asserting that Alison could have used the lesson on bullying. Emily shoots the same accusation back at Jenna and snidely tells her to move her walking stick.

Over My Dead Body


"She deserved to die that way."

Someone shows up to the precinct, prompting Garrett to say "You shouldn't be here." He was presumably talking to Jenna. Garrett then leads her to the room on the other side of the glass of the investigation room. He locks the door, and Jenna laments that she cannot see their faces. Jenna is eager to get with Garrett, but Garrett reminds her that he was patient enough to wait to get into the storage room; he can certainly wait a few more nights. Their conversation also reveals that they wrote the note to Jason, making him suspect that he had killed his own sister, and that Jason has figured out that he is not the culprit. Garrett gives Jenna a note and instructs her to take it home and burn it. Jenna asks whether it is page 5, and Garrett doesn't contradict her assumption. Before kissing Garrett goodbye, Jenna remarks, "She deserved to die like that."

The First Secret

Toby about Jenna

"She gets what she wants."

In the prequel episode, Jenna is first mentioned by Toby in conversation to Emily. While unpacking some of Jenna's things from the moving truck, he describes her as someone who gets whatever she wants.
Jenna (14)
Later, at the costume shop, Alison spots then-new girl Jenna buying her one costume—a "Lady G." costume. She tries to intimidate her to buy a different one, declaring that that is her own costume choice for this year. The new girl noncommittally agrees to think about changing her decision, but turns her attention away from Alison. Before walking away, Alison offers her name, to which the girl replies that she already knows it, and her own name is Jenna. They smile pleasantly, if not falsely, at each other, and Alison strolls away.
Jenna (15)

Jenna as Lady GaGa

At Noel's bash, Alison notices Jenna dressed as Lady GaGa after all. And Noel, dressed as a gynecologist, goes right to her. When a Lady GaGa song starts playing, Ali approaches her herself. Jenna is flanked by boys, but they all scram when Alison orders them to. Alison offers to befriend Jenna, thereby making her popularity in Rosewood a sure thing. However, Jenna turns her down and says that she likes to pick her own friends. When Jenna saunters away victoriously, Mona declares her the best Gaga, and the two introduce themselves, seeming to start a friendship.

Jenna (16)
Outside on the porch, a sulky Ali jealously calls Jenna a slut. Back in the party, Emily is seen slow-dancing with Ben on the dance floor. Jenna is seductively dancing nearby, and Emily ogles appreciatively at her curves and moves. Alison turns her eyes from one to the other, approaches Emily, and alludes to her secret sexual orientation.

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

Jenna has yet to be seen during the second half of Season 2. She stayed home from school, but seems to have attended the swim meet after school.

A Hot Piece of A

She argues with Garrett over the phone and refuses to let him in the house. Garrett says it was a mistake for them to bring a third person in on their plan. Later, she leaves for her eye surgery in Boston without Garrett.

Let the Water Hold Me Down

It is revealed that Jenna went to "Kristen August Rehabilitation Center For The Blind" after the Jenna Thing happened.

The Blond Leading the Blind

Jenna (17)
Hanna tries to console Mona about Noel. They decide to go to Rive Gauche to cheer up. Jenna overhears this and in the evening, she is seen talking to Noel very intimately in Rive Gauche.

Eye of the Beholder

Jenna (18)
Jenna's eye is bandaged implying that she got the surgery. During the episode, someone lures Jenna to the house of Jason DiLaurentis and then sets it on fire, trapping Jenna inside with the intent to murder her. She is rescued by Hanna, who happened to be near the DiLaurentis household. She goes to the hospital and has to stay there under observation. This marks the first time in the series that Jenna seems to be frightened. She asks to see Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily. While they're in her hospital room, she asks if it's true that Hanna pulled her out of the fire. When Hanna confirms this, Jenna asks her why she did it and she seems grateful to Hanna. Hanna doesn't answer her question, but simply responds "You're welcome."

