Don't be so sure about that!
Hailey to Hanna (about Mike)

Hailey played Hanna in Burn it Down (not to be confused with the other movie: Pretty Little Killer), Hanna was also in the movie except she played Naomi.

Role in Toxic:

At first Hailey befriends Hanna, and although she isn't great at portraying Hanna, Hanna still befriends Hailey (whom she previously idolized). However, Hailey starts to become a drama queen and ends up quitting her job in the movie, but when Hailey finds out that Hanna is her replacement, she shares a photo of a co-star kissing Hanna, which looked way worse than it was. This caused Hanna and Mike to argue, but then Hailey realizes her mistakes and patches everything up between Hanna and Mike. She also tells Hanna to go ahead with the movie and they become friends again.