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Hanna to The Liars
Hanna Marin
Hanna S7 2
General Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:

Married to Caleb Rivers


March 7th, 1994




Student (Formerly)
Clinic Assistant (Formerly)
Inmate (Formerly)
Fashion Designer (Currently)


Hanna Banana (by Sean and Spencer)
Hefty Hanna (by Alison)
Hanny (by Regina)
Lady H (by Mona)
Velma (by Mona)
Dora the Explorer (by Caleb)
Jungle Jane (by Caleb Rivers
Genetic Splice between Barbie and Shakira (by Lucas)
Princess (by Caleb)
Mrs. Rivers (alias at Radley)
Dr. Hanna (by Aria)
Hannakins (by "A")
Bag of Hair (by Lesli)


Caleb Rivers (Husband)
Ashley Marin (Mother)
Tom Marin (Father)
Isabel Marin (Step-Mother)
Kate Randall (Step-Sister)
Regina Marin (Paternal Grandmother)
Jamie Doyle (Father-In-Law)
Claudia Dawson (Mother-In-Law)
Unborn child (with Caleb)


Caleb Rivers (Husband)
Mike Montgomery (Short Fling)
Sean Ackard (Ex-Boyfriend)
Lucas Gottesman (Crusher; former)
Travis Hobbs (Ex-Boyfriend)
Wren Kingston (Kissed)
Gabriel Holbrook (Kissed)
Jordan Hobart (Ex-Fiancé)


Aria Montgomery
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Alison DiLaurentis
Mona Vanderwaal
Caleb Rivers
Lucas Gottesman
Ezra Fitz
Wren Kingston
Toby Cavanaugh
Paige McCullers
Shana Fring (Formerly; deceased)
Mr. Biscuits (childhood imaginary friend)


Guppy (deceased)


Mrs. Ackard (Formerly)
Claudia Greco (Formerly)


Miranda (for Caleb)
Amber Victorino (for Sean)


Charlotte DiLaurentis (deceased)
Isabel Randall
Kate Randall
Garrett Reynolds (deceased)
Darren Wilden (deceased)
Shana Fring (deceased)
Meredith Sorenson (for Aria)
Lesli Stone (Possibly)
Sara Harvey (deceased)
Archer Dunhill (exposed/deceased)
Jenna Marshall
Noel Kahn (deceased)
Alex Drake
Series Information


Reading Crime Novels


Rosewood High School
Fashion Institute (Dream College)
NY Fashion Institute of Technology


Fashion and Beauty
Forging signatures
Shoplifting (Formerly)
Series Information


- Pushed Wilden's squad car into a lake with Aria (exposed to The Liars)
- Shoplifted (exposed)
- Had Bulimia (exposed)
- Family had money troubles (exposed to Caleb)
- The Jenna Thing
- Was present the night Alison's body was stolen.
- Kissed Wren
- Saw Alison on her porch three days before her body was found (exposed to Aria)
- Thought Caleb's dad may have been stealing from the Church (exposed)
- Scored so high on the SAT she was called in for cheating (exposed to Caleb)
- Other things that happened in the dollhouse to her
- Kissed Caleb while engaged to Jordan (exposed to Spencer)
- Unintentionally ran over and killed "Elliott Rollins", and then buried him along with Aria, Emily, and Spencer (exposed to Mona, Ezra, Ashley, and Caleb)
- Broke up with Jordan and hid it from everybody (exposed to Mona, Aria, and Spencer)
- Abducted Noel (exposed to Mona and the Liars)



First appearance:

The First Secret (chronologically)

Latest appearance:

Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Last appearance:

Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Portrayed By:

Ashley Benson

Hanna Olivia Marin is one of the main characters in the Pretty Little Liars television series on ABC Family. She is portrayed by Ashley Benson.


Hanna used to be overweight prior to Alison's disappearance. Despite being the sweetest of the bunch, she was constantly made fun of by Alison for being overweight, calling her Hefty Hanna. After Alison went missing, Hanna befriended Mona and lost weight and became popular over the summer. The newly minted queen bee, Hanna, wins Homecoming Queen but is constantly reminded by A of her dorky days as "Hefty Hanna".

Even though Hanna is one of the most popular and prettiest girls at school, she is generous and kind. She is the boldest and the most outspoken of the four girls often making snarky comments, not afraid to say what she really thinks of a person. However, she is very gullible and ends up trusting people easily.

Hanna is witty and sassy but also innocent, caring and thoughtful. She does everything to keep her loved ones safe from A. She is protective of her friends and shows her fierce side when defending them. Hanna's sarcasm and sense of humor often makes her come across as 'ditsy'. However, she is actually quite smart and bright. Her strong instinct has often led her to find many a clue about A and she also scored well on the SAT's. Hanna tends to get in trouble owing to her impulsive and rebellious nature. After Spencer, Hanna is the one who has shown most effort, strength and dedication to find out who A is.

Physical Appearance

Hanna has a beautiful heart shaped face complimented with piercing baby blue eyes, full lips and dimpled smile. She has a curvaceous frame with slim, shapely legs. Her golden blonde hair was long; she cut it short before the start of senior year in Season 3. Her skin is light with a milk and rose complexion which sums up her innocent and playful personality. In Season 5, Hanna again, after Alison comes back cuts her hair short with black highlights and has a curvy body. Hanna does this because she doesn't want to look like Alison or be associated with her, but still has to help cover and take care of her.

Prior to the "Pilot," Hanna was a larger form of herself, and because of her increased weight gained the nickname 'Hefty Hanna' from Alison.