This article is about Isabel Randall, a book character. You may be looking for Isabel Randall, a TV character.

Isabel Randall is Tom Marin's wife, and Hanna Marin's step-mother. She is Kate Randall's mother.

Physical Description

Isabel is described as "average-looking" by Hanna. She has bright blond hair (possibly dyed), very tanned skin, and brown eyes.


Isabel is an ER nurse from Annapolis, Maryland. She has a daughter named Kate and she started to date Tom while her daughter and Hanna were in seventh grade. Isabel appears to be a very docile woman who doesn't have much of an opinion on family matters. When she and Kate are insulted by Hanna, she calms down her irate fiancée and says that she understands his daughter's frustration. She had nothing to do with Tom's punishment of making Kate and Hanna spend more time together. She fully supported his decision to send Hanna to the Preserve at Addison-Stevens, a mental hospital.

In fact, Isabel even tried to offer words of comfort to her stepdaughter, pointing to the institute's flyer and claiming that it looked nice enough. When her family is kicked out of the Marin home by Tom's ex-wife, she and Kate argued with the woman and attempted to bargain with her. In "Twisted," Isabel stands by her husband as he runs for senator of Pennsylvania. In Deadly, she tells Tom that it was a bad idea to keep Hannah in his life.