Police Badge
Later in the episode, "A" is seen planting Garret's police badge at the scene of the fire, in order to implicate him in the attack on Jenna. Since Jenna is still in the hospital when this happens, she can be ruled out as the one behind the "A" scheme.

If These Dolls Could Talk

Jenna (19)
Jenna removes the bandage from her eye and cryptically begins to cry. Later, at school, she approaches the four main characters at their lunch table and apologizes for having hated them, saying that when Hanna pulled her out of the fire, she realized that people were capable of changing. However, her apology is met with suspicion by all four girls. She shares with them the "unfortunate results" of her surgery.

Jenna (20)

Playing Dumb

Later, Toby comes into her room questioning her as to why Garrett is watching their house. She says she doesn't know, and asks him to close the curtains. She pulls a slip of paper from a box on her night table, and gives it to him. Telling him that it was given to her by Garrett and was told to keep it safe. She lies, playing stupid, and claiming to not know what it is. Toby opens it revealing it to be the missing Page 5 of Alison DiLaurentis' autopsy report. They then go to the police station to give it to the police.

Jenna (21)
At the end, she is seen smacking a fly on her mirror and removes it's corpse, she turns back to her mirror with a sneaky smirk and continues to remove her makeup, revealing that she is indeed able to see. The surgery was successful after all, and for unknown reasons Jenna is lying to everyone and leading them to believe she is still 100% blind.


Jenna (22)
Jenna has a mysterious secret meeting with someone at a park, Jenna points out she'd always thought about that moment, and what she would say if she saw this stranger again. She gives something to him/her, and says, "They're all going to be at the party; you know what you need to do".

She is later seen at the masquerade party spying on Aria, and seen talking to Lucas and the Black Swan.

It Happened 'That Night'

Jenna's back!
Jenna has been at music camp since the start of the summer. Later in the episode, Emily saw a car and remembered it from that night and after Emily gets a text, the person drives away

Blood Is The New Black

After Spencer tells Hanna to go back to Mona, Jenna walks past. They begin to discuss if Lucas, Jenna and The Black Swan are involved. and when Jenna bumps into someone, Aria comments on how Jenna seems blinder than she was last year.   Later in the episode Jenna asks Aria to be her accompanist for a musical performance. She seems to be very careful in approaching Aria; quickly stating that she recognized her ringtone so she won't figure out that she can see.

When Emily is taking her English quiz, she sees a girl put her hair up the same way the driver had her hair "That Night". The next thing Emily remembered was seeing Jenna looking over smiling at someone next to her.

Jenna's earrings
Toby figures out that Jenna has been refilling her prescription for eye drops, even though her surgery didn't work. The girls decide set a trap to find out if Jenna can see; Spencer leaves the earring above the sink to see what Jenna's reaction would be. With two girls hiding and spying per stall, Jenna walks in and walks toward the sink. When she spots the earring she takes her glasses off and inspects it. The girls see that Jenna is not blind; as Jenna leaves the bathroom the girls argue over Jenna's sight. As soon as the door closes, Aria exclaims "Bitch can see!". But Spencer says, "We can use this information against her."

Kingdom of the Blind

Aria tells Jenna she's changed her mind about practicing and the plan is for her to come over after school. Aria agrees so she can snoop. Jenna asks Aria about Emily and how she is holding up. She then asks about Mona and Alison's grave. Jenna leaves the room and Aria spots what looks like a post-it she left for herself about at meeting the following day that somehow involves earplugs. Hanna and Aria follow Jenna to the doctor's office but when she comes out driving by herself so they follow her.

At the end of the episode all the Liars confront her. Jenna tells the girls she's been able to see from the first operation and didn't tell anyone. It was the "only protection I had." Jenna said she thought Emily was so messed up that night that she wouldn't remember seeing her. Her plan was to take her home but Emily freaked out and jumped out of the car around 12:00 or 12:30. Jenna wants them to keep her secret because "I'm still a target." She thinks they owe her.

