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All I wanted was one moment. One moment, alone with my brother.
Jason to Alison about Charles
Jason DiLaurentis
Jason Fresh Meat
General Information





Hair Color:

Dirty Ash Blond

Eye Color:


Marital Status:



July 1989




High School Student (formerly)
Substance Abuse Mentor (formerly)
Real Estate Agent (currently)
Co-owner of the Carissimi Group


Jessica DiLaurentis (Mother; Deceased)
Peter Hastings (Biological Father)
Kenneth DiLaurentis (Legal Father)
Alison DiLaurentis (Maternal Half-Sister)
Melissa Hastings (Paternal Half-Sister)
Spencer Hastings (Paternal Half-Sister/Maternal Cousin)
Alex Drake (Paternal Half-Sister/Maternal Cousin)
Charlotte DiLaurentis (Adoptive Sister/Maternal Cousin; Deceased)
Mary Drake (Maternal Aunt)
Veronica Hastings (Stepmother)
Ian Thomas (Brother-In-Law; Deceased)


Melissa Hastings (kissed; half-sister)
Charlotte DiLaurentis (ex-girlfriend; adoptive sister)
Aria Montgomery (Dated)
Ashley Marin ( one-night stand)


Ian Thomas
Garrett Reynolds
Aria Montgomery
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Mona Vanderwaal (in order to get information about "That Night")
Ella Montgomery


Toby Cavanaugh (formerly)
Ashley Marin (formerly)
Series Information


Long distance biking
Helping youth with substance abuse


Ivy League School
Rosewood High School


Series Information


- Used to get high on drugs (exposed)
- Thought he may have killed Alison (exposed to Aria)
- Unknowingly kissed his half-sister Melissa and his cousin Charlotte DiLaurentis (exposed)
- Kissed Aria Montgomery (exposed to Ezra, Spencer and Emily)
- Used to spy on two of his half-sisters and their friends for the N.A.T. Club (exposed)
- Had a drug relapse (exposed to Jessica, Peter and Spencer)
- Lied about going to rehab (exposed to Spencer)
- Had a one night stand with Ashley (exposed)



First appearance:

Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone
The First Secret (chronologically)

Last appearance:

The Wrath of Kahn

Portrayed By:

Parker Bagley (Season 1)
Drew Van Acker (Season 2-)
Aidan Gail (young Jason)

Jason DiLaurentis is the older half-brother of Alison DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, and Alex Drake and younger half-brother of Melissa Hastings and maternal cousin/adoptive brother of Charlotte DiLaurentis. He was portrayed by Parker Bagley in Season 1, and by Drew Van Acker thereafter.


Jason used to smoke pot and hang out with Ian Thomas and Garrett Reynolds. In high school, he, along with them, was in a secret club called N.A.T. Interestingly, the Ivy League student had not participated in any other school clubs. It is also revealed in a flashback in Season 2, that he almost hated Alison because she would often go into his room and take his belongings.

Jason later reveals that he was always jealous of Alison, and had felt that his parents thought they "lost the wrong kid". He dated CeCe Drake for over a year, without knowing she's, in fact, his cousin. She broke up with him the day after Alison's body was found which he took hard and resented her for it. He later takes a great interest in Aria, until she turns him down because she's already in a relationship with Ezra Fitz.


Appearances (37/160)

Season 1 (2/22)

Season 2 (13/25)

Season 3 (7/24)

Season 4 (1/24)

Season 5 (7/25)

Season 6 (5/20)

Season 7 (2/20)


CeCe Drake: Dated.

  • Started: Before "Pilot"
  • Revealed: After "The First Secret"
  • Ended: Before "Pilot"
  • Reason: Jason had just lost his sister, so CeCe broke up with him the day after Ali went missing. The real reason was that CeCe was sent to Radley Sanitarium.

Aria Montgomery: Kissed. (see "Jaria")

Jaria Kiss
  • Started: "Blind Dates"
  • Ended: "Picture This"
  • Reason: After Jason kissed Aria and confessed that he liked her, she told him that she was not available.

Ashley Marin: Kissed and one-night stand. (see Jashley)

Pretty Little Liars S05E15 Jashley

One Night Stand:

  • Started: "Fresh Meat"
  • Reason: Jason kisses Ashley, and then apologises, telling her that she should consider the kiss a thank you for dinner. When Ashley says that she doesn't mind being thanked, Jason leans in to kiss her again, and one thing leads to another.

Second Kiss:

  • Started: "The Bin of Sin"
  • Reason: Having resigned, Ashley gives Jason a goodbye hug. As they’re pulling away from their hug, Jason leans in and kisses her. Ashley pushes him away, telling him that it can’t happen again.


  • Jason biked the lava fields along the Kona coast in Hawaii after he first took off from college and compared it with the moon.
  • In "Touched by an 'A'-ngel", his high school yearbook is shown to be from 2005, making him approximately 24.
  • He filmed two of his half-sisters, Spencer and Alison, for the N.A.T. Club
  • He kissed his half-sister/cousin Melissa, not knowing that they were related.
  • There is speculation among fans that he was hiding Alison in his house, when the girls thought it was Ian. The fact that she has been confirmed to be alive adds life to this. However, it was later assumed he didn't.
  • He is the last living member of the N.A.T. Club. (besides the possible members, Jenna and Melissa)
  • He was close friends with Garrett and Ian in high school.
  • In "The Naked Truth", it is revealed that Jason is Peter Hastings' son, details are unclear but this makes him Spencer and Melissa's half-brother. This parallels the novel plot where Mr. Hastings has an affair with Mrs. DiLaurentis and is the father of Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis, not Jason. However, on the series, Mrs. Hastings knows about the affair/ In the novels, she does not.
  • Jason was originally portrayed by Parker Bagley. In season 2, Drew Van Acker took over the role due to the writers' wanting an actor who looked similar to how Jason was described in the books. The decision was also made so he had more of a resemblance to Alison.


Jason [to Spencer, about Alison]: I remember hearing the two of you getting in each others’ grills a couple times. Kept waiting for the catfight, but... never happened.

Jason [to Alison]: You and the Powerpuff Girls just stay out of my room!

Jason [to Aria]: I miss that pink hair.

Jason [to Aria, about Alison]: She was fearless when she needed to be. I was always jealous of that. Of her. I guess that's why my parents can't even look at me anymore. They know they lost the wrong kid.

Jason: I blacked out and woke up the next morning with a wicked hangover.

Jason [at the police station about Spencer]: I think my sister would want me here.

Jason [to Spencer]: You know why we act like this, don't you? Why the two of us always seem to be facing off?

Jason [to Spencer]: You can leave Rosewood, but Rosewood will never leave you.

Jason [to Peter about Veronica]: I dont think she hates me, I think she hates you.

Jason [to Peter]: Which sister are we talking about? Because it turns out, I have more than one.

Jason [on why he pulled out of a basketball game]: I figured I would hurt less people running around the block.

Jason [to Spencer]: I can tell when someone's lying. Can you?

Emily [about jumping out of the elevator]: Have you done this before?
Jason: Hell no!

Jason [to Emily]: You guys were right about the N.A.T. Club. Somebody wants me gone.

Jason [to Alison]: All I wanted was one moment. One moment, alone with my brother.



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