"James Leland" (real name unknown)
General Information



Hair Color:

Dirty blonde

Eye Color:


Marital Status:



Con Artist


Ashley Marin (formerly dated)


Caleb Rivers (exposer)
Series Information


Series Information


Posed as the late Esther Potter nephew to steal her bank savings



First appearance:

The New Normal

Last appearance:

The New Normal

Portrayed By:

Daniel Travis (II)

James Leland is Mrs. Potter's nephew and an architect from Syracuse. The man who appears in The New Normal is his imposter, who tries to con Ashley and her bank into giving him access to the late Mrs. Potter's safe deposit box by pretending to be a relative of Mrs. Potter. Caleb is the one who discovers that 'James' isn't who he claims to be.

Season 1

The New Normal

He approaches Ashley at work to gain access to the late Mrs. Potter's safe deposit box. He simultaneously asks her out. Ashley accepts, partly because she is afraid that he will discover her theft. Caleb figures out that the man who claims to be James Leland (and Mrs. Potter's only living heir) is really an imposter after he notices him signing something with a plastic pen and tells Hanna that architects are usually pen snobs and would use expensive pens. Caleb then shows Hanna a picture of the real James Leland and reads her an article that states the real James is dead, though truly an architect and related to Mrs. Potter.

Meeting mr. liland

Meeting James Leland

But when Hanna tells her mother, Ashley doesn't do anything. She lets "James" look through Mrs. Potter's safe deposit box with all the money she took out of it gone. "James" is caught off guard when he sees very little cash inside. So, Ashley insists that it is normal for someone to keep only limited funds in a safe deposit box, and asks him where he banks, sure that other banks would have the same policy. When she sees him hesitate, she asks him to call his bank, but he backs off, and her own secret is thus protected. He is never heard from again.

Appearances (1/140)

Season 1(1)


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