That Girl is Poison

Jenna comes out about her being able to see for unknown reasons. She appears at school without the shades or the cane, and everyone except the Liars start congratulating her. When Spencer asks her why she says she feels a lot safer when she's in charge of what happens to her. She throws a party for her birthday at the coffee house.


CeCe calls Jenna and warns her not to date Nate. CeCe tells her she'll scratch her eyes out if she sees her with him and that CeCe's his girlfriend, and then Emily exclaims that Jenna used to be blind.

The Kahn Game

Her and Noel appear at his brother, Eric's, party. While Aria and Spencer are they play a game of "Truth". Her and Spencer face off and it leads up to Jenna asking Spencer where the video's are. Spencer she can have all the videos she wants when she reveals where Ali's body is.

What Lies Beneath

She is seen by Nate and Emily at the Brew talking to Noel. when Noel goes to practice, Nate approaches her and tells her he has a gift for her but never had the chance to give it to her because she ditched him. Jenna ignores this and attempts to leave but Nate won't let her go by. Nate decides to leave but in the background you can see Jenna sit back down

Single Fright Female

Hanna informs that Ted has the video, and now her moms deciding what to do with it. She tells her she and her friends didn't give it to them, and Jenna just says we'll see what happens. When Nate discovers she had been faking being blind for a while, he calls her out and tells her not to act like she doesn't see him. Later, she shows up at Emily's a little scared saying she needs to tell her something but seeing that she has company she just warns her to be very careful with who she spends time with and is seen getting into a cab and is possibly leaving town since the driver was putting luggage in the trunk.

This Is A Dark Ride

Jenna is dressed up as a pirate. When Noel starts to choke, she shouts "do something". When Noel showed that it was a prank, she started laughing.

She's Better Now

Jenna is mentioned by Spencer that she transferred schools.

A DAngerous GAme

2013-03-19 2129
Jenna is seen at her house talking on her phone. Newspapers and mail are piled up on the front porch as if the house has been uninhabited for a while. Someone is watching her through the window and sends a text message as "A" with a meeting time and place. Jenna simultaneously receives a text message, gets off the phone, and looks out the window, but no one is there. We find out later in the episode that it was Spencer watching and taking photos of Jenna, but the text was sent to Toby.

"On your darkest days, you know I'll be here for you"

Jenna meets with Shana in the park and they appear to be very friendly. She tells Shana that "they" will all be there Friday and she knows what she needs to do. Shana asks about her doctor's appointment and Jenna implies she may be losing her sight again, with Shana telling her that even in her darkest days, she'll be there for her. 

While out for a run, Emily sees Melissa enter Jenna's house. Inside, Melissa and Jenna seem to be arguing with Jenna telling Melissa that "they have the tapes" and Melissa tells her that "those bitches will be at the lodge at 9." Melissa gives Shana a copy of the invitation.

Picture 28

The night of the "party" Toby sees a girl in the woods just before he gets knocked out from behind. Many fans believe the girl he sees is Jenna but it has not been confirmed.

We see the four liars and Mona driving back to Rosewood. They come upon Wilden's police car that Hanna and Aria previously pushed into a lake. The video recorder is playing the incident where Hanna's mom ran over Wilden, but this time they see that afterward, Jenna and Shana rushed over to his body and dragged him away.

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Mona confirms that Jenna and Shana knew each other before coming to Rosewood, and she also says Jenna was scared of Melissa. 
Jenna401 2

In a later scene Jenna approaches Emily outside her house. Because of the way the scene is shot, we can see that Jenna is losing her vision again. We also see she has a burn on her hand; implying she was at the lodge the night of the fire. She tells Emily that she and Wilden were friends and that she has a message for Toby in case anything happens to her.

Everyone who saw Ali that night is waking up dead meaning Wilden saw Ali, which she said Garrett told her. Since Toby isn't taking Jenna's calls and she knows he and Emily are still friends, she asks Emily to tell him that she never meant to hurt him.   

