Ina Marlene King known professionally as I. Marlene King is a writer, producer and director. She is also the executive producer and showrunner on the ABC Family/Freeform teen drama Pretty Little Liars and it's official spin-offs, Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

Episodes Written of Pretty Little Liars (30/160)

Season 1 (7/22)

Season 2 (4/22)

Season 3 (4/22)

Season 4 (4/22)

Season 5 (5/22)

Season 6 (3/20)

Season 7 (3/20)

Episodes Directed of Pretty Little Liars (6/160)

Season 3 (1/22)

Season 4 (2/22)

Season 5 (1/25)

Season 6 (1/20)

Season 7 (1/20)

Episodes Written of Ravenswood (2/10)

Season 1 (2/10)

Episodes Written of The Perfectionists (1/10)

Season 1 (1/10)


  • She has two sons, Emerson and Atticus, with her wife Shari.
  • Her sons have appeared in the series.
  • King graduated from Pepperdine University with a major in Broadcasting.
    • Her personal history of attending Pepperdine university inspired her to have Emily Fields attended the college.
  • In "Over My Dead Body", Marlene's name is on the name-tag that the waitress is wearing when she complements "A" on his/hers, pretty eyes.
  • She had a cameo in 'Til DeAth Do Us PArt, where she played a photographer at Aria and Ezra's wedding. In this cameo she was able to do the iconic, "shh", something she's always wanted to do since the series aired.
  • Her favorite PLL ship to write is Emison, although she has refused to say which ship is her personal favorite.


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