Grace DiLaurentis-Fields
General Information



Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Emily Fields (Mother)
Alison DiLaurentis (Surrogate Mother)
Wren Kingston (Sperm Donor)
Lily DiLaurentis-Fields (Twin Sister)
Pam Fields (Grandmother)
Wayne Fields (Grandfather; Deceased)
Jessica DiLaurentis (Grandmother; Deceased)
Kenneth DiLaurentis (Grandfather)
Jason DiLaurentis (Uncle)
Series Information



First appearance:

'Til Death Do Us Part

Last appearance:

'Til Death Do Us Part

Portrayed By:

Taytum Fisher

Grace DiLaurentis-Fields is the daughter of Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis. She is also the twin sister of Lily DiLaurentis-Fields. She was born during the time jump in "'Til Death Do Us Part".

She was created with Emily's eggs, Wren's sperm, and carried by Alison.


Elliot Rollins plotted to get revenge on Grace's mothers, Emily and Alison. Alex Drake provided Elliot with Wren Kingston's sperm, and Elliot stole Emily's previously donated eggs. Elliot then hired a doctor to inseminate Alison with Emily's eggs and Wren's sperm, all while she was being held against her will at Welby State Psychiatric Hospital. Alison originally thought the baby was her and Elliot Rollins', but was than told by A.D. that the children were actually Emily's. After many conversation, Emily and Alison agreed to raise their daughters together as a family.

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