Later, at Wilden's funeral we see that Jenna is wearing her glasses again and being escorted by Nigel Wright, indicating her vision continues to decline.

Into the Deep

Spencer and Aria eavesdrop on a conversation Shana and Jenna are having. It's revealed Jenna believes Alison is still alive. Later, Jenna is seen with Shana at Emily's surprise birthday party. Spencer asks Jenna if she's losing her sight because she is wearing her sunglasses, but Jenna replies " I see everything I need to". Aria begs Jenna to tell her what she knows, but Jenna seems afraid. Later, Emily finds a body face down in the lake, and it is Jenna. Someone had hit her on the back of the head and she fell into the lake. She is unconscious, but is alive and is taken to a hospital. Spencer asks Shana who Jenna is so afraid of, and Shana replies "Cece Drake."

A is for Answers

In one of Ali's she visits Jenna and shows her the video of her and Toby, Alison who at this point is trying to find out who A is threatens Jenna to not come back to town. Once she has left however Ali receives a text from A, it reads "Bitch can't see you, but I can -A".

Miss Me x 100

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Jenna
A bus rolls to a stop across the street, and when the bus drives away, Jenna, who has arrived back in Rosewood, comes face to face with Alison, Aria and Ezra.

Sitting on her bedroom floor crying, Jenna hears movement around her room and calls out, “whose there? Is someone there?” but she gets no answer.

At Aria’s front door, Jenna tells her “I knew it was you in my bedroom today”, and she wants to know what Aria was doing in her house. Aria asks her if she wants to come inside, she can make them some tea, but all Jenna would like is an answer. Aria tells her she heard about Shana and wanted to see if she was okay, and Jenna wonders why Aria would care if she is okay. Aria tells her with Alison back, it is bringing back a lot of stuff for everyone and they all feel really terrible about their part in the accident. Jenna reminds Aria that she still has all her friends, while she on the other hand, doesn’t have anyone left. As Jenna is turning to leave, Aria again offers her tea, and tells her that while she didn’t really know Shana, Jenna can tell her all about Shana. Turning back around, Jenna tells Aria that she thinks that would help, “thank you, Aria”.

Pulling up to a picnic ground, Sydney and Jenna step out of Sydney's car. Sydney comments on the mustang parked in front of them, and Jenna tells her that it used to be hers. Walking over to Mona, Sydney informs her that the Liars do not want things to go back to the way they were. Jenna says that they remember the way Alison treated them, like they were her dolls. Mona is happy by this and thinks that maybe they can get rid of Alison. The three girls turn to look as a third car pulls up.

March of Crimes

Pretty Little Liars S05E09 099
Jenna out of one of the adjoining rooms and into the music room. Greeting Jenna, Alison tells her who it is, and says that she didn’t know Jenna had enrolled at Rosewood. Jenna says that she came back a few weeks ago, and that nobody seemed to notice, “but then again, I didn’t come back from the dead”. Alison mentions that she’s sorry about Shana, and that she meant a lot to her too. Thanking her, Jenna says that she’s sorry for Alison as well and that she heard about the break in last night, “it must be hard to come back here knowing someone is still after you”. When Jenna starts walking out, Alison asks her to wait before wondering how Jenna did it. Jenna asks Alison “what?”, and Alison says that Shana was her friend first, before wondering how Jenna turned her against her. Looking over her shoulder, Jenna tells Alison that she didn’t, “you did”.

Jenna walks into the Optometrists office with the guidance of Sydney.

Walking out of a consulting room and into the waiting room, Jenna and Sydney stop when Emily recognises Sydney. When Emily asks Sydney what she is doing at the Optometrists, Jenna explains that Sydney was her ride, before asking if that is a problem. Emily wonders when Jenna and Sydney became friends, and when Jenna tries to get Sydney to walk away with her, Spencer tells Sydney that Emily asked her a question. Stepping in, Jenna says that it sounded more like an accusation, and when Emily asks Sydney why she never mentioned she and Jenna were friends, Jenna comments that “maybe it never came up”. Spencer tells Jenna that maybe she should let Sydney speak for herself, and when Jenna asks, “excuse me?”, Spencer comments that when you ask the organ grinder a question you don’t really want to hear from the monkey. Jenna asks Sydney if they can “please leave”, and when Emily tries to get them to wait, Jenna wonders, “for more insults?”, before questioning Spencer and Emily how long it is going to take to realise that they are nervous around the wrong person, “I’m not Alison”. Linking her arm with Sydney’s, Jenna starts to move off, “come on Syd”.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Pretty Little Liars S05E13 Jenna
Jenna is part of the school choir who are singing Christmas songs for Shady Days Nursing Home, along with Paige, Emily, Lucas and Sydney.

Jenna is mingling with residents of Shady Days Nursing Home.

Unbeknownst at the time, Jenna is one of Alison’s followers as Alison makes her grand entrance at the Masquerade Ice Ball.

Still wearing a masquerade mask, Jenna and another of Alison’s followers, later revealed as Sydney, pose for a photo with Lucas, who is dressed as Santa Claus. Lucas tells the two masked beauties to come in closer, and after the photo is taken, he wishes them a Merry Christmas.

After gaining Emily’s attention, Jenna and Sydney begin walking through the crowd, with Sydney looking over her shoulder to make sure Emily follows. As Emily enters the room which has been draped off with fabric, Jenna sits on the couch, while Sydney reveals herself to Emily and explains that she led Emily here because she doesn’t want Alison to see them talking. As Sydney walks towards Jenna, Emily tells Sydney that she really gets around, and questions if Jenna knows Sydney is with Alison now. Jenna then takes off her mask and reveals herself to Emily, “when I first moved to Rosewood, Alison offered to be my friend. I made the mistake of saying no. When she asked me this time, I gave her the right answer”. Sydney tells Emily that she promises that they’re not the enemy, but Emily says that they are sleeping with the enemy. Jenna tells Emily that until someone puts “Ali away”, they’re just doing what they have to do to survive, “I’m sure you and your friends understand that”. Emily then tells Jenna and Sydney that they think Alison killed Mona, and Sydney comments that she and Jenna do to.

Last Dance

She is mentioned by the girls to being Lucas Gottesman's date to the senior prom as they see a photo of the two on their phones.

Appearances (42/140)

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Toby Cavanaugh

Jenna is obsessed with Toby, whom she forced into a sexual relationship with her in the past. She seems to still have feelings for Toby, and whenever he is with Emily, Spencer, or any other girl, she gets a little jealous.

Garrett Reynolds

In Season 1, Jenna is seen with Garrett Reynolds, whom she is in a secret relationship with. In Save The Date, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria find out about their relationship when look into Jenna's bedroom window and they see them kiss.

Nate St. Germain

Jenna seems interested in Nate St. Germain, Maya's alleged cousin. She is seen flirting with him in That Girl is Poison. When she first see's him, she stares at him while he does the same. She talks to him about his drawings and invites him to her birthday party, where they talk and flirt. In Crazy, Nate buys her a candle as a late birthday present and sets a date with her. He asks Emily to help him pick out something better than the candle he bought.

Noel Kahn

After Noel and Mona break up in Season 2, Jenna becomes close to Noel and it becomes obvious that she is dating him. They may have been together all summer, although it is unclear. The girls are unsure as to why they broke up. They had been secretly spying on their relationship, making sure that Jenna didn't tell Mona that she kissed Noel twice during the period of Noel and Mona's relationship. They had been close, as if the two were keeping a secret, not just from Mona, but from the girls too. It appears it is about Ali's death. The girls are sure they overheard Jenna telling Noel that he couldn't tell anyone he played a big part in her death. Maybe Jenna was paying them. Telling Noel things, making sure they heard just to mess with their minds. 

Shana Fring

In A DAngerous GAme Jenna is talking with someone on the phone who is going to protect her. Later, Jenna meets Shana at the park and they hold hands as Jenna gives her instructions on what "she needs to do". Shana seems to be taking care of Jenna and watches over her. In A' is for A-l-i-v-e, Mona reveals that Jenna and Shana knew each other before she came to town and Shana might be in love with Jenna. Shana later tracks Alison and the girls up to New York where she tries to kill Alison, all out of revenge for what Ali did to Jenna.


Ian Thomas

She is seen talking to Ian in The Badass Seed as if she knows, but is not friends with him, possibly from the N.A.T. Club. Ian doesn't seem to like or trust Jenna, but they do have ties. She is also seen in Alison's house with Garret and Ian through a film that Ian is making in Alison's room which later shows Melissa come through the door yelling 'Where is she?!' Implying that she is friends with all of the N.A.T. Club.

Mona Vanderwaal

She is seen talking to Mona in the first Halloween special. After Jenna's very sexual display of her lady Gaga costume, and Ali coming up to Jenna and trying to be friends, which Jenna refuses, Mona comes up to tell her that her costume is better than Ali's. Jenna smilingly tells her that she better not tell Ali, to which Mona says "she doesn't scare me." This makes Jenna smile a rather evil smile. However, what ever friendship that was implied shattered later on when Mona begins to hate Jenna because she stole Noel Kahn from her.

Melissa Hastings

She is seen talking to Melissa at the Masquerade ball in UnmAsked. In A DAngerous GAme Jenna is seen talking to Melissa and Shana at her house regarding some mysterious videos. For some reason, Mona states that she and Shana are afraid of Melissa.

Sydney Driscoll

Sydney and Jenna have known each other before the pilot. Sydney first met Jenna when she was a volunteer for the school of the visually impaired in Philadelphia. She was there the day Alison threatened Jenna with the N.A.T. videos and that if she ever came back to Rosewood or sent her a text, she would bury her. Sydney reveals to Emily in March of Crimes that she fixed Jenna up after the visit seeing that she was an emotional wreck. Jenna reached out to Sydney upon hearing that Alison was alive and coming back to Rosewood. Sydney is first seen with Jenna in Miss Me x 100 when they both arrive at the park to meet with Jenna. They appear to share an uncanny resemblance and are working with Mona to take down Alison. In March of Crimes, Spencer and Emily confront Jenna and Sydney at the eye doctor. Emily realizes that she can't trust Sydney because she's allies with Jenna. In How The A Stole Christmas Emily refers to Sydney as Jenna's eyes and ears. Jenna attends the Dilaurentis Ice Ball with Sydney by her side. Jenna and Sydney later on explain to Emily how they are only with Alison because they are too scared to wrong her as Jenna has already made the mistake of saying no to Alison's friendship.


  • Jenna had sexually molested her step-brother Toby. Jenna is very sexually aggressive, as shown by her behavior at the Halloween party, and seems comfortable using sex as a way to control men.
  • She is blinded by a supposed prank gone wrong set up by Alison with the help of the other Liars. Towards the end of Season 2 she got eye surgery that restored her vision on at least one eye. However, she still lets everybody believe that she still cannot see, with the exception of a mystery-person she meets up with in a park in the season 2 finale (later revealed to be Shana ).
  • She paid Caleb to spy on Hanna in order to keep the secret of her having forced herself on her step brother Toby.
  • She put a note in Jason's pocket saying "I know what you did." The note was intended to make him think he killed his sister Ali, which she knows he did not. She did this to cover up for Garrett, her love interest at the time, because she thought he killed Alison.
  • She was slapped by Hanna after Hanna finds out that Caleb was being paid by Jenna to get close to her and to spy on her.
  • Before her blindness Jenna was shown as having the capability of giving Ali competition for the Queen Bee title, Ali gets intimidated and suggests that they team up instead, but Jenna refuses, saying that she prefers to pick her own friends.
  • Jenna is shown to be able to play the flute well.
  • Jenna uses a flashdrive in Someone to Watch Over Me. It is unclear how she can operate it without seeing, but it is mentioned that she has a special computer for the blind. In the same episode, Jenna uses Caleb's locker combination, 2-1-4, to leave something in his locker. How she opened his locker without seeing is a mystery, as the number markings are not indented very well. Another combination with numbers far from zero might have given her even more trouble.
  • Jenna thinks that Garrett Reynolds killed Ali.
  • Jenna is losing her sight again. It might have gotten worse fast because of the fire.
  • Jenna was thought to be bisexual, but due to her personality (ie. using others to get what she wants:"means to an end"), it is strongly believed she is just using Shana's crush on her to her advantage.
  • By the Season 4 premiere: "A is for A-L-I-V-E", her vision has gotten much worse, as seen by needing someone to hold onto (like in "Pilot") and the return of her black sunglasses.
  • She might have been the one that Toby saw or she's the one that hit him over the head in "A DAngerous GAme".
  • In the Season 4 premiere, Emily notices a burn on Jenna's arm. The cause is unknown, but it might have something to do with being near the lodge fire.
  • Jenna is featured as a Major Supporting Character for the first three seasons, but was downgraded to a Minor Supporting Character for the fourth season onwards.
  • Season 6  was the only season she was absent from and was only mentioned in Last Dance.


Spencer: So when did you move back to Rosewood? Last we heard you were at a school in Philadelphia for the...visually impaired.
Jenna: It's okay, Spencer. You can say blind. It's not a dirty word.

Jenna [to the Liars]: We've all made mistakes. Remember, I'm still paying for yours.

Jenna [to Mr. Fitz]: I'm fascinated by the nature of evil.

Jenna: I don't need a special flashlight to know what people around here are hiding. This school is filled with phonies and liars. They're everywhere.

Jenna [to the Liars]: I've never been the one you really need to fear.

Jenna [speaking at Alison's memorial]: We think we know who we are, but we don't. Not until something bad happens to us, and then all the useless things fall away, and we're left with who we really are. I learned that from Alison DiLaurentis. My whole life, I thought I knew who she was, but I found out the truth when she came and talked to me at the hospital. I found out that she was the strongest person that I had ever met. And it's her strength that touched so many people, shaped them. That's her real legacy. That's how her memory will endure, in the actions of those she inspired in so many different ways. From all of us... thank you, Alison.

Jenna [to the Liars]:Whisper, Whisper, whisper, it is almost as if Alison is still here.

Jenna [to Hanna]: I never had a problem with my ears, Hanna. I guess we'll just have to see how it all turns out.

Jenna [to Emily]: It seems to me that everyone who saw Ali the night she went missing is waking up dead.

Book Comparisons

  • In the books, her last name was Cavanaugh, in the show it's Marshall.
  • In the show, it is Jenna who has an obsession with Toby and it is she who forced him into a sexual relationship. In the books, Jenna hates Toby because he forced her to have sex.
  • She planned the Jenna Thing in the book with Ali whereas the show she was caught completely off guard by it.
  • She was not rivals with Ali in the books.
  • In the books Jenna and Mona were best friends, where in the show they have little interaction; as much as we know for now.
  • In the books Jenna is murdered by Alison and thrown into a ditch where she was found. In season 4 Into the Deep she's almost killed at Emily's birthday party when she was out alone by the lake. 
  • She was close friends with "Ali" in the books, so much that Jenna is the only one tat knew that Ali had a twin (aside from the DiLaurentis' and Nick), whereas Alison and Jenna are rivals/enemies in the TV series.
  • Jenna's personality in the TV series is darker, whereas in the books she is more compassionate and understanding